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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Fire, 620:the Logos, and this union produces the Son, for Divine Thought takes form. The body of the Ego isFire, 620:the physical plane, the thought of the Thinker (divine or human) becomes an entity, separated [621]Fire, 623:out of their own substance, and thus develop the divine plan. These three types of force affectFire, 623:themselves swayed and actuated according to divine purpose, and from high levels. They emanate fromFire, 626:in the great devas of the highest three planes. Divine 1st Cosmic ether Primordial Fire MentalFire, 627:triple lower man. The true meaning of the words "Divine Hermaphrodite" is there to be comprehended.Fire, 631:and built into form through the medium of Divine Thought or Will. Of the higher Fires (the Lords ofFire, 640:neutral ground. Hylozoism demands absolute Divine Thought, which would pervade the numberlessFire, 640:and have their being in, from and through that Divine Thought... Such active "Creators" are knownFire, 640:The informing entity in the causal body is the Divine Thinker. The informing entity in a physicalFire, 650:with the negative or the mother aspect, in the divine duality, and with the sum total of all thatFire, 650:out that we have: Group A - The plane Adi - Divine evolution. Systemic atomic. Group B - The threeFire, 653:meant by the term animal. - S. D., II, 179, 187. Divine consciousness is received from the livingFire, 653:animal forms the basis and the contrast for the divine. - S. D., II, 100. The light of the Logos isFire, 653:Higher Self. The last to that of the Monad, or Divine Self. Man contains in himself every elementFire, 663:Triad they are known as a unity, producing the Divine Hermaphrodite, or the Heavenly Man - theFire, 663:while the conscious deva units embody the divine attributes. The two, blended together, form theFire, 672:consummated, and the resultant creation of the divine Hermaphrodite is seen upon His Own highFire, 673:body logoic and consequently being part of the divine consciousness) originated in the remoteFire, 685:then the currents spread and circulate and divine manifestation becomes a Reality; the divine ManFire, 685:and divine manifestation becomes a Reality; the divine Man incarnates." 23 This name is given toFire, 687:and in their totality are the vehicles of the Divine mind, the dhyan-chohanic forces, the aggregateFire, 688:Pitris now, for all will form a part of the divine consciousness, and yet, will be esotericallyFire, 689:now approaching concerns the development of the divine Manasaputras, viewing them as a collectiveFire, 689:them as a collective whole, containing the Divine Mind, and considering the individual Monad, whoFire, 690:of our study of this fifth principle that the divine Manasaputras on their own plane must beFire, 698:produce the union of the spiritual Triad, or divine Self, and the Quaternary, or lower self. WhereFire, 708:and to bring about the incarnation of the divine Egos, four things occur on that plane. If theFire, 710:aspect embodying the love-wisdom of the divine Ego as it reveals itself by the means of mind isFire, 711:call "self-consciousness," and thus enable the divine Spirit to enter into fuller life by means ofFire, 711:of manifold existences." 37 The Solar Lord, the Divine Ego. Of the two courses of soul developmentFire, 711:but the results are ever similar, and the divine Egos in their causal bodies have analogousFire, 713:Primarily, they bring about the union of the divine Ego and the lower personal self. This has beenFire, 734:the Logos, of the Heavenly Man, and of the human divine Ego is turned to other ends, the substanceFire, 738:cooperation of the personal Self with the divine Self or Ego. 45 Devachan. "(3) 'Who goes toFire, 752:Logos through self-induced contact with his own divine Spirit. At the fifth Initiation he becomesFire, 766:Attraction, which is the fundamental law of the divine Self. It is the failure to realize thisFire, 775:of a chain. Note and meditate upon: "...the divine Septenary hanging from the triad, thus formingFire, 781:with an akashic aura the human animal, with the Divine Principle settled within the human form. -Fire, 807:phenomena, the union which produces that divine manifestation called Man, or, when the aggregatedFire, 808:physical plane within the physical brain of his divine nature, resulting in a consequentFire, 809:the following postulates: I. Man is in essence divine. 59 This has ever been enunciated throughoutFire, 810:recognize themselves and each other, as divine self-conscious units, functioning primarily in theFire, 810:the social order readjusted upon sound, sane and divine lines. 59 Each human being is anFire, 810:one in three. - See S. D., II, 553. By man the divine Monad is meant. - S. D., II, 196. 60 S. D.,Fire, 815:beams of his own central sun - the egoic light divine. The problem may again be regarded as one inFire, 816:personality, and a close investigation of those divine Essences Who build the body of the Ego orFire, 828:the life of the probationer two aspects of the divine life are making themselves apparent, andFire, 837:humanity will be a perfect vehicle of the divine Spirit (see the Mercaba of Ezekiel, 1st Chapter).Fire, 837:we shall in due time enter the fullness of the divine Presence. - The Theosophist, Vol. XXIX, p.Fire, 837:D., II, 92. They possess creative fire but not divine fire - S. D., II, 81, 82. They evolve theFire, 846:the moon (S. D., I, 172, footnote.) or of the "divine lunatic" is connected somewhat with theFire, 853:when the question of the early teachers and divine kings who occupied the ill-favored bodies of theFire, 863:laws of transmutation and be a student of that divine alchemy which will result in a knowledge ofFire, 874:of Action. One group might be considered the divine Carpenters of the planetary system, the otherFire, 874:of the planetary system, the other the divine Assemblers of its parts and the Ones Who, through theFire, 882:becomes in due course of time a solar Pitri, or divine manasaputra to a coming humanity. Hence heFire, 887:of human manifestation. All these forms of divine existence represent - in their own place -Fire, 892:more specifically with these lowest forms of divine life, except to impart two facts, and thus giveFire, 893:in a gradual unrolling, or revelation, of the divine form. The heavenly serpent manifested, beingFire, 894:family we call the reptilian. These forms of divine life are very intimately connected with theFire, 899:it is remembered that all centers - human and divine - are composed of deva essence, the connectionFire, 902:represent, and further, to the three modes of divine expression. There is a planetary as well as aFire, 902:and sacrifice govern all the second aspect divine in all its departments great [903] or small. SuchFire, 903:become those fires which are the basis of the divine alchemy. Speaking generally, it must beFire, 916:and to commence her great work of producing the divine incarnation) is a primary factor from theFire, 916:to modern thinkers, the Mother, or the divine Aspirant to the mysteries of the cosmic marriage, wasFire, 919:manifesting in this mahamanvantara as Manas (the Divine Manasaputras in their totality) utilizingFire, 921:vision, they form but one third of his threefold divine nature. Man is dual, being Spirit andFire, 921:of the threefold centers and the three divine aspects might here be given which may prove of use toFire, 925:the archetypal planes, through the agency of divine thought, and from thence (through directedFire, 926:be tabulated as follows: [926] FORM PRODUCTION Divine thought - The cosmic mental plane. DivineFire, 926:Divine thought - The cosmic mental plane. Divine desire - The cosmic astral plane. Divine activityFire, 926:plane. Divine desire - The cosmic astral plane. Divine activity - The cosmic physical plane (ourFire, 931:workers are concerned with the liquid action of divine [932] manifestation. They work, therefore,Fire, 934:of the temporary forms is the work of the Divine Carpenter, whilst the building of the Temple ofFire, 964:lunar Lord, even if of a high order, than the divine will of the solar Angel, who is the true man.Fire, 966:Mother of Revelation and the interpreter of the divine Voice. - S. D., I, 721. The organs of innerFire, 980:present apparent imperfection. When that great divine phrase or sentence which occupies His thoughtFire, 984:opening. 92 Magic. - S. D., I, 284. Magic is a divine science which leads to a participation in theFire, 986:The throat center. 94 Magic. - The art of divine Magic consists in the ability to perceive theFire, 1004:result in an aggregation of a different type of divine life-substance around the central nucleus.Fire, 1013:or energy, and becomes an expression of the divine attributes. Objectivity may then ensue as aFire, 1017:have perished thus. 4 The courses open to the Divine Ego after separation are two - S. D., III,Fire, 1028:the Vishnu aspect of Deity, or the motion of the Divine [1029] Manasaputras. This involves,Fire, 1031:The process of initiation. The life of the divine pilgrims upon the upward arc. The impulse whichFire, 1031:the medium of the solar system. Magnetism, or Divine Alchemy. 3. The turning of the wheel, TheFire, 1031:of the macrocosm and the microcosm. The centers, divine and human. 5. The effects of the unitedFire, 1042:synonymous terms. The Primordial Ray plus the Divine Ray of Wisdom. In the previous solar systemFire, 1042:be synonymous terms. The Primordial Ray and The Divine Ray plus the third cosmic Ray of Will orFire, 1046:we call the human, or man. In considering the "Divine Pilgrim" we can study him as demonstrating inFire, 1048:"The Primordial Ray is only the vehicle of the Divine Ray." - S. D., I, 108. Fire, 1050:mind as we consider the evolution [1050] of the Divine Pilgrim. It is not the purpose of thisFire, 1050:activity of every sheath or form which the divine Pilgrim uses. The united active motion producedFire, 1053:inter-cosmic) which sweeps into incarnation the divine pilgrims, and which brings about the cyclicFire, 1056:action, and its recognition of the divine central magnet. This brings it under the constantFire, 1060:more time will be given to this expression of divine activity than to any other in this section, asFire, 1061:kingdom, in the human, and, like-wise, in the divine. From some angles of vision, it might beFire, 1063:work. - S. D., II, 107; see S. D., I, 619. Divine ideation passes from the abstract to the concreteFire, 1063:in two great groups: The Ahhi are the vehicle of divine thought. - S. D., I, 70. The Army of the
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