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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Glamour, 244:and brings glamor to an end; the cessation of divine direction brings death to the physical world.Glamour, 245:visioned idea, some cherished ideal, some sensed divine pattern, some spiritual hope, someGlamour, 250:the see-er and that which is seen). It is the divine eye. It is that through which the soul looksGlamour, 251:and the probationary disciple. The inner or divine eye is quiescent and relatively inactive, beingGlamour, 252:of the disciple or the initiate as he fulfils divine intent. You will note that this is allGlamour, 267:expressive of the highest of the three divine aspects. This development will put into His graspGlamour, 269:which [269] must be brought into play before the divine will can begin to control. The discipleHealing, 10:to the task. Such terms as "cosmic evil, divine imperfection, limited areas of consciousness, theHealing, 10:of consciousness, the freedom of pure spirit, divine mind," which are so freely bandied about byHealing, 10:of many schools of healing as to ultimate divine perfection, and the formulation of their beliefsHealing, 15:come his way. He will have earned the right to divine knowledge. But the above recognition willHealing, 50:Center Ray Quality Origin 1. Head Center 1st The Divine Will Monadic 2. Ajna Center 7thHealing, 82:all disease, all frustrations, error and lack of divine expression in the three worlds, I would sayHealing, 83:he hope to register all the different areas of divine expression. Only when the etheric body isHealing, 110:has a closed mind; he over-emphasizes the divine possibilities to the exclusion of the material orHealing, 116:He strives after recognition of and by the divine; he is the follower of the [117] vision, aHealing, 119:thoughts, and to focus them upon the soul, the divine Reality within the form, and the ChristHealing, 120:true. It is but a distorted [120] reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seekingHealing, 120:thwarted soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality,Healing, 134:the true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seeking fullHealing, 134:thwarted soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality,Healing, 142:physical man. They are the agents for the three divine aspects of all manifestation: life - qualityHealing, 143:produce the correspondence also to the four divine attributes as well as to the three divineHealing, 143:four divine attributes as well as to the three divine aspects. [144] The analogy of the basicHealing, 145:body and the agent of the Father or of the first divine aspect. It registers purpose, correspondsHealing, 145:in physical incarnation. In the final stages of divine expression in man it again comes intoHealing, 146:meet in him, providing the synthesis of the divine aspects. This is the only one of the sevenHealing, 147:creative life and a manifested expression of the divine idea on the part of the initiate. In theHealing, 147:of the spine produces the manifestation of the divine will or purpose. The forces of the ajna andHealing, 148:expression, creatively carrying forward the divine purpose. The Third Eye - the head center - Will.Healing, 148:simultaneously, you will then have insight into divine purpose (the initiate), intuitive vision ofHealing, 153:or life thread. It is not related to any of the divine aspects by the antahkarana because thatHealing, 155:connected with the Holy Ghost, or the third divine aspect in manifestation, "over-shadowing" (asHealing, 155:center symbolizes the triple nature of the divine expression. The dualistic nature appears fusedHealing, 155:energies which are brought into play during the divine creative activity are unified in activity byHealing, 159:In the work of the initiate, as he works out the divine purpose according to the plan, the ajnaHealing, 159:the distributor of the blended energies of the divine man. The heart center corresponds to "solarHealing, 160:(as is not the case with adult man) the divine will-to-good will make itself felt and divineHealing, 160:divine will-to-good will make itself felt and divine purpose be achieved; when the thymus glandHealing, 160:the adult, goodwill will become apparent and the divine plan will begin to work out. This is theHealing, 162:inflow and the transmission of the three major divine energies and the four lesser forces. To thisHealing, 166:nature when, by an act of the will and of divine power, and by the use of certain Words of Power,Healing, 179:the higher and the lower manifestation of the divine Trinity in man. This center was brought intoHealing, 179:substance. Here again we find also another divine reflection in the following: Eventually, in theHealing, 179:reflection in the following: Eventually, in the Divine Hermaphrodite (later to appear) you willHealing, 180:the name we give to the urge to union with the divine. Like all else that undeveloped man hasHealing, 180:has touched, we have perverted and distorted a divine idea and prostituted an immaterial urge toHealing, 184:are blended, and the response apparatus of the divine man is perfected, enabling him to contact andHealing, 184:enabling him to contact and recognize the major divine aspects in the kingdoms in nature, in theHealing, 184:the special path of the three energies of the divine Trinity. I indicate not a fact in location orHealing, 187:to conscious contact with ever widening areas of divine expression. To the head center, providingHealing, 188:with the power to unfold the seed of these divine aspects: Lemuria, Atlantis and the Aryan race.Healing, 197:- are the material correspondences to the three divine aspects; they are esoterically responsive toHealing, 210:of his soul. This inflow comes from the second divine aspect, from the soul or the indwellingHealing, 211:and you have, therefore, the union of all three divine energies and the manifestation in man of theHealing, 211:and the manifestation in man of the three divine aspects. These combined energies then rush up theHealing, 212:themselves those conditions which will make the divine manifested Christ present. They need to bearHealing, 222:This development is definitely a part of the divine plan, no matter how undesirable it may appearHealing, 223:the will of Nature itself working (under certain divine laws) to offset the loss of life and theHealing, 245:beneficent activity and on the beauty of the divine plan of death and disappearance. With man,Healing, 245:own plane - an effective expression of the three divine aspects; it determines within certainHealing, 256:patient is physically unable to affirm or claim divine healing and is dependent upon the work ofHealing, 261:in the world liberty and freedom to develop the divine reality within themselves. The ideal hasHealing, 263:into the belief that they are carrying out divine purpose, wresting away from people their propertyHealing, 264:made that the act was undertaken in obedience to divine command. Later, the symbolism gets mostHealing, 268:is the recovery of the highest expression of the divine wisdom in the first solar system; thatHealing, 280:willing to cooperate and accept that which the divine instinct in man down the ages has taught inHealing, 280:gifts of the human mind; it is a proven divine expression and a most beneficent force in the world,Healing, 295:but perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding. You will have noticed thatHealing, 297:phenomenal forms, those forms will fall short of divine perfection. Disease is only a form ofHealing, 298:fact that They have not yet achieved complete divine expression. These Lords of the Seven Rays areHealing, 298:planet. We are told that Sanat Kumara is the divine prisoner of this planet, held here until theHealing, 299:our theme of disease, the imperfection of this divine energy produces a peculiar attitude whichHealing, 305:our Earth, has a different goal, and the second divine aspect, that of love, has to be manifested,Healing, 328:all phenomenal life. That etheric aspect of the divine energy is a synthesis of energies. If theHealing, 385:above all of karma, and to a knowledge of divine destiny. This, if grasped, will bring about a newHealing, 385:of the soul. It might be called an expression of divine indifference. [386] An effort upon the partHealing, 394:reservoir of substance; or of the soul, the divine spiritual energy, returning to its source -Healing, 400:The determination that nothing is lost under divine law is a recognition of science; eternalHealing, 410:is the reflection in the three worlds of the divine ascension of the perfected Son of God. Some ofHealing, 411:of the first Ray is to stand behind the other divine Aspects, and when They have achieved TheirHealing, 420:The work of the second Logos ends, and the divine incarnation of the Son is concluded. But theHealing, 424:God, of the planetary Logos, as He pursues His divine purposes, carrying [425] with Him in thisHealing, 432:is called). This must be given free rein if the divine purpose is to work out unarrested. TheHealing, 434:phases or aspects, each related to the three divine aspects: It relates life and form, spirit andHealing, 434:to the Law of Synthesis, which governs the first divine aspect. Integration eventually producesHealing, 435:in so doing, steadily and inevitably, the first divine aspect - the Monad on its own plane - isHealing, 436:the beneficent intent (if one could scrutinize divine purpose) of the planetary Logos. However, itHealing, 438:be found, both of them connected with the first divine aspect: the thought of Death and the natureHealing, 441:it will be found that it is an aspect of that divine energy which works always under the destroyerHealing, 449:of the form takes place. Quality, the major divine attribute being developed in this planet,Healing, 450:because, having developed awareness of two divine aspects - creative activity and love - he is nowHealing, 450:a stupendous destruction of all forms of divine life and in every kingdom has been the outstandingHealing, 471:created entirely by the human soul and not the divine soul. "Our God is a consuming fire" is theHealing, 471:statement in the Bible which refers to the first divine aspect, the aspect of the destroyer,Healing, 471:is the result of the destroyer, or the first divine aspect. There the condition is different;Healing, 482:man down the ages under the inspiration of his divine nature), of the newer aspects of treatment asHealing, 521:the three transitory vehicles, emphasizing its divine nature and its constructive purpose. We nowHealing, 522:the Laws of Nature were the highest phase of the divine life possible in the first solar system.Healing, 527:of poise, an inclusive point of view, and divine understanding. How many healers combine these
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