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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Healing, 531:of knowledge for which they stand are equally a divine expression and indicate the ability of theHealing, 533:the true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seeking fullHealing, 533:thwarted soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality,Healing, 535:but perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding. Rule Six The healer or theHealing, 559:level of awareness or place of contact with the divine Whole or the divine Consciousness which theHealing, 559:or place of contact with the divine Whole or the divine Consciousness which the point in evolutionHealing, 564:the true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seeking fullHealing, 564:thwarted soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality,Healing, 564:"fire by friction," the third aspect of the divine "fiery nature" of God, for "our God is aHealing, 565:Doctrine. This law states that because man is divine, the urge to divinity produces resistance inHealing, 565:the true. This is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. I have shown that disease isHealing, 566:to conform to the Plan which implements the divine will-to-good, endeavors to impel its threefoldHealing, 566:form nature, as yet inadequate to the desired divine expression, friction is immediately set up andHealing, 567:to struggle. The beautiful, from the angle of a divine aspect, concerns the quality of life. IHealing, 567:Life is the energy in expression of the divine will-to-good; quality is the energy in expression ofHealing, 567:under the influence of the quality of the second divine aspect. The True. It has been said that theHealing, 567:that the true or the truth is that much of the divine expression as any man can demonstrate at hisHealing, 569:controls the [569] expression of the first divine aspect in a man by its interplay with the headHealing, 569:heart Center. The true, as an expression of the divine, finds its point of centralization in theHealing, 569:thwarted soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality,Healing, 573:points of friction or manifest themselves as divine qualities. Where friction and resultant diseaseHealing, 583:energies. Speculations as to the nature of the divine Trinity have ever been present in theHealing, 583:physical plane as well as on all the planes of divine expression; in saying this, I include notHealing, 585:of the Law of Death. The fact of divinity and of divine origin is proved by the fact of life. ThisHealing, 587:of divinity, and outstanding testimony of man's divine origin, and the hope, the saving hope, ofHealing, 587:premise is correct, disease is also a form of divine expression, for what we know to be evil isHealing, 588:and the forces remain of the same essentially divine nature, but the relationship established hasHealing, 589:of forces established under the impact of the divine will, expressing divine purpose and unifiedHealing, 589:under the impact of the divine will, expressing divine purpose and unified with Being (as identityHealing, 589:a curious resemblance between the three divine aspects in manifestation and the spiritual man uponHealing, 598:or of spirit and matter which is the secret of divine appearance; one of the main causes ofHealing, 611:each subplane which embodies some aspect of the divine unfolding consciousness; [612] it is thatHealing, 612:full consciousness on some particular level of divine activity. It is that which makes knowledgeHealing, 612:and "unrolling" sensitive activity, resulting in divine understanding, possible and inevitable. TheHealing, 612:are automatic in their activity as aspects of a divine response apparatus, of a mechanism whichHealing, 612:to that which is to be contacted under the divine plan and through the medium of a mechanism. AtHealing, 612:in the previous solar system. It was then the divine goal of the entire evolutionary process. ThisHealing, 612:the evolutionary stages through which this divine mechanism passed in preparation for the task toHealing, 612:undertaken in the present solar system. In this divine incarnation of our planetary Logos throughHealing, 613:to the present modes of (so-called) mental and divine healing, are [614] undesirable and not inHealing, 615:of the transmission of energy from one aspect of divine manifestation to another; everywhere andHealing, 620:His Own level on a cosmic plane and through His divine Personality, Sanat Kumara, carries out HisHealing, 621:impinge upon your mind. But the true results (as divine and as esoterically desirable) are correctHealing, 621:energized centers - made Him an expression of divine perfection to the entire world; He was theHealing, 628:The interrelated sumtotal, which is the divine manifestation of the spiritual man in anyHealing, 629:body of humanity via the planetary centers of divine livingness and consciousness. Healing, 632:and surgery are just as much an expression of divine experience and understanding as the hopeful,Healing, 632:assertive, yet fumbling methods of so-called divine healing - if not more so at present. ThoughHealing, 632:is not now the case. There is no need to call in divine aid to set bones which the surgeon is wellHealing, 633:all forms act. Two aspects in the nature of the divine Will are called into play where disease andHealing, 635:of our planet, the spirit of the earth - a divine life, making its own progress upon theHealing, 636:very far ahead. Our planetary Logos, that great divine Life in Whom we live and move and have ourHealing, 642:above, indicates the all-inclusiveness of the divine Life, for the lunar lords are aspects of thatHealing, 660:perfect poise, a completed point of view, and divine understanding. This law is profoundly simpleHealing, 671:perfect poise, a completed point of view, and divine understanding. You would find it of interestHealing, 673:the practice of what I have earlier mentioned: Divine Indifference. A Completed Point of View. ThisHealing, 674:then functions as a clear channel for love. Divine Understanding must also be studied from twoHealing, 674:formulated by the Hierarchy. All three of these divine attributes are, in some measure, essentialHealing, 675:negation to the world of illusion and of glamor. Divine understanding is simply the application ofHealing, 675:It will therefore be apparent how these three divine requirements (when stepped down for the use ofHealing, 676:do so, and the will energy, embodying as it does divine Purpose, might prove destructive in itsHealing, 679:create, sustain and utilize, for the ends of His divine Purpose, the entire planet. He animates theHealing, 680:intense activity is utilizing the technique of divine destruction for the release of the spiritualHealing, 680:eventually to the perfect expression of His divine life and purpose. It would perhaps be wise if weHealing, 685:is the first step towards the unfoldment of that divine principle which we call the sense ofHealing, 686:in the life of the disciple of the three divine aspects: Instinctual living - intelligentHealing, 687:activity of those spheres - having unfolded the divine aspects, passes now into the sphere ofHealing, 687:Here, it is the two higher centers of the divine Existence which are invoking ceaselessly the lowerHercules, 3:dogmas is now giving place to experiment, and a divine self-determination, based on a realizedHercules, 6:to be discovered and require to be utilized in a divine manner and in line with divine purpose,Hercules, 6:be utilized in a divine manner and in line with divine purpose, intelligently apprehended. WhenHercules, 6:en rapport with the universal and similar divine energies and powers, underlying the operations ofHercules, 7:of a greater Whole, and that knowledge of the divine sumtotal can alone reveal the vaster purpose.Hercules, 8:of energy by means of which consciousness of the divine Reality is brought about through the mediumHercules, 8:of matter, a picture is given us of an unfolding divine self-realization. In the study therefore ofHercules, 13:possession, comes tinder the control of the divine Indweller. He emerges as the aspirant, reversesHercules, 14:parents? Tell me this, my son." "My father is divine. I know him not, except that, in myself, IHercules, 17:of Hercules. We are told that he had a divine father and an earthly mother and so, as with all sonsHercules, 18:its constant pull towards things vital and divine, and the consequent inner warfare which grows outHercules, 18:the third heaven," and having intercourse with divine beings. In this condition, he visioned theHercules, 20:intellect and with mental powers oriented to divine knowledge, they will produce that knower of GodHercules, 21:At this step the Initiate has faced this one divine truth and felt the mighty urge of the One Life.Hercules, 25:gifts had been bestowed and he stood with his divine equipment, we read of a most intriguing littleHercules, 26:went out and cut for himself a club. All these divine gifts were very lovely and wonderful, but asHercules, 30:of the gods. He has been equipped with all divine powers, though, as yet, he does not know how toHercules, 31:of outgoing power, of the streaming forth of divine energy from the central deity, God, or from theHercules, 32:upon the mental attention of the being, divine and human, who is utilizing it. It is the sameHercules, 32:two different ways, dependent upon whether the divine user has focused his attention uponHercules, 37:had that he would achieve. Hope, his untried divine equipment, his personal club, and muchHercules, 44:with this constellation. The "interpreter of the divine voice", as Taurus was called in ancientHercules, 47:Belt. The Three Kings represent the three divine aspects of Will, Love and Intelligence, and Orion,Hercules, 48:when man recognizes his physical functions as a divine heritage, and his equipment as having beenHercules, 49:the sexes will be governed by understanding of divine purpose and skill-in-action. Two points ofHercules, 53:eye, which is himself, the soul, the three divine aspects, will begin to manifest: Brontes,Hercules, 53:intense activity of physical plane life. These divine aspects constitute the controlling factor andHercules, 72:the efforts of our own soul. That soul is a divine son of God, omniscient and omnipotent. As theHercules, 93:hind. In its own place, animal instinct is as divine as those other qualities which we regard asHercules, 100:five is the number of man, because man is a divine son of God, plus the quaternary which consistsHercules, 101:the human family, were the fifth group of divine lives and that they combined within themselves,Hercules, 103:the form, stage by stage, various aspects of the divine nature are seen as being sacrificed. In
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