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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Hercules, 103:through desire, we see the lower aspect of the divine creative force, sexual desire, transmutedHercules, 116:the changes in consciousness that make man divine at the close of the world cycle." And further:Hercules, 121:ends in order that he may learn eventually their divine use." "The sin against the Holy Ghost" hasHercules, 122:representing the second creative Hierarchy (divine builders of earth's planetary manifestation),Hercules, 124:you so choose, proclaim your identity with both divine aspects, matter and spirit, the mother andHercules, 127:sight, that the inner intuitive sight may divine where justice lies. [128] It is an interlude, weHercules, 135:that the lives men lead may reflect the divine image that is indelibly imprinted in their essentialHercules, 138:matter by making it the expression of the divine mind. (From A.A.B.). As with all of Libra,Hercules, 142:that Hercules burned off the heads, and the divine fire would indeed be needed for thisHercules, 151:expression whereby he contacts a great field of divine manifestation. From reading some books onHercules, 151:physical form I have no means of contacting one divine expression, because God is in my fellow man,Hercules, 151:as a triple channel of expression for three divine aspects. All depends upon whether we use thatHercules, 151:we use that triple personality for selfish or divine ends. The great illusion is the utilization ofHercules, 153:of desire that underlies every manifestation of divine life. In Gemini, in the gathering of theHercules, 159:archer on the white horse, half human and half divine - you have the whole story. A white horse isHercules, 179:And let him above all never forget that the divine spark is in him, in him alone, and that he isHercules, 197:have you overcome the human, and put on the divine. Home have you come, no more to leave. Upon theHercules, 221:which in their symbology represent the three divine aspects, Spirit, Soul and Body. They are asInitiation, 3:three major Rays and the four minor, making a divine Septenary. The Synthetic Ray which blends themInitiation, 3:of aeonian manifestation. The seven planes of Divine Manifestation, or the seven major planes ofInitiation, 5:in ordered sequence. Seen from the angle of divine vision the whole will move [6] in harmoniousInitiation, 8:Spirit, till the consciousness [8] eventually is Divine. As the human being develops, the facultyInitiation, 18:levels - emotional, intuitional, spiritual and Divine - consists in conscious, continuousInitiation, 21:they are approximating the findings of the Divine Wisdom. In the vegetable kingdom, to this facultyInitiation, 42:required, and in the wise foreknowledge of these Divine Men nothing is left to sudden eventuation,Initiation, 64:of the higher self, and subsequently that of the Divine Spirit. When the form is ready, whenInitiation, 64:it lacks life. The life can be modeled on the divine as far as may be; it may be an excellent copyInitiation, 64:selected work. He is taught the rudiments of the Divine Wisdom and is entered into the final gradesInitiation, 77:calm rules unruffled and unshaken, because the divine Knower holds the reins of government, andInitiation, 86:Monad is definitely guiding the Ego, pouring his divine life ever more into the prepared andInitiation, 115:on the plane of higher mind, is literally his divine ancestor, the "Watcher" who, through longInitiation, 117:The thought of an immortal existence, of a divine Entity, of a great center of fiery energy, and ofInitiation, 132:no anxiety, fear, or doubt. He has contacted the divine "Presence," and has seen the vision. HeInitiation, 144:more easily away from the not-self to the divine essentials wherewith he is immediately concerned.Initiation, 148:oath really concerns one of the three aspects of divine manifestation, and as the initiate takesInitiation, 152:may be used in connection with any department of divine manifestation. For instance, the humanInitiation, 152:be remembered that man links the animal and the divine. Initiation, 153:which the spirit must occupy, thereby making divine incarnation possible. A is the life sound, U isInitiation, 155:for the carefully guarding of this aspect of divine work. Initiation, 171:of Mystery which Plows the Ocean. The Key to the Divine Storehouse. The Light that Guides throughInitiation, 179:and not only in theory, his identity with the divine Manasaputra in whose body he has place.Initiation, 187:We might say that the Planetary Logoi are the divine psychologists, and therefore in the trainingInitiation, 204:recognition that all forms of manifestation are divine, and that the physical plane is as much aInitiation, 204:and that the physical plane is as much a form of divine expression as any of the higher planes. HeInitiation, 205:is legitimately used; the spiritual will of the divine inner God is the main factor, and there willInitiation, 216:[216] Atma The Universal Spirit; the divine Monad; the seventh Principle; so called in theInitiation, 221:word made flesh, or rendered objective through divine magic. A form of words or syllablesIntellect, 13:us; these great ones are not "freak" products of divine caprice or of blind evolutionary urge, butIntellect, 14:The line of demarcation between these knowers of divine things and those who sense the vision isIntellect, 15:means of which he no longer sees the vision of divine reality but knows himself to be that realityIntellect, 35:should begin to prepare men for the new and divine experience and for that wonderful experimentIntellect, 38:of progress, regarded as manifestations of Divine Purpose, each higher stage is in turnIntellect, 38:the religious attitude, with acknowledgement of Divine Purpose, is supernatural to the ethicalIntellect, 51:instrument. When this is complete, we have a divine incarnation. Secondly: The sum total of theseIntellect, 56:God as the central Fact. Knowing himself to be divine, he finds the whole is equally divine. Dr. F.Intellect, 56:to be divine, he finds the whole is equally divine. Dr. F. Kirtley Mather of Harvard University hasIntellect, 58:Robert, Paracelsus. and he is driven by a divine unrest towards a conscious awareness of, and aIntellect, 59:Direct experience is sought. Knowledge of the divine Self, and mental assurance as to the fact ofIntellect, 60:its vehicle of expression is established. Thus a divine Son of God consciously incarnates. ThroughIntellect, 67:prayer. Prayer for illumination and for divine realization. It will be seen from a study of theseIntellect, 67:place to the practical work of preparation for divine knowledge and the man who started his longIntellect, 67:reached the stage of adoration of the dimly seen divine Reality, passes now out of the mysticalIntellect, 67:The mystic, as we have earlier seen, senses divine realities, contacts (from the heights of hisIntellect, 71:and bend it to its new task as a revealer of the divine is now the objective of the convincedIntellect, 72:the object of aspiration, or a symbol to us of a divine possibility. We know God as the EternalIntellect, 73:lower or personal self [73] and the higher or divine self. This duality has to be first realizedIntellect, 74:factor in daily life. We speak of ourselves as divine and as sons of God. We know of those who haveIntellect, 74:status of what we call educated human beings. A divine urge has driven us forward from the stage ofIntellect, 74:who testify to a direct way into the center of divine Reality which they ask us also to follow. WeIntellect, 76:- The Objectives in Meditation Man is a point of divine light, hidden within a number of envelopingIntellect, 77:through a rightly used intelligence, and the Divine inevitably contacted. This Patanjali emphasizesIntellect, 77:out and much used, which unfailingly reveals the divine. The important words here are "orderedIntellect, 78:of mental attainment, scientific achievement and divine unrest. Steadily his center ofIntellect, 79:all methods employed runs the golden thread of divine purpose, and the way by which the transfer ofIntellect, 80:what we are, and are enabled to manifest our divine nature. Tagore, in one place, definesIntellect, 81:intimate and essential union of being with the Divine Principle, or, if preferred, with theIntellect, 83:things... The third kind see him in the divine light." - Pfeiffer, Franz, Meister Eckhart, pageIntellect, 92:with our inability to grasp and understand the divine Reality which we hope exists. But it remainsIntellect, 96:as to any other form in nature; all forms veil a divine thought, idea, or truth and are theIntellect, 96:or truth and are the tangible manifestation of a divine concept. When a man knows this he begins toIntellect, 96:and deal with him on the basis of the hidden divine reality. This is no easy thing to do, but it isIntellect, 98:the physical, emotional, and mental life to the divine project of achieving unity, emphasized, forIntellect, 102:Evolution, page 37. Here we have the idea of the divine purpose, the universal mind, of that humanIntellect, 111:inertia. Then by strenuous effort we travail in divine love for intellectual vision, till, clearingIntellect, 116:the realization of these three aspects of the divine Life. This is why students are advised to takeIntellect, 116:reality we call the indwelling Christ, the divine Soul. Man, at this point, enters into God. [119] Intellect, 122:hold that this world-plan is a manifestation of Divine Purpose... We too are manifestations ofIntellect, 128:comes from the Latin numen, meaning supernatural divine power. It stands for "the specificIntellect, 128:speak, to the impact upon the human mind of 'the divine', as it reveals itself whether obscurely orIntellect, 133:may itself be transcended, and knowledge of divine things, and identification with the indwellingIntellect, 136:the hard-earned and hard-held waiting for the divine revelation. The ancient sage of India,Intellect, 139:and the will, and to operate in these after a divine manner. This is His true abode, His field ofIntellect, 139:God, as the human soul enters the realm of the divine light." - Puglisi, Mario, Prayer, page 181.Intellect, 149:blinding radiance which accompanies the phase of divine contact, are so general in their use thatIntellect, 153:Thus the mystic "divines" (through the divine within himself) the reality which the veil of matterIntellect, 155:soul have been outward-going into the world of divine realities. Now the focus of attentionIntellect, 155:entails a vision of the Absolute: a sense of the Divine Presence: but not true union with it." "ItIntellect, 160:the world, in the world Scriptures, and in those divine pronouncements which have emanated fromIntellect, 161:from one vehicle to another. It is the same divine consciousness making its presence felt inIntellect, 165:Mind, but also with all minds through which that Divine Purpose we call God may be working. In this
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