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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Psychology2, 15:of the dominant individual is just as much a divine success in its proper place and time as is thePsychology2, 16:to an ever increasing sphere or measure of divine influence. Integrate the three sheaths into aPsychology2, 29:of, and responsive to, the many types of divine awareness. It should be noted here, therefore, thatPsychology2, 32:withdrawals, and all possible expressions of the divine activity and qualities, phenomenal andPsychology2, 33:all. The Blessed Ones love not, yet offer love divine. The Blessed Ones remember not, yet all isPsychology2, 34:of knowledge true, of contact real, of light divine, the Way to God." Such is the true goal, as yetPsychology2, 38:eternal. The forms that weave that web hide the divine reality. He lost himself. Fear entered in.Psychology2, 39:Note the pulsation in the heart of that which is divine. Retire into the silence and attunePsychology2, 45:Angel of the Presence stands within the light divine - the center and the meeting place of manyPsychology2, 45:of the Presence draws the wanderer to him. Love divine attracts the seeker on the Way. The point ofPsychology2, 49:must enter into contact with certain phases of divine experience. The foundation of what is herePsychology2, 51:again in symbols) a soul, functioning under divine impulse, comes into incarnation and undergoesPsychology2, 54:whereby the soul can contact larger forms of divine life and expression. The more intricate thePsychology2, 55:appearances. These patterns are literally the divine ideas, as they emerge from the subjectivePsychology2, 57:Mind and vibrate in conscious unison with the divine Idea nor grasp the Plan as it is sensed andPsychology2, 60:substance. This power is, therefore, neither divine nor non-divine. It is a demonstration of thePsychology2, 60:This power is, therefore, neither divine nor non-divine. It is a demonstration of the capacity ofPsychology2, 63:as an effort to intensify the hold which the divine Thinker has upon the mechanism. This will leadPsychology2, 70:nature, conferring spiritual perception and divine livingness. Psychology2, 84:Center, and enter thus into the heart of Love Divine. Then from that point of sentient Life, letPsychology2, 84:the soul look out upon an inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: 'IPsychology2, 88:The theme of all the world religions has been divine sacrifice, the immolation of the cosmic Deity,Psychology2, 88:influence of the lower separative man, that this divine law of sacrifice is wielded with thePsychology2, 88:law, which is in reality the expression of a divine impulse, leading to a defined activity, withPsychology2, 88:of the worlds and to the manifestation of the divine Creator. It might help to a betterPsychology2, 91:understanding of the lowest aspects of the divine purpose. The wonder of the idea staggers humanPsychology2, 92:kingdom. Our planet, the fourth in the series of divine expression with which we are associated,Psychology2, 94:at an understanding of the significance of the divine purpose of God, of the Word incarnatedPsychology2, 97:connotes is the emergence of that which is most divine in man. It is an aspect of desire, but it isPsychology2, 97:attitude and an orientation that is that of a "Divine Rebel." It is only rebellion that producesPsychology2, 99:and sorrow are the result of rebellion, and of divine discontent. The instinct to betterment, basedPsychology2, 100:thought, such as Christian Science, Unity, Divine Science, and the emphasis laid by ChristianityPsychology2, 101:and greatly enriches the sum total. The units of divine life and the atoms of electrical energy whoPsychology2, 101:expressing itself through Will, evoking divine purpose. Love, expressing divine quality. Intellect,Psychology2, 101:Will, evoking divine purpose. Love, expressing divine quality. Intellect, as the reflector of thePsychology2, 101:leading to radiance. Idealism, establishing the divine pattern. Ritual or organization, manifestingPsychology2, 119:slowly, very slowly, prepared the way for the divine expression of service, which will be the gloryPsychology2, 134:betterment, and in its right place and time is a divine asset, but it has to be rooted out when thePsychology2, 143:in bringing forward a true presentation of the divine picture. Psychology2, 147:law to consider. It is one of the major divine laws with which the Pilgrim has much to do on hisPsychology2, 147:to what is esoterically called "the Way of divine refusal." It is, nevertheless, an aspect of thePsychology2, 148:law is one which primarily begins to impress the divine purpose upon the consciousness of thePsychology2, 149:which reveals the will, plan or purpose of the divine life, as it expresses itself in thePsychology2, 150:govern predominantly the Spiritual Triad, that divine Triplicity which expresses itself through thePsychology2, 158:God is the Great Server and expresses His divine life through the Love of His heart for humanity.Psychology2, 160:between higher and lower manas by the divine Agnishvatta, the solar angel, functioning through thePsychology2, 163:phenomenal appearance upon which the law of the divine will makes its impact and consequentPsychology2, 166:blue of heaven... The wind of God, His breath divine, sweeps through the garden... Low lie thePsychology2, 170:either side the blinding aids of every fanatic divine adventure. Only the long and narrow tunnelPsychology2, 178:but his attitude to life and toward all men is a divine rushing forth to aid, to lift, to love andPsychology2, 185:related to every other expression of the Divine Life, minute or great. The function of the ethericPsychology2, 185:of the great Plan and the manifestation of divine purpose. This group of Thinkers falls into sevenPsychology2, 190:will act as transmitters of two aspects of divine energy, - knowledge and wisdom. These must bePsychology2, 190:that is lacking in many other branches of this divine group activity. The work is largely first rayPsychology2, 190:ray work. It embodies the method whereby the divine Will works out in the consciousness of racesPsychology2, 192:has made its appearance. They will deal with the divine aspect of money. They will regard money asPsychology2, 192:They will regard money as the means whereby divine purpose can be carried forward. They will handlePsychology2, 202:and as having reference to different forms of divine life and to differing aspects of those forms.Psychology2, 202:a "fragment of divinity," and an outpost of the divine consciousness, functioning in time and spacePsychology2, 213:dogs and other [213] animals responded to the divine impulse through an activity of the will or ofPsychology2, 219:Whose grasp of truth and Whose knowledge of the divine Plan is as much in advance of the MastersPsychology2, 222:4. The urge to creative life, through the divine faculty of imagination. This urge is, as canPsychology2, 223:and to criticize. It is, however, a basic, divine quality, producing wise participation in the PlanPsychology2, 224:and inner manifestation of the sacrifice of the divine Manasaputras (as They are called in ThePsychology2, 224:the Founders of those forms through which the divine ideas become the ideals of the masses, in allPsychology2, 225:manifested world is swept into line with the divine Purpose. This does not become apparent to thePsychology2, 226:basic trends and those innate tendencies in the divine expression which will ultimately bring aboutPsychology2, 226:In the downward and the upward flow of the divine life, as it expresses itself through thePsychology2, 226:force" which can and will form an outpost of the divine Consciousness, an expression of the divinePsychology2, 226:the divine Consciousness, an expression of the divine Psyche, manifesting eventually those threePsychology2, 226:well to ponder on this attempt to simplify the divine potencies into words, and thus to indicatePsychology2, 226:idea upon two matters: The relationship of these divine qualities as they can be apprehended andPsychology2, 227:ultimately lead to the full expression of the divine Psyche. They will bring, into evidence thePsychology2, 227:if such human words can in any way express the divine qualitative potencies. The Laws of thePsychology2, 227:potencies. The Laws of the Universe express the divine Will, and lead to the manifestation ofPsychology2, 227:divine Will, and lead to the manifestation of divine Purpose. This is wisdom. They ordain andPsychology2, 227:The Rules for Inducing Soul Control express the divine quality and lead to the revelation of God'sPsychology2, 227:of manifestation or the point reached in the divine expression. They concern multiplicity, or thePsychology2, 227:aspect. They govern or express that which the divine Spirit (which is will, functioning in love)Psychology2, 227:upon a broad and general understanding of the divine Psyche as it seeks expression through thePsychology2, 228:and all that is upon it. When the potency of the divine psychology and its major trends andPsychology2, 229:often been stated, [229] color or qualify the divine instincts and potencies, but that is not all.Psychology2, 229:the rays are the seven major expressions of the divine quality as it limits (and it does so limit)Psychology2, 229:is it right? Only an understanding of man as a divine expression in time and space can reveal thisPsychology2, 230:can express its recognition of the conditioning divine life is to speak in terms of Person, ofPsychology2, 231:Synthesis The first of the factors revealing the divine nature and the first of the greatPsychology2, 232:life; it is awareness - subhuman, human and divine. In connection with man, we have the followingPsychology2, 233:of the superhuman consciousness. This divine instinct enables a man to recognize the whole of whichPsychology2, 233:with all the corresponding parts of the divine Whole. Thus the trend to synthesis is an instinctPsychology2, 233:to its immediacy and potency. It is this divine attribute in man which makes his physical body anPsychology2, 234:Control Being an attribute of Deity, and being a divine instinct and, therefore, part of thePsychology2, 234:we transmute our lower instincts into higher divine qualities. The attractive power of God'sPsychology2, 235:and, therefore, subject to impression from divine sources. Let him cultivate in himself the trendPsychology2, 236:towards synthesis" to pour through him as a divine potency, and thus to condition his conduct.Psychology2, 236:and thus to condition his conduct. These divine trends have constituted the basic, subconsciousPsychology2, 236:These two outstanding instances of this divine trend, as they emerge in the human consciousness,Psychology2, 237:and [237] hard task. The imposition of a sensed, divine, psychical attribute upon the form lifePsychology2, 239:- Rules for Inducing Soul Control With these two divine trends (towards synthesis and towards thePsychology2, 239:lies that which we might call the unfoldment of divine Insight. We have, therefore, the followingPsychology2, 240:trends of divinity and these tendencies of the divine life. Let us not forget that all the seven
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