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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Psychology2, 240:the trend towards synthesis, and to react to the divine principle of coherence, so that (stimulatedPsychology2, 241:c. The Urge to Formulate a Plan The third divine instinct or hidden inner trend is the urge toPsychology2, 241:on God's vision. All these basic, developing, divine instincts and expressions of God'sPsychology2, 243:than itself, and reaches out to the world of divine ideas, and thus itself occupies a midwayPsychology2, 244:to render possible in form that sensed Plan and divine Vision. To produce this emergence of truth,Psychology2, 245:travels is of vast extent. The synthesis of the divine concept, the vision of its structuralPsychology2, 245:condition and limit Deity, for such is His divine Will. Looking at the whole subject from anotherPsychology2, 246:which is the urge to creative life through the divine use of the imagination. As we have seen, itPsychology2, 249:This is followed by the attempt to express divine ideas in adequate forms, according to the innatePsychology2, 251:and the power to distinguish are divine attributes. When they produce a sense of separateness andPsychology2, 251:laws and are essential to the right unfolding of divine purpose. The Plan of God comes into beingPsychology2, 252:age must reveal in the progressive unfoldment of divine purpose; and then They have thePsychology2, 253:so as to keep pace with the growth of the divine consciousness in man, but because in man the threePsychology2, 253:in the animal and human kingdoms. Under the divine plan for this solar system, thisPsychology2, 254:of Their will. Through this group, the inner divine qualities of good will, peace and love canPsychology2, 255:opposites are only reflections of a higher and divine correspondence. The law here considered isPsychology2, 259:with the emerging qualitative aspects of the divine nature. This is, in its turn, slowlyPsychology2, 268:and upon the spiritual resources laid up in his divine nature and hitherto remaining unused. ThisPsychology2, 276:of the personality is brought into line with the divine purpose of the indwelling soul. This isPsychology2, 277:upon the radiant path of..." and "the Avatars of divine descent upon the Claiming Way." I cannotPsychology2, 278:third ray, of the third aspect of divinity - the divine cosmic principle of Intelligence. By itsPsychology2, 278:of inclusiveness, which comes from the Touch of Divine Acquiescence. He was the embodied force ofPsychology2, 278:embodied force of submission, and He carried the divine approach to the astral plane, the plane ofPsychology2, 278:by these two Sons of God, and the descent of the divine life into manifestation has been greatlyPsychology2, 278:possible. It is around these two ideas of divine descent and of human corresponding ascent that thePsychology2, 278:has approached closer to humanity by focusing divine energy upon the astral plane through HisPsychology2, 278:divine energy upon the astral plane through His divine acquiescence that He is the First Initiator.Psychology2, 280:are each of them related to one of the three divine aspects, and the energy of the three major raysPsychology2, 281:cooperation of a Son of God who will embody two divine principles. Later will come an Avatar WhoPsychology2, 281:of the Buddha nor the full expression of the divine love of the Christ, but Who will have a largePsychology2, 281:power" which will enable Him to found a divine powerhouse upon the physical plane. His task, inPsychology2, 281:in Himself not only the energies of the two divine principles, already "duly anchored" upon thePsychology2, 281:but He has also within Himself much of a third divine principle, hitherto not used upon our planet.Psychology2, 281:the subsequent appropriation of the proffered divine energy by the personality upon the Way ofPsychology2, 283:from two directions). This takes place under divine impulsion and human aspiration, and both actPsychology2, 284:of mind. The force of manas. The reflection of divine will and purpose. Motivation. The impulse toPsychology2, 284:The force of desire. The impulse to aspire. The divine evolutionary urge. The tendency to attract,Psychology2, 284:body. The reflection of intelligent activity or divine movement. [285] The impulse to act, to bePsychology2, 285:The Soul. The energy of buddhi. The force of divine, reasoning love. The intuition. This is part ofPsychology2, 285:The energy of atma. The force of the divine will. The embodiment of divine purpose. This focusesPsychology2, 285:The force of the divine will. The embodiment of divine purpose. This focuses itself in thePsychology2, 287:it, of the picture here being drawn, of the divine life as it manifests through the consciousnessPsychology2, 293:The spirit of materialistic enterprise, the divine urge, as it evidences itself in the earlyPsychology2, 294:being was differentiated into the [294] three divine aspects: Life, Quality, and Appearance.Psychology2, 294:discipleship is reached. It only sweeps into its divine rhythm and activity when the three tiers ofPsychology2, 297:are all along the same line of activity, or of divine energy, creating a most interestingPsychology2, 298:whose vehicles are outstandingly the channel for divine love. Many such charts could be drawn upPsychology2, 310:eventually to dominate, producing the process of divine-human integration which we call initiation.Psychology2, 317:for many of us, as yet, the lower expressions of divine manifestations are dominant (or should onePsychology2, 322:or of the breathing-out, a certain type of divine energy focused itself as a center of experiencePsychology2, 328:we have the soul or the conscious thinker (the divine son of God, or manasaputra) doing threePsychology2, 331:unfoldments, to the stage of approach to the divine reality upon the mental plane and that of thePsychology2, 332:form. This involves a process of what is called "divine reflection", which works out in two ways.Psychology2, 333:activity of the illumined mind, reflecting the divine consciousness of the soul. We see thePsychology2, 336:Their immensely wide range of subjective and divine awareness. Step by step, the unfoldment of thePsychology2, 337:and powerful. Yet there slowly arises in him a divine discontent; the savor of his life experiencePsychology2, 340:at the extreme end of the Way who are expressing divine perfection, and in between these twoPsychology2, 340:such time as the personality forces (symbolic of divine multiplicity) are subdued or "brought intoPsychology2, 342:can be made possible upon the various levels of divine manifestation. We observed that these forms,Psychology2, 342:embodiments of the will and purpose of their divine Indweller. This Indweller is the soul. As thePsychology2, 343:stage in the [343] process of evolution wherein "divine attraction" supersedes the attraction ofPsychology2, 343:of the task ahead. An investigation, by the divine Observer of the nature of form life. DivinePsychology2, 343:the divine Observer of the nature of form life. Divine expression, through the medium of the form,Psychology2, 344:appearance and quality, are brought together and divine unity is achieved, thus ending the dualityPsychology2, 346:the spiritual, the controlling factor is that of divine purpose or the will of God. Then we findPsychology2, 350:upon the Probationary Path is fusing these three divine aspects into one whole, which we call thePsychology2, 353:upon the unalterable fact of his essentially divine nature or being, which cannot remain satisfiedPsychology2, 354:the disciple has "recovered feeling, gained divine emotion, and filled his waiting heart withPsychology2, 355:emptiness, "pendent upon the periphery" of the divine [356] "ring-pass-not" which he has himselfPsychology2, 361:When he can do this and be willing to achieve divine idleness (from the angle of a glamored thirdPsychology2, 363:The relation of the human family to the divine scheme, as it exists, is that of bringing into closePsychology2, 363:of nature, thus acting as a clearing house for divine energy. The service humanity [364] is toPsychology2, 365:"low grade energies" permissible? When all are divine? It conveys the idea, and that is what isPsychology2, 366:of this fourth kingdom in the great sweep of the divine manifestation. It is valuable also toPsychology2, 367:- as grasped by those who have developed the divine aspects and are, consequently, in a position toPsychology2, 369:often, but with care, by those upon this line of divine energy. It has most powerful integratingPsychology2, 369:even, balanced, equilibrized distribution of the divine energy set in motion by the use of thisPsychology2, 377:construction of those forms through which the divine will can express itself. In the field ofPsychology2, 386:things and produce the following results: The divine will must be evoked, of which the mind aspectPsychology2, 387:subordinated to the second ray nature of the divine expression in this solar system. The techniquePsychology2, 389:that: [389] It evokes a full functioning of the divine creative faculty. It will be apparent atPsychology2, 390:a correspondence to that grouping within the divine expression which we call the major and minorPsychology2, 392:will end by enabling him to isolate the whole divine scheme or living structure, and to identifyPsychology2, 393:the second ray disciple, produces that inherent divine capacity which enables the detail of thePsychology2, 394:the Ray of Detailed Unity or the Ray of the Divine Pattern, or of beauty in relationship. ItPsychology2, 395:of the energy which is working out the divine Idea, the points of force and focal points of energyPsychology2, 397:or innate qualities and attributes in the divine Whole which remain as yet unrevealed, and are asPsychology2, 397:and are as much unexpressed as are the divine tendencies in the majority of human beings. It isPsychology2, 399:of that Whole. Such great Revealers of emerging divine attributes as are Plato, the Buddha orPsychology2, 400:the Embodied Principles, and the Revealers of Divine Attribute will gradually come to be understoodPsychology2, 400:and provides a fertile source of specialized divine expression. The purer the agent, the betterPsychology2, 400:the image-making faculty. By its means, subtle divine attributes and purposes can be presented inPsychology2, 400:the new potentiality and possibility of the divine nature, and an organized stability and purity ofPsychology2, 401:a task somewhat similar to that of the Divine Contemplatives. It is good training for the work youPsychology2, 401:be fused and blended until Deity, the essential divine Life, is revealed and from a materializedPsychology2, 404:instrument upon the outer plane of life for divine, human and animal revelation. This, the comingPsychology2, 413:subjective aspects of man - lower, personal and divine - are to be expressed, will they solve thePsychology2, 436:or scientific fields, and in other modes of divine manifestation. Found between a man and hisPsychology2, 447:the energy of the soul, and fusing them into one divine expression of "the part within the whole."Psychology2, 452:we call the lower expression. Yet all is equally divine in time and space and in relation to the
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