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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Psychology2, 470:him as so vast that he argues they must be divine and, therefore, essential. Because he is still inPsychology2, 481:guidance is vaguely called "God", is regarded as divine, is spoken of as the voice of the "ChristPsychology2, 481:habits, the race would forfeit its most divine possession, i. e., free will. There is no immediatePsychology2, 483:undesirable; he is urged to recognize that he is divine and the heir of the ages and that the wrongPsychology2, 488:new and phenomenal, and he regards them as divine injunctions coming from God. They have, however,Psychology2, 489:sources. There is, in them, no true lasting divine guidance. They may be quite harmless, sweet,Psychology2, 490:or of any Member in the Hierarchy, nor are they divine in nature, any more than the voice of anyPsychology2, 490:teacher upon the physical plane is necessarily divine. 6. The guidance recorded may also be thePsychology2, 490:but when interpreted by any man as embodying divine guidance and as constituting an infalliblePsychology2, 492:the mind. This, when clear and direct, is true divine guidance, coming from the inner divinity. ItPsychology2, 492:is true and right apprehension of the inner divine voice, then - and only then - do you havePsychology2, 510:is of no true importance where knowledge of the divine is concerned. It is claimed that it is notPsychology2, 513:mystical phenomena and high aspiration for divine contact. These conditions are increasing withPsychology2, 520:a part. They put the man into relation with the divine expression and manifestation in the same wayPsychology2, 531:pull of the world and of the mystical vision, of divine possibilities and personality potencies, ofPsychology2, 531:of love in place of desire and attraction, of divine relationship instead of human relations. ButPsychology2, 531:and a genuine longing for union with the divine. The cause of all this lies in the stage ofPsychology2, 543:it includes also the intellectual approach to divine identification. The keynotes which the mysticPsychology2, 543:admit are those of feeling, sensitivity to the divine existence, the recognition of a vision of GodPsychology2, 543:to the problem of divinity, the recognition of divine immanence and of the fact that "as He is soPsychology2, 556:mystics regard these powers as indications of divine grace, however, and as guarantees of thePsychology2, 559:soul, some of the human soul, and some of the divine soul. The following tabulation of thePsychology2, 559:made of the inferred relationships: Animal Human Divine 1. The four major instincts. The five majorPsychology2, 560:Buddhic plane 1. Comprehension 2. Healing 3. Divine vision 4. Intuition 5. Idealism 7th 6th 5th 4thPsychology2, 189:sight. Clairvoyance. Higher clairvoyance. Divine vision. Realization. The Fourth Sense - Taste.Psychology2, 563:in the three kingdoms (animal, human and divine) is, in fact, that which develops stage by stagePsychology2, 565:of demarcation between these animal, human and divine states of consciousness are not clear cut asPsychology2, 575:the stage of Occultism. All these expressions of divine knowledge are connected with, and dependentPsychology2, 593:It will produce rhythmic expression of the divine life in form. To the clairvoyant view of thePsychology2, 598:the average mystic to live a concrete, and yet divine, life upon earth. There is little more that IPsychology2, 605:is, in reality, the astral reflection of the divine Plan, reflected into the higher levels of thePsychology2, 605:who lack much technical knowledge either of divine law or of the constitution of man or of thePsychology2, 606:dreams and the greatest of all Mystics is the divine Logos Himself. But His dream must bePsychology2, 634:- an aristocracy based on a realization of divine origin and goal, which knows no [635] classPsychology2, 642:is the first indication in the race that man is divine. It is upon this steadily growing good willPsychology2, 701:past moments of high spiritual revelation and of divine impulsation. It has been sure of its goalPsychology2, 701:conditions remain essentially unchanged. The divine impulses are still there and the soul is butPsychology2, 704:Hierarchy, working under the inspiration of the Divine vision as it is embodied in the Plan, seeksPsychology2, 718:These people are far more the instruments of divine activity rather than conscious cooperators withRays, 4:the guna of rhythm and of harmonious response to divine urge, of perfect display of coordinatedRays, 6:permitting the full shining forth of the divine nature. An expansion of consciousness, which isRays, 7:plane that spiritual illumination and that divine energy which is the soul's heritage. Little byRays, 7:contact will grow, gradually the downpour of divine love and wisdom into the head centers will beRays, 12:causes, emanating from some level of the divine consciousness, and therefore from some plane otherRays, 15:itself and within that intervening area of the divine consciousness to which we give the name (asRays, 15:buddhic and the atmic levels of awareness and of divine activity. The downpouring avataricRays, 15:and are becoming custodians of the energy of the divine will and not simply the custodians of theRays, 33:the clear cold lighted fire, and the consuming divine fire. Thus in parables the truth goes out,Rays, 33:only Love (self-love, group love, and finally, divine love) can reveal the significance of theseRays, 33:accomplished, will lead to the revelation of the divine Will. Of this Will, no one who is not anRays, 33:of the soul to the clear pure light of the divine understanding. When these two factors areRays, 34:with the fusion of his individual will with the divine will? He is not then occupied withRays, 34:will has disappeared in the blazing light of the divine Purpose - a purpose which cannot beRays, 39:and outward into the wider reaches of the divine consciousness. These tests are applied when theRays, 39:the soul grips the personality and the fire of divine love destroys the loves and desires of theRays, 39:the will of personality-soul clashed with the divine will of the Monad. The revelation to theRays, 40:each ray, but all bring about the recognition of divine merging, in which all separating veils areRays, 40:Testament expresses it). The omniscience of the divine Whole is also brought home to the initiateRays, 40:He is being gradually translated into another divine aspect, taking with him all that he hasRays, 41:truths revealed by the clear cold light of the divine reason leave him no choice. He mustRays, 41:It consists of pure identification with divine purpose. This is made possible because the self-willRays, 45:to love. It is the emergence of the second divine aspect, for love is the expression of group life,Rays, 46:the initiate to bring into expression another divine aspect - that of the will. Until the fourthRays, 46:the personality, the shadow or distortion of the divine will. They pass from the expression of theRays, 50:name of the intuition. This is in reality divine insight and comprehension, as expressed throughRays, 50:eventually to express some "intention" of the divine creating Logos. When the initiate grasps thisRays, 52:by the average churchgoer as setting the seal of divine approval upon his demand to the AlmightyRays, 52:principle of active intelligent substance in the divine manifestation, the third aspect, and haveRays, 53:initiate is identification with all forms of the divine life, so that he can know himself to be anRays, 53:of that Whole and can tune in on all states of divine awareness, knowing for himself (and not justRays, 53:of awareness. He can then penetrate into the divine arcana of knowledge, share in the divineRays, 53:the divine arcana of knowledge, share in the divine omnipresence and - at will - express the divineRays, 53:divine omnipresence and - at will - express the divine omniscience and prepare himself to manifestRays, 53:himself to manifest in full consciousness the divine omnipotence. I am using words which are futileRays, 54:man in touch with great mental reversals and divine paradoxes. For aeons the Word of the soul andRays, 54:is lost in the glory and the radiance of the divine Self. This discovery is consummated at the timeRays, 54:Spiritual Sun and penetrating all forms of divine life upon our planet - via our Planetary LogosRays, 55:originating form and creating the prison of the divine life. The AUM itself or the Word made flesh;Rays, 59:by him in terms of material welfare; then this divine discontent drives him into a phase of theRays, 61:[61] ever-increasing and expanding area - of the divine revelation. In terms of practicalRays, 61:your language. The initiate has ever been. The divine Son of God has ever known himself for what heRays, 63:the causal body, disappears. Then only two divine aspects remain; the perfected, radiant, organizedRays, 63:the spirit aspect, with which that "substantial divine Reality" still awaits identification. It isRays, 64:thus the waters to the desert and the light divine into the world of fog. Yet he never leaves theRays, 64:me repeat myself) may go forward according to divine purpose through the power of the dynamicRays, 65:evading the fire. It is found at all levels of divine expression as we well know from our study ofRays, 65:the evolutionary plan which will finally embody divine purpose. I keep emphasizing this distinctionRays, 66:or personal plans. He has the habit - based on divine instinctual memory - of right activity, rightRays, 69:and later wisely to distribute the forces of the divine will in the three worlds where lies TheirRays, 69:to bring about the eventual fruition of the divine Purpose. There is a definite distinction betweenRays, 69:place to Invocation in the man who knows he is divine. This symbolic revelation is to be seen inRays, 72:of the personality. He has fused and blended two divine aspects in himself, and they now constituteRays, 79:and are in Themselves the sum total of the great Divine Sacrifice as it focuses itself in ourRays, 79:recognition of the objective. Like all other divine qualities, it has its material counterpart, andRays, 81:ahead," to blend his individual will with the divine will, and to cooperate with the purpose aspectRays, 81:form; he has become aware, as a soul, of the divine form in its many aspects and differentiations;Rays, 84:major aspects of the purificatory nature of the divine Life, and that is the reason why I have putRays, 85:and destroys the forms of life which prevent divine expression. It is also brought into activityRays, 85:for soul development and as an area wherein divine purpose is wrought out through the medium of theRays, 87:values and intelligently developing the divine purpose. The stage is now being set for this. The
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