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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Rays, 244:the fixed desire and the pattern or purpose of divine activity down the ages. We know it to beRays, 245:to work with a fuller understanding of the divine design. Here again is another reason for theRays, 246:higher initiations that the true nature of the divine Will will be grasped and the purpose of SanatRays, 246:do, as an individual, to fit yourself to grasp divine purpose, and thus see the divine design andRays, 246:to grasp divine purpose, and thus see the divine design and patterns as they are in reality. OnceRays, 246:mystery disappears. g. The final phase of the divine purpose is the most difficult of all toRays, 247:cannot say. Here are hints, therefore, as to the divine purpose; each of the seven supplements andRays, 255:of the world's resources in conformity to divine purpose. Then and only then will it be possible toRays, 256:is being consciously used, and that therefore divine purpose is being sensed (even if only faintlyRays, 257:of will be manifested upon the Earth; a new divine quality, of which no knowledge at presentRays, 258:the ability to view all life with a sense of divine proportion and from the angle of spiritualRays, 258:the ways of Earth as a channel for the three divine qualities (love, will and intelligence), butRays, 258:That which the three great planetary centers of divine life are unitedly intended to reveal.Rays, 258:to reveal. Something lies behind the three divine aspects of so great an importance, beauty andRays, 259:consciousness of various spheres and states of divine awareness, with a consequent lifeRays, 262:magnetized by the highest of the present known divine aspects - Life. This expresses itself throughRays, 265:- in full waking consciousness - the three divine aspects in man. Unity might be regarded as theRays, 268:consciousness and among Those Who work out the divine purposes, there are none Who approach theRays, 270:will embody his individual understanding of the divine purpose as the Plan has been revealed toRays, 276:wherein there is acute and dynamic response to divine purpose - a response made possible by theRays, 277:taking definite shape in the concretizing of the divine project: Right Human Relations. I haveRays, 277:understanding of brotherhood which conditions divine purpose and which leads to the spiritualRays, 278:or personality and begins to display divine "quality." His physical body becomes obedient to theRays, 281:therefore involved in these two phases of the divine work. The two highest planes (the monadic andRays, 283:is therefore the highest expression of divine purpose upon the cosmic physical plane, even whilstRays, 287:concept. It is therefore impossible to put the divine ideas into their ideal form and then bringRays, 288:to the faculty of the intuition and to that divine perception which sees all things as withinRays, 289:is only now possible for the significance of the divine purpose to emerge more clearly in theRays, 289:Sound) of the creative energy which it is the divine intention to expend in producing a perfectRays, 289:expend in producing a perfect expression of the divine Idea. It is to the knowledge of thisRays, 289:be done." He received a vision of the emerging divine intention for humanity and (through humanity)Rays, 290:the purpose of it all, and the extent of the divine Idea as it existed in the mind of the "Father,"Rays, 291:mode of unfoldment upon the Path. The state of divine focus upon the Way. In other words, you haveRays, 295:expression (again occultly understood) of the divine intention. At present, what is called creativeRays, 301:are all the children of God; we are all equally divine; we are all on our way to the revelation ofRays, 306:will destroy those who are attempting to prevent divine purpose from materializing as the Plan -Rays, 306:you know it. When steps are taken to implement divine purpose, the resultant effect may be theRays, 309:functioning in the three worlds, and this under divine purpose and intent. This destruction is notRays, 309:with the death or destruction of phases of the divine Plan, engineered by the Hierarchy inRays, 309:by the Hierarchy in conformity with the divine Purpose. There is an overlapping between theRays, 311:Triad, to which we give the inadequate name of "divine Will." Students are apt to forget that theRays, 311:regarded as higher or lower, for all are equally divine. Understanding of these ideas may come if,Rays, 312:attainment, perfection, illumination and divine consummation. This destruction wrought by theRays, 315:also speaking as the Monad and expressing His divine Will to pervade or inform the worldRays, 317:of these I do not need to speak, as they concern divine aspects as yet unknown and unregistered byRays, 317:"impure matter" to record the impact of these divine qualities. Only the "created body" (theRays, 317:fourth initiation can begin to register these divine impacts; it is therefore waste of our time toRays, 319:degree, except incidentally and because major divine macrocosmic impulses must have lesserRays, 328:a moving forward from point to point on the divine Way, and from revelation to revelation towardsRays, 328:Way is as yet utterly unknown to you; what divine qualities and objectives may be revealed to theRays, 328:unfold before those who have unfolded the second divine aspect, Love, and who are therefore fullRays, 334:Law of Synthesis, the law governing the first divine aspect) the Hierarchy must move forward inRays, 337:by the disciple or initiate in a spirit of divine experimentation, but with a scientific aspect,Rays, 338:means that he increasingly can function as a divine creator in relation to the hierarchical Plan,Rays, 338:will of Shamballa - the phase or aspect of the divine purpose with which he must himself beRays, 338:humanity. The initiate works in many fields of divine creativity of which the field of mankind isRays, 338:the same experience and arrive equally at divine expression. However, their qualities and theirRays, 338:in handling and manipulating certain types of divine energy. Each of the initiations brings one orRays, 349:but he cannot respond to and use the energy of divine love, working out in the divine Plan whichRays, 349:the energy of divine love, working out in the divine Plan which controls all knowledge and convertsRays, 349:purity rightly motivated - the revelation of the divine purpose, as the soul records it in terms ofRays, 350:set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature) that they remained of "fixed and selfishRays, 350:purpose" and a planned distortion of the divine will was intelligently created by them. You haveRays, 350:condition of matter; and to others, the divine will is clearly impressed upon them and becomes theRays, 360:is aware of the fact of the Will or of the first divine aspect, with its two qualities (veiling aRays, 364:planes of the [364] human, superhuman and the divine worlds) and function upon another cosmicRays, 364:and is indicative of the livingness of the inner divine entity. [365] I have felt it necessary toRays, 365:to be one band of demonstrators of the divine. One such meeting place is upon the periphery of theRays, 369:cycle, and therefore useless for the cycle of divine life which existed. The growth of humanity andRays, 372:and condition the quality of each of the three divine centers. The four related septenates,Rays, 375:All other laws and qualities (for a law from the divine angle is the motivating, qualified agent ofRays, 375:angle is the motivating, qualified agent of the divine will, as understood in Shamballa) areRays, 378:must be ever kept in mind: the [378] three great divine aspects, the septenates of the evolutionaryRays, 378:the septenates of the evolutionary process, the divine qualities or principles, and the relation ofRays, 387:world the nature of the second ray aspect - the divine principle of love (as humanity calls it) orRays, 388:no reflection upon humanity. It is a question of divine timing and expediency, and Shamballa is notRays, 391:planes. On these planes the spiritual and the divine will is developed and brought into use; theseRays, 392:the higher Initiate. It is only by means of the divine will that the Master begins to free HimselfRays, 392:plane; from that level of spiritual life true divine love pours into it. Shamballa reacts to theRays, 392:decision - in line, consciously realized, with divine Purpose and entailing responsiveness toRays, 394:[394] Hierarchy conforms to that aspect of the divine will which should be expressed in the threeRays, 394:initiation, in order to see how much of that divine will They register and what is the nature andRays, 394:centers and the consequent demonstration of divine intention. The basic purpose of Sanat Kumara isRays, 399:which to master the preliminary stages of that divine unfoldment and receive the needed developmentRays, 399:level of pure reason; three lead to the realm of divine Mind. Four of the Paths relate theRays, 400:but are fully occupied with carrying out the divine Will in other kingdoms. With this work we have,Rays, 416:can permeate substance in a unique manner; this divine principle represents an aspect of theRays, 418:of Freedom also does the [418] same. Until more divine attributes are realized as existing andRays, 421:sphere of activity wherein sublime purposes and divine intentions are worked out. Rays, 434:is put in touch with widening areas of the divine "state of mind" or with the planetaryRays, 435:conscious fusion, plus a recognition of the divine planes of awareness to which they all admit him,Rays, 438:fact that He eternally Is, that He exists as a divine aspect upon the formless levels of the cosmicRays, 438:no words are to be found. In the Master, all the divine aspects are proved capable of expression inRays, 438:through any particular racial expression. These divine characteristics - viewed from the angle ofRays, 439:into a wider field of experience, with all the divine assets and qualities so developed within ThemRays, 442:conveys to him, to his emerging vision of the divine Plan as it exists in reality, and to thatRays, 443:astral plane is non-existent as a part of the divine Plan; it is fundamentally the product ofRays, 445:nature, conferring spiritual perception; and divine livingness. After the third initiation theRays, 449:and at some central focal point in all forms of divine expression. Naught is and naught remains butRays, 449:different, which only emerges as a third divine manifestation after the union of the basic
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