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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINE

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Rays, 452:has been called the "conscious unfoldment of the divine recognitions" (which is true awareness) isRays, 456:of the [456] soul. These three points of divine energy might be symbolized thus: In this simpleRays, 456:or the transmuting of nine forces into divine energies: [457] Rays, 458:of the soul. This involves a direct effort at divine creative work. The clue to understanding liesRays, 459:here the two major approaches to God or to the Divine Whole, both merging at the time of the fifthRays, 461:dedicated and devoted service it brings the divine Plan into activity in the three worlds of humanRays, 461:Monad or with the One Life, and thus enables the divine manifesting Son of God to express theRays, 462:is carried forward, three great aspects of divine manifestation emerge upon the theatre of worldRays, 462:for him to make real progress in the work of divine bridge building, the work of invocation, andRays, 463:upon atmic levels or upon the third plane of divine manifestation. There is little that I can sayRays, 463:of our planetary and solar life. Logoic Plane Divine consciousness. This is the awareness of theRays, 465:along which it can travel. Each of his three divine aspects contributes to that bridge, and theRays, 465:these three responses to the totality of the divine aspects because they are related to theRays, 465:The transmitter of buddhi. The reflection of the divine nature. Intuitive love, understanding,Rays, 467:[467] plane connects or relates these three divine aspects, so that progressively at eachRays, 467:initiation they are more closely fused into one divine expression in full and radiantRays, 467:to build the antahkarana is to relate the three divine aspects. This involves intense mentalRays, 468:because the spiritual will of the man and the divine will (as he recognizes it in the Plan) is hisRays, 468:as only the lower expression of the three divine aspects, and the effort is to express these inRays, 469:in the creative activity of divinity. The divine idea must become the possible ideal, and thisRays, 469:Desire-love must be interpreted in terms of divine attraction, involving the right use or misuse ofRays, 469:to a fully aware process of participation in the divine creative Plan - a Plan which is motivatedRays, 472:will is love and he can safely work, for love divine will color all his will, and he can wiselyRays, 472:into new fields of spiritual experience and of divine development - incomprehensible as yet, evenRays, 472:Then, and then only, is the true dualism of the divine nature apparent and the illusory dualityRays, 473:aspects in man. The same is true of the three divine centers in the planet which embody theseRays, 473:divine centers in the planet which embody these divine qualities: Shamballa, Hierarchy, andRays, 475:fully conscious soul on the physical plane. The "divine intermediary" is no longer required. TheRays, 479:expression. All of these were the expression of divine energy as it poured into his mechanism, viaRays, 479:into his mechanism, via the silver thread of divine potency. This might be regarded as a threefoldRays, 483:of that same energy. The triple nature of the divine manifestation must also express itself as aRays, 483:being absorbed into both of these two aspects of divine expression, but not functioning itself as aRays, 484:to do so. In the process, however, the third divine aspect - that of the Creative Actor - comesRays, 486:light and life between the higher and the lower divine aspects and can produce a bridge between theRays, 486:expression of divinity, thereby intensifying the divine expression and bringing man nearer to hisRays, 486:kingdoms in nature - humanity itself becomes the divine intermediary and the transmitter ofRays, 489:be remembered that the second aspect of the divine Trinity is the form-building aspect, and thus,Rays, 492:ecstasy because it is the realization of another divine aspect, hidden hitherto by both the soulRays, 493:and dependent upon the expression of the divine aspects in the life upon the physical plane, as farRays, 493:to control; and then the significance of the "divine sacrifice" is increasingly understood andRays, 493:The vibration is then set up on lower levels of divine manifestation and becomes strong enough toRays, 494:There is a gradual approach from both the divine aspects. Little by little, the vibration of bothRays, 495:great company of Those Whose will is consciously divine and Who are the Custodians of the Plan.Rays, 500:are spiritual in nature and interpretive of divine purpose, and whether the religious ChristianRays, 506:process of alignment and the evocation of a divine aspect hitherto relatively quiescent, except inRays, 508:the point where he is, the Builder (human or divine) works, not by the Law of Attraction, as doesRays, 515:between faith and conviction. It is this divine assertion which holds the universe in being; it isRays, 515:which holds the universe in being; it is this divine assertion which is the embodied summation ofRays, 515:to use this technique, resting back upon his divine prerogative of assertion. Ponder on thisRays, 516:It involves realization of the light of the divine countenance; of this the light of the soul isRays, 517:Always he works from the angle of that divine quality which characterizes matter; just as theRays, 519:processes which will lead Him into realms of divine life - of which even the highest initiate onRays, 520:reacts with increasing consciousness of the divine purpose. Once the antahkarana is constructed andRays, 520:in the Plan; he relates himself to the divine Intention through an understanding of the doctrine orRays, 520:the doctrine or Science of Tension; he makes the divine Intention his, as far as he can grasp it.Rays, 520:mutability of form and the immutability of the divine nature which is distinctive of, thoseRays, 521:the presentation of the various aspects of a divine perfection which the Christ summarized inRays, 522:the scope (widespread and universal) of the divine consciousness, and his relation to the Father,Rays, 523:and the capacities which are inherent in the divine Mind, which "spins the thread of connectingRays, 526:been to anchor, organize, and implement these divine aspects, energies, attributes, and to furtherRays, 526:to respond to invocation, to manifest certain divine qualities, and to attract around ThemselvesRays, 526:around Themselves those who had latent the same divine qualities, and who could therefore step downRays, 526:translate into human equivalents as much of the divine inspiration as was possible. Many of ThemRays, 526:turn, They have invoked certain aspects of the divine nature, deeply hidden in mankind - allRays, 527:nature; He demonstrated in Himself two divine aspects, thus giving "shape and substance to love";Rays, 527:This entails the bringing through of pure divine will and the relating of the spiritual HierarchyRays, 528:Who can include whole kingdoms or states of divine Being in Their consciousness. Here is the key asRays, 530:of the spiral, can register the thoughts of the divine Being in Whom we all live and move and haveRays, 535:initiations are occultly "inspired" by the first divine aspect, that of the Will. Only, therefore,Rays, 535:divinity; he then realizes that in him all the divine aspects meet. Through them he is consciously,Rays, 536:as they unitedly prove the livingness of the divine Love-Nature. As this revelation takes hold ofRays, 536:initiates him into that mysterious area of the divine consciousness which we call the "Heart ofRays, 536:plane on to the cosmic astral plane. Each divine aspect has three subsidiary aspects, and in ourRays, 536:purpose of the will-to-good. which conditions divine activity. Rays, 538:light. Progress from a dimly lighted area in the divine manifestation into one of supernal glory isRays, 539:enables the disciple to perceive an area of divine consciousness hitherto unknown but which, whenRays, 542:successively occur as a consequence of a growing divine realization within these forms ofRays, 542:These points of tension vary according to the divine purpose and the individual initiatory problemRays, 542:to enable humanity (as an integral part of the divine body of manifestation) to move forward intoRays, 544:of spiritual approach to varying aspects of the divine manifestation in the three or five worlds ofRays, 544:of the great circulatory system of the sevenfold divine energy which is the basis of manifestation.Rays, 548:men everywhere are sons of God, and therefore divine. Secondly, He had to bring to an end theRays, 550:activity, owing to its becoming a focus of divine attention. Certain great readjustments are goingRays, 550:for it is beginning to conform at long last to divine intention. I have elsewhere pointed out thatRays, 553:energies is carried forward in the realm of the divine third aspect, that of divine activeRays, 553:in the realm of the divine third aspect, that of divine active intelligence. Therefore the humanRays, 557:and consciously used for the working out of the divine Plan. It might also be stated thatRays, 557:to the impact of their ray quality, potency and divine intention. It is this statement which liesRays, 558:(as it is sometimes called) the "acute energy of divine mental perception" which admits theRays, 560:their way on to, or rather into, the stream of divine energy which we call the third ray. TheRays, 561:be revealed. There will then come a blending of divine will energy with the developed andRays, 561:perfect expression - through Humanity, the third divine planetary center - of the livingness, theRays, 564:home. The extent and essential purpose of this divine sacrifice become increasingly clear to theRays, 567:initiation, and for the first time the nature of divine Purpose is revealed to the initiate;Rays, 568:volumes of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. His divine intention, will, purpose, or the determinedRays, 568:and qualify that through which the immediate divine intention is expressing itself; they intensifyRays, 571:of the presence and activities of the second divine aspect of love - will result in the ending ofRays, 574:[574] of the will-to-good of the first divine aspect. Of this first Ray of Will or Purpose,Rays, 578:aspiration, a sensitive response to all forms of divine life and a form through which the lowestRays, 578:and a form through which the lowest aspect of divine love, goodwill, can flow without impediment.
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