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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINITY

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Bethlehem, 190:the Transfiguration and lost touch with divinity, and we should now stand ready to accept from theBethlehem, 190:been in the world. Long before Christ came the divinity of man was affirmed and divine incarnationsBethlehem, 191:humanity, had then passed on to demonstrate divinity. But now the whole race is at the point of soBethlehem, 192:as the temple of God, but recognizing his innate divinity, strives to bring it to the foreground,Bethlehem, 193:we are never able to get too far from divinity; and that, as a race, we shall swing back into aBethlehem, 194:form and through actual demonstration) that divinity can be manifested and can truly express itselfBethlehem, 196:the race, due to its increasing sensitivity to divinity and its consequent recognition of theBethlehem, 197:beginning to realize a different expression of divinity. Our interpretation of sin and its penaltyBethlehem, 205:this daily problem demonstrates either our divinity or our erring lower nature. Our task in life isBethlehem, 205:lower nature. Our task in life is to express divinity. And that divinity manifests itself [206] inBethlehem, 205:task in life is to express divinity. And that divinity manifests itself [206] in the same way thatBethlehem, 206:manifests itself [206] in the same way that the divinity of Christ expressed itself; in harmlessBethlehem, 206:self. His personality was subordinated to His divinity. The laws of transgression touched Him not,Bethlehem, 211:of God on the basis of his recognition of divinity. Christ had not yet died, and the bloodBethlehem, 211:principle of love as the major characteristic of divinity, only to find that this life of lovingBethlehem, 212:kingdom, and that the fact of the presence of divinity in each of us makes us eligible for thatBethlehem, 215:had earned this right because of His proven divinity and because He had passed through the thirdBethlehem, 216:paradise was a two-fold one. He recognized the divinity of Christ. "Lord," he said. And he also hadBethlehem, 216:and universal, for the man who recognizes divinity, and who at the same time is sensible of theBethlehem, 217:the nature of God Himself, is an expression of divinity and of the spirit. Happiness might beBethlehem, 219:most important and sacred numbers. It stands for divinity, and also for perfected humanity. Christ,Bethlehem, 220:but by God. That upon which He had relied, the divinity of which He had felt assured, was found toBethlehem, 220:the soul has learnt to stand alone, assured of divinity, and yet with no outer recognition of thatBethlehem, 220:and yet with no outer recognition of that divinity, can the very center of spiritual life heBethlehem, 220:that God existed, and that the immortality of divinity is an established and unalterable fact. ThisBethlehem, 221:much to Him, both humanly and from the angle of divinity, He has enabled us to gauge the value ofBethlehem, 222:sacrifice, and that even the consciousness of divinity, the consciousness of the soul itself, withBethlehem, 222:of every son of God who has achieved divinity, and which indicates his willingness to undertake theBethlehem, 224:God, and it is that sonship (with its quality of divinity) which is the guarantee of our finalBethlehem, 225:in service and in the eternal sacrifice of divinity upon the cross of matter. Christ stood as aBethlehem, 226:upon this life experience the radiant light of divinity itself, telling us also to "let our lightBethlehem, 227:can we serve intelligently if we believe in the divinity of all men and also in Christ'sBethlehem, 231:through the intensification of His expressed divinity, Christ had so stimulated their inner visionBethlehem, 235:that Christ died and rose again because He was divinity immanent in a human body. Through theBethlehem, 236:with unbroken continuity, has revealed the divinity in Man and shown him the Way of a Savior. ButBethlehem, 237:thus giving to humanity a demonstration of divinity centered in one person, so that all could see,Bethlehem, 239:heart, the guarantee of, and the urge towards divinity, which humanity so constantly exhibits.Bethlehem, 239:the presence of Christ in man, the conviction of divinity and of man's consequent immortality seemBethlehem, 239:is closely linked with the problem of divinity and of the unseen, subjective world, which seems toBethlehem, 245:and His humanity was lost to sight in the divinity which He expressed. He had that which was ofBethlehem, 248:rose again. His immortality was based upon His divinity. His divinity expressed itself throughBethlehem, 248:His immortality was based upon His divinity. His divinity expressed itself through human form, andBethlehem, 250:proof of the fact of immortality and of man's divinity. He has intuited the ultimate possibility,Bethlehem, 253:that kingdom begin to show a disposition towards divinity. The faint, dim signs of a still higherBethlehem, 254:the germ of immortality will flower and in which divinity can express itself through theBethlehem, 260:products of the emphasis Christ laid upon human divinity and on the brotherhood of man, based uponBethlehem, 260:the children of God, and can likewise achieve divinity if we follow in His steps. He revealed to usBethlehem, 261:divinely and had, in the process of expressing divinity, lived and served and died. But none ofBethlehem, 261:freedom from doctrine, recognition of divinity - these are the characteristics of the citizen ofBethlehem, 262:the Father, then let us proceed to express that divinity and claim our birthright. We have beenBethlehem, 263:the ages is true, and if Christ came to show us divinity in expression and to found the newBethlehem, 264:simple face value, which is an expression of the divinity of man, of his participation in theBethlehem, 273:wisdom and that wide tolerance which will see divinity on every hand and recognize the Christ inBethlehem, 277:believe that this is possible. We rest back upon divinity, and are assured that it will not failBethlehem, 281:him immortal. Men have always [281] sensed their divinity, and they have always reached out theirBethlehem, 282:of everything that holds back the expression of divinity qualifying for that tremendous spiritualBethlehem, 282:qualities which are the hall mark of manifesting divinity? The only incentive which will be strongBethlehem, 284:who, in attempting to express it, has so marred divinity. The call is for sane and normal men andDestiny, 6:of beauty. The energy of the will aspect of divinity. This has been but little expressed andDestiny, 35:that those [35] who recognized their essential divinity did so symbolically on behalf of all theDestiny, 38:developed to perfection all the attributes of divinity; the Christ, the absolutely perfectDestiny, 38:the Christ, the absolutely perfect expression of divinity for this cycle and, therefore, theDestiny, 38:than that attained by any of these Exponents of divinity is inexpressibly true, for we know not yetDestiny, 38:is inexpressibly true, for we know not yet what divinity really means; in these three, however, weDestiny, 47:and in humanity also as the major expression of divinity upon the planet and in the transfer of theDestiny, 94:unalterable, being based on the Will-to-good of Divinity Itself. The inpouring soul energy can beDestiny, 106:is no final extinction of the divine in man, for divinity ever rises triumphant from the darkestDestiny, 106:under the Lords of Destiny is mounting up, but Divinity will triumph. [107] Destiny, 148:of the world Saviors and of those Revealers of divinity Who establish world relationships. I wouldDiscipleship1, XII:in the spiritual realities and in the essential divinity of mankind. This belief necessarilyDiscipleship1, 39:the personality, leading to the revelation of divinity through the medium of humanity. They willDiscipleship1, 40:are communicators between the third aspect of Divinity, the Creative Aspect - as it expressesDiscipleship1, 111:- as divine and as needed and as expressive of divinity as any of the aspirational objectives ofDiscipleship1, 113:out of the effort to unfold and to manifest divinity into that more advanced condition which isDiscipleship1, 130:are - with their faults and their virtues, their divinity and their humanity. Am I not right, myDiscipleship1, 163:which embody the energy of the three aspects of divinity. It must likewise have those forceDiscipleship1, 176:the God on every hand, in every man. I see divinity on every hand in every form. I think, myDiscipleship1, 253:fire which can set their lives ablaze with divinity. Choose not the subjects of your service butDiscipleship1, 255:the ray through which the third aspect of divinity sweeps into expression; it can produce theDiscipleship1, 279:For you there must be the lesson of the equal divinity of form and of form building, with theDiscipleship1, 279:production. Beauty is, after all, as much of divinity as can be expressed through any one form.Discipleship1, 331:based upon three things: A realized sense of divinity, of the beauty of the life of the spirit, ofDiscipleship1, 331:those you love should likewise recognize your divinity, your service and your power. BeingDiscipleship1, 331:reverse of yours. You, realizing a measure of divinity, impose upon your personality in speech andDiscipleship1, 331:and desire what you believe to be the effects of divinity. You over-estimate the capacity of theDiscipleship1, 331:to this. She, realizing the same measure of divinity, is so conscious of the failure of theDiscipleship1, 331:and to sense at the same time the beauty of divinity is due to [332] her mental polarization whichDiscipleship1, 455:dwell in that high and secret place where [455] divinity is ever sensed. Some call this theDiscipleship1, 480:self. 3rd month - Purification. Let the fires of divinity burn out all dross. Let the pure goldDiscipleship1, 521:develop the attitude of recognizing your own divinity in daily expression. A close watchfulnessDiscipleship1, 553:You can count upon yourself and upon your own divinity. I commend to you the careful keeping ofDiscipleship1, 652:worlds and all three bodies pass into the flame. Divinity remains." 5th month - Radiance - "TheDiscipleship1, 727:it is not the way of the higher revelation of divinity and its nature. It is the revelation of thatDiscipleship2, 52:and become aware of the higher consciousness, or divinity. 5. Three things are, at this stage,Discipleship2, 69:expressions of the second aspect of divinity - of which all Ashrams are focal points. As you know,Discipleship2, 94:to experiment, to experience, and to express divinity. Separative effort, separate emotionalDiscipleship2, 104:by becoming initiated into the mysteries of divinity through discipline, meditation and service.Discipleship2, 106:time - focusing themselves in the Will aspect of divinity. This statement may mean little to you atDiscipleship2, 158:and finally develop into the full flower of divinity, with all three lines perfectly expressed.Discipleship2, 172:events, which are connected with the inherent divinity in man, the Hierarchy is working and
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