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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINITY

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Externalisation, 602:to grasp, and the undue emphasis laid upon His divinity (an emphasis which He Himself never made)Externalisation, 604:every man has full scope for the exercise of his divinity in human service. Externalisation, 604:the Father's Home in recognition of the revealed divinity and the Sonship of the TransfiguredExternalisation, 604:of the Transfigured Christ. On this innate divinity, upon this recognized Sonship, is theExternalisation, 605:scale (even when by-passing the implications of divinity) the glory of man and his fundamentalExternalisation, 605:and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity, is the wonder of man's achievement, of hisExternalisation, 605:and ancient - leave no room to question man's divinity. Here then are the "greater things" of whichExternalisation, 607:the work He started, and again to demonstrate divinity in far more difficult circumstances. TheExternalisation, 611:and the expectant multitude. The intelligence of divinity is vested in the spiritual Hierarchy, andExternalisation, 617:appear. Rather, it indicates the wonder of the divinity in man and the success of the divine planExternalisation, 617:man and the success of the divine plan for man. Divinity, however, awaits the expression of man'sExternalisation, 646:is the energy of the seventh ray or power of divinity. At this time, its major expression will comeExternalisation, 657:5. The energy of the second aspect of divinity, vaguely called by the mystics of the past era "theExternalisation, 663:onward towards a greater and finer expression of divinity, and Christ Himself is no exception toExternalisation, 678:of the divine human being. [678] Time and divinity, events and instinctual goodness, will in theFire, 594:the full and potent development of that inherent divinity. Love demonstrates, through the concreteFire, 594:through the concrete rays, the aspects of divinity, forming the persona that hides the one Self;Fire, 594:abstract rays in developing the attributes of divinity, in evolving to fullest measure the kingdomFire, 663:human units embodying the three aspects of divinity, while the conscious deva units embody theFire, 667:that: [667] Man is demonstrating the aspects of divinity. The devas are demonstrating theFire, 667:The devas are demonstrating the attributes of divinity. Man is evolving the inner vision and mustFire, 667:In the Heavenly Man these two great aspects of divinity are equally blended, and in the course ofFire, 808:resulting in a consequent demonstration of divinity upon earth, prior to liberation. As theFire, 882:63. One has an unshakeable belief in one's own divinity - S. D., III, 62, 63. One recognizes one'sFire, 924:upon the lowest plane of the Vishnu aspect of divinity; the seven subplanes of our physical planeFire, 984:leads to a participation in the attributes of divinity itself. - Isis Unveiled, I, 25-27. AllFire, 1032:to consider the activity of the second aspect of divinity, that which builds and holds the forms inFire, 1033:It is intimately linked with the will aspect of Divinity, and with the Lipika Lords of the highestFire, 1192:qualities are the sumtotal of the attributes of divinity which the indwelling life has succeeded inGlamour, 24:dissipation of illusion. A final affirmation of divinity. Use your intuition and apply these all toGlamour, 74:which is unnecessary to the right expression of divinity and to a full and rich life can be gainedGlamour, 80:consciousness and form, the three aspects of divinity - all of them equally divine. Glamour, 80:that the affirmation schools which emphasize divinity (materially employed) have upon the thoughtGlamour, 87:the lowest expression of the third aspect of divinity can be offset, and the man set free for theGlamour, 91:higher spiritual self; it is the third aspect of divinity as expressed in the human mechanism, andGlamour, 108:through familiarity and fatigue of conflict, the divinity of each developing step. Thus it will beGlamour, 136:all the way from the man who seeks to reveal divinity in his own life and to his immediate smallGlamour, 138:in all nature and peculiarly expressing that divinity in man, is lacking in the bulk of theGlamour, 154:a Dweller. The man is not on the threshold of divinity; he is not consciously aware of the Angel.Glamour, 155:statement) to take a stand upon the threshold of divinity and before the Portal of Initiation. TheGlamour, 159:stands, as the Dweller, on the very threshold of divinity. The Angel stands expectant - absorbed inGlamour, 159:is the Angel and behind stands the PRESENCE of Divinity Itself, intuited by the Hierarchy and dimlyGlamour, 162:the innate rightness of the human spirit, in the divinity of man, and upon the indestructibleGlamour, 172:enables the man to "live a life, enlightened by divinity." Illumination is the applied power ofGlamour, 176:is concerned with the unfolding glory of divinity in some field of expression, thereby testifyingGlamour, 180:"the effort to isolate the germ or seed of divinity which has brought all forms into being." IGlamour, 182:light to the world, a conscious Embodiment of divinity, or a Custodian of a divine principle. TheseGlamour, 188:to the Hierarchy and so imbued with conscious divinity that he can receive the message direct fromGlamour, 206:then the nature of the soul, of ideas and of divinity. I am choosing but a few of the words whichGlamour, 211:of the individual's or the group's expression of divinity. They must, therefore, be capable ofGlamour, 220:Virgin Mary" - the Mother Aspect in relation to divinity. They are also the descendingGlamour, 233:to all that hinders the manifestation of divinity. This is done by attaining a united point ofGlamour, 238:each group member makes the sign of the Cross of Divinity. The three preparatory stages: FocusingGlamour, 244:to arrive at some understanding of the nature of divinity, the formula of negation has beenHealing, 10:also the hypothesis that these outer bodies of divinity, the planets, are the forms through whichHealing, 11:man has any real idea of what constitutes divinity? It is surely better for us to admit that it isHealing, 111:is not mental error, or failure to recognize divinity, or succumbing to evil. It is, in reality,Healing, 145:of monadic energy, of the will aspect of divinity. antahkarana, which disciples and initiates areHealing, 146:relates the initiate to the second aspect of divinity - that of love - and therefore to theHealing, 146:of Activity relate him to the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence. Thus theHealing, 149:linked to the third ray and the third aspect of divinity as well as to the second ray and theHealing, 161:his part are reciprocal. Thus the love aspect of divinity becomes active in the three worlds, andHealing, 168:of healing. It is so much easier to fall back on divinity (a divinity in reality latent but notHealing, 168:It is so much easier to fall back on divinity (a divinity in reality latent but not expressive) andHealing, 178:registers the energy of the third aspect of divinity, just as the solar plexus center registersHealing, 182:where the essential dualism of the manifested divinity - man or planetary Logos - meet and produceHealing, 182:- meet and produce form. The nature of this divinity is only revealed when the second aspect hasHealing, 194:three great basic and manifesting divisions of divinity are to be found symbolically present inHealing, 210:is expressive of the consciousness aspect of divinity, and indicates to the esotericist the stateHealing, 216:love is transformed into group love, and then divinity rules the life. The stage of energizing theHealing, 236:the life of God (expressing itself as individual divinity and universal divinity) pulsates moreHealing, 236:itself as individual divinity and universal divinity) pulsates more powerfully through the kingdomsHealing, 245:how vitally constructive this agency of divinity can be. Death has been present upon our planetHealing, 260:by the soul), freedom to express all the divinity of which one is capable as an individual, orHealing, 263:depths of human evil and the heights of human divinity. Their aggressive history as narrated in theHealing, 268:the creative work of the third aspect of divinity - that of active intelligence, expressing itselfHealing, 281:[281] open mind into the new ways of approach to divinity and of approach to physical well-being.Healing, 292:in the making, even though much nearer solar divinity than the most advanced human being is near toHealing, 292:most advanced human being is near to planetary divinity. They are the "imperfect Gods" spoken of inHealing, 305:in relation to the great Beings Who express a divinity unattainable by humanity at any time uponHealing, 331:synonymous terms. This is the third aspect of divinity, expressing itself in humanity. There isHealing, 366:they realize unconsciously and wordlessly their divinity, but the limitation of circumstance andHealing, 433:(within the soul) of the first aspect of divinity, the will aspect. This statement may surpriseHealing, 435:to express the first and highest aspect of divinity, and this at first, and for a very long time,Healing, 459:form is but the veil which hides the splendor of Divinity. Realize that the One Life pervades allHealing, 471:aspect of desire and is a major expression of divinity with which the astral plane has no trueHealing, 471:that it is the love aspect, the second aspect of divinity, which does the attracting. I excludeHealing, 525:does not come through an intense affirmation of divinity, or by simply pouring out love and theHealing, 529:of platitudes, by [529] the affirmation of divinity or by the statement of abstract theories. TheyHealing, 529:in himself and in his daily life the quality of divinity, to be spiritually capable of invoking theHealing, 538:of a present (though usually unexpressed) divinity. A much higher measure of spiritual perceptionHealing, 558:the angle of affirmation - affirmation of man's divinity and the claim that that inherent andHealing, 558:and the claim that that inherent and innate divinity guarantees his healing. This claim is a glamorHealing, 565:states that because man is divine, the urge to divinity produces resistance in the vehicles ofHealing, 566:fourth [566] law tells us that three aspects of divinity produce disease. This sounds impossibleHealing, 585:the application of the Law of Death. The fact of divinity and of divine origin is proved by theHealing, 587:subhuman kingdoms in nature. This is evidence of divinity, and outstanding testimony of man'sHealing, 588:with the point of mind, with the third aspect of divinity, produce the soul and then the tangibleHealing, 613:response to the revelation of an emerging divinity. I have felt it necessary to emphasize thisHealing, 616:though the love energy is the second aspect of divinity, the Christ embodied and transmitted four
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