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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINITY

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Healing, 619:of these seven rays, of these seven qualities of divinity; within our planet, the Earth (which isHealing, 621:bringing about eventually a full expression of divinity. All the seven centers in the ethericHealing, 627:brought about by thinking health or by affirming divinity or by eliminating "error" in the mentalHealing, 631:grasp (along with the healer) the fact of his divinity - and who can, my brother? - then if he hasHealing, 636:oft I have told you, or by any failure to affirm divinity. It is inherent in the form natureHealing, 645:as to what the recognition and affirmation of divinity ought to produce. True healing, however, isHealing, 667:of men, two things happened: The will aspect of divinity made its first definite and direct contactHealing, 708:which it is the task of the third aspect of divinity [709] to control. Ponder on this, for muchHercules, 4:consciousness, a growing realization of innate divinity and that man is in very truth made in theHercules, 5:which will eventually produce the emergence of divinity. Out of an erring but sincerely earnestHercules, 8:he attained understanding of his own essential divinity. Through the overcoming of form and theHercules, 12:emerging manifestation of this concealed divinity. Little by little, through the study of history,Hercules, 12:energies and the growth of the tendency towards divinity. Now, at last, in the twentieth century,Hercules, 17:plane the glory and the power of his innate divinity. One of the ancient scriptures of India says:Hercules, 29:on the battlefield of the world his innate divinity and latent powers. In these three we haveHercules, 42:to creation, the pull of the soul, the urge to divinity, desire of the male for the female, theHercules, 47:that ever before us is held the symbol of our divinity, the symbol of the soul in incarnation, andHercules, 49:is a department of human expression in which divinity is helpless, and this I refuse to recognize.Hercules, 53:means whirling activity, the third aspect of divinity, expressing itself in the intense activity ofHercules, 66:for light, the search for unity, the search for divinity. And so the two pillars, Boaz and Jachin,Hercules, 66:of matter can assume, and also the potency of divinity. Gemini is predominantly the sign of theHercules, 70:within us is the inner [70] ruler, the hidden divinity, the redeemer. We go forth conquering and toHercules, 76:in it the potency of the three principles of divinity. Aegle symbolizes the glory of the life andHercules, 115:a manner different from any other expression of divinity and so make tangible and objective thatHercules, 135:which forms part of the third aspect of divinity. It is for this reason that Libra is closelyHercules, 138:stars by Bacchus, symbol of the second aspect of divinity which glorifies matter by making it theHercules, 139:categories. Christ was the perfect expression of divinity in form. He balanced spirit and matterHercules, 154:fire; do not look at the ground; be centered in divinity. Alice Bailey [155] Hercules, 159:story. A white horse is always the symbol of divinity. Christ came forth riding on a white horse.Hercules, 163:in the chrysalis there were three aspects of divinity symbolized and working to a pattern, theHercules, 163:down and you know it. But the three aspects of divinity are still there in the fluid; and they willHercules, 207:of the fact of our own inherent essential divinity. Men are recognizing that they are in very truthHercules, 208:bring about the emergence of his innate divinity. Out of an erring but sincerely earnest humanHercules, 208:portraying one of the stages upon the Path of Divinity. In the story of Hercules, we have portrayedInitiation, 3:Light which we call Deity, the one Ray of Divinity, manifests first as a Triplicity, and then as aInitiation, 12:worlds, and in increasing degree the inherent divinity assumes the mastery. Initiation, 21:rudimentary condition of the second aspect of divinity is to be seen, just as in the mineralInitiation, 22:his. The fostering of the various attributes of divinity, the tending of the seed ofInitiation, 35:concerns the fully conscious spirit aspect of divinity, and learns to center himself in thatInitiation, 51:with the manifestation of the three aspects of divinity, but the other departments areInitiation, 114:in nature, and reflects the three aspects of divinity, just as the Monad reflects on a higher planeInitiation, 132:things as they are, realizing his own essential divinity, and the part which he must play when heInitiation, 174:The work and method of the destroyer aspect of divinity. The processes whereby obscuration andInitiation, 194:forth the spiritual life of the indwelling divinity; to pass through the fiery furnace thoseInitiation, 195:medium of the three lower bodies, their innate divinity, and to demonstrate in ever increasingInitiation, 203:concern themselves with the manifestation of divinity and consciousness through the medium of devaInitiation, 204:He realizes that the lowest manifestation of divinity must be under the conscious control of thatInitiation, 204:under the conscious control of that indwelling divinity, and [205] that all acts of every kindInitiation, 205:medium of the physical body, the attributes of divinity, and every center will be normally andInitiation, 225:germinal spirit containing the potentialities of divinity. These potentialities will be unfoldedIntellect, 15:which the human soul enters into the world where divinity resides." - Pupin, Michael, The NewIntellect, 45:plus a spiritual awareness of the indwelling divinity, the soul, to be achieved through the easternIntellect, 49:process the various aspects (in nature, or of divinity, whichever is preferred) of which man is theIntellect, 68:the mental nature and is based on belief in the divinity of man himself, though it does not negateIntellect, 74:We know of those who have demonstrated their divinity to the world, and who stand in the forefrontIntellect, 99:to union with the soul and direct knowledge of divinity. For the majority of those who take up theIntellect, 116:the love and will of God? Right at this point, Divinity is contacted. The mind ceases to function,Intellect, 137:what he is in reality - a soul, a fragment of divinity, conscious of its essential oneness withIntellect, 167:uplifting and outpouring of the heart towards Divinity, to which our mystical literature bearsIntellect, 182:the words: Union with God, or At-one-ment with Divinity. God and man are at-one. The Self andIntellect, 191:Knowers, and who can relate their experience of divinity in such a way that they can teach andIntellect, 193:be alone with nothing flowing into her but sheer divinity, flowing here into itself." "When a man'sIntellect, 221:Nine - The Practice of Meditation A Doctor of Divinity and pastor of a large church wrote me notIntellect, 225:to and hiding within itself the indwelling Divinity, Christ in us, the hope of glory. It isIntellect, 259:is more intrinsically divine than another, and divinity can be expressed in all human relations. IfIntellect, 259:the goal, then there is something wrong and divinity cannot express itself on one plane, at least,Magic, 13:manifestation. The energy of the third aspect of divinity tends to the revelation of the soul orMagic, 20:- Introductory Remarks The three aspects of divinity, the central energy, or spirit, theMagic, 22:in the deity of the universe and in that lesser divinity, man himself. As this treatise is intendedMagic, 23:High". In those words the triplicity of man, his divinity and his relationship to the life in WhomMagic, 38:emotional and mental natures, plus the spark of divinity dwelling within the form which they make.Magic, 95:the analogies between the different aspects of divinity, as they express themselves in man or inMagic, 108:sheaths is subordinated to the life of the inner divinity; the light of the sheaths is fused withMagic, 144:not upon light as the universal second aspect of divinity. I seek only in these Instructions toMagic, 246:to the midway spot, he endeavors to realize his divinity and then, having done so, he focusesMagic, 246:being. Again he asserts the fact of his divinity and then, through a temporary identification withMagic, 285:the evolutionary program. They will then express divinity, the energy of the Father or the highestMagic, 308:form is but the veil which hides the splendor of Divinity. Realize that the One Life pervades allMagic, 330:permit it to recognize the next unfoldment of divinity. Magic, 339:God and His relation to man, concerning divinity, eschatology and spiritual relationships. The lastMagic, 340:is on the verge of [340] establishing his divinity. Evolution has carried forward the perfecting ofMagic, 361:the esoteric teaching that all three aspects of Divinity are themselves triple, and hence we canMagic, 385:under complete control of the second aspect of divinity, and passes out of the domination of theMagic, 392:with other systems, but the consciousness of divinity and the awareness of the solar Deity is notMagic, 411:whilst the intuition reveals to him the life of divinity. All these three are the subject matter ofMagic, 430:self, and thirdly, look for the sign of divinity in all. Three simple rules, but very hard toMagic, 533:operation of the love-wisdom of innate divinity, for it produces that sequence of the states ofMagic, 536:is not possible as more and more of innate divinity makes its presence felt? The superman is withMagic, 549:indicates the three aspects or principles of divinity and the form through which these three mustMagic, 558:will redound to the glory of the indwelling divinity. Before, however, he has mastered this processMagic, 597:They demonstrate the form building aspect of divinity and through their activity bring the outerMagic, 597:of God, with all the powers and knowledge which divinity contains. [601] Magic, 612:astral experience in which these two aspects of divinity seem (again illusion, be it noted) to meetMagic, 628:all its defects and yet with all its indicated divinity. Out of these instincts carried forwardMeditation, 238:virtues; it is the latent possibility of divinity demonstrating as the many attributes of [239] theMeditation, 239:as modes of expression whereby the indwelling divinity imposes his characteristics upon theMeditation, 359:germinal spirit containing the potentialities of divinity. These potentialities will be unfoldedPatanjaliupon the plane of matter of the second aspect of divinity. This blazing forth of the sons ofPatanjali, 19:life. No true adept judges any expression of divinity through its third aspect. Raja Yoga trains aPatanjali, 28:the Christ principle, the second aspect of divinity, the Christ in incarnation, whether it is the
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