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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIVINITY

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Patanjali, 55:causes the second, or Christ aspect of divinity to shine forth resplendently. It is the sound whichPatanjali, 56:arrives at a realization of: His own essential divinity, The purpose of the form-taking process,Patanjali, 177:overcome and realization of the true nature of divinity and utter bliss takes its place. FullPatanjali, 226:constitute the lower self and which veil the divinity which is man. These changes are dealt with inPatanjali, 313:which represents the Creator or Brahma aspect of divinity, of God, the Holy Ghost, with HisPatanjali, 336:word or sound is known and the second aspect of divinity is contacted. 1. The Akasha The Word ThePatanjali, 347:three worlds which reflects the will aspect of divinity, the mental plane. All the elements obeyPatanjali, 350:in the Secret Doctrine, the highest aspect of divinity is called electric fire. Patanjali, 368:and an obstacle to the full expression of divinity in manifestation has been so dealt with that nowPatanjali, 378:of group consciousness, of the second aspect of divinity. They not only include the lesser powersProblems, 6:of God and constitute a vital testimony to the divinity of man. When the birthing process is over,Problems, 35:except in a humanity which accepts the fact of divinity, even whilst repudiating theology, whichProblems, 35:an undying, though oft unrecognized, sense of divinity; it involves the constant possibility toProblems, 45:great moments in human history wherein man's divinity flamed forth and indicated new ways ofProblems, 83:unfoldments which will prove and demonstrate the divinity and the immortality of man. All this willProblems, 90:to the same innate pride, to the same sense of divinity and to the same fundamental efforts. UnderProblems, 117:manifest. We can have no further expression of divinity until men act more divinely than atProblems, 122:to its Source, to that spiritual Center where divinity rules and to those Who guide and direct thatProblems, 122:Christ, the fact of men's spiritual approach to divinity, the fact of the deathlessness of theProblems, 128:the churches fail to see in this the workings of divinity. Freedom of [129] thought, theProblems, 129:God and, consequently, of a loss of the sense of divinity. It indicates exactly the reverse.Problems, 138:God is not a fundamentalist; a new approach to divinity, because God is ever accessible andProblems, 141:of recognition - recognition of the beauty of divinity in all forms, recognition of that which isProblems, 143:fullness of the Christ". The fact of this innate divinity explains the urge at the heart of everyProblems, 146:only one phase of this worldwide experience of divinity. Christ will, therefore, surely come inProblems, 147:lives of men towards conscious recognition of divinity. Men on a large scale will then pass throughProblems, 147:the discipline of life - manifest his essential divinity, as Christ did. Problems, 148:has been made in the revelation of innate divinity in all its fullness that temporary differencesProblems, 148:men are already God-conscious and expressing divinity and that some are not; they have overlookedProblems, 150:human soul to express or manifest two aspects of divinity: Intelligence and Love. IntelligenceProblems, 152:Each of the three concepts as to the nature of divinity - mind, love and will - were entirely newProblems, 153:of its representatives and on their innate divinity as surely as does the salvation of the mass ofProblems, 154:cycle after cycle, humanity approaches closer to divinity, discovers a more brilliant light andProblems, 155:or churchman but by right of man's inherent divinity. This it will be the duty of every churchmanProblems, 156:emphasis upon the powers of the indwelling divinity to provide perfect health, plenty of money,Problems, 158:to function under the control of the inner divinity, or interior spiritual man; this training willProblems, 163:Eastern and the Western believer; they express divinity in manifestation through the place whereProblems, 164:establish right human relations (because of his divinity) will be stressed. On this festival we areProblems, 169:sign of progress and an indication of the innate divinity in man. That is truly spiritual whichProblems, 169:earth, as the result of these two expressions of divinity. [170] Psychology1, 18:to energy, to the Father, to the first aspect of Divinity, and to that essential dynamic electricPsychology1, 22:as our consciousness becomes more like that of Divinity Itself. Psychology1, 29:illumined mind, he will shortly see aspects of divinity hitherto unknown. Has it ever dawned on youPsychology1, 31:This, when posited of man, the reflection of divinity, and when applied to the subject of hisPsychology1, 51:order: Ray I - Will or Power - Plane of divinity. Ray II - Love-Wisdom - Plane of the monad. RayPsychology1, 72:and flowers are one. Quality - power to express divinity. Growth. Roll and return, and roll again.Psychology1, 74:the characteristic work of the second aspect of divinity. The work of the Antichrist is to destroyPsychology1, 74:essentially the work of the first expression of divinity. But the work of the destroyer is not thePsychology1, 94:of form life? When humanity is assured of divinity and of immortality, and has entered into a statePsychology1, 99:own field; their work has in it the element of divinity and of immortality. The work of creativePsychology1, 130:the soul appear and give to these two aspects of divinity the opportunity to manifest as a trinityPsychology1, 131:nature of the fires in the human expression of divinity. It must never be forgotten that the soulPsychology1, 135:en masse, to the urge or the desire aspect of divinity which lies at the root of the entirePsychology1, 156:it may appear to be, is a guarantee of his divinity. Stage by stage we slowly make our approach toPsychology1, 174:of all, the beauty of mutual service, and the divinity of constructive work. In Germany, you havePsychology1, 182:eye can Deity be seen, though the hallmark of divinity is everywhere. There is an eye which can bePsychology1, 182:words: electricity, light and life, express divinity, and their synthesis is God. When we know thePsychology1, 193:ray or the second manifesting aspect of divinity. It is the Christ or Vishnu aspect; it is thePsychology1, 196:This is what we mean when we speak of seeing divinity on every hand, of recognizing the notePsychology1, 242:life in the human family. The three aspects of divinity meet in man, and with the destiny of aPsychology1, 242:no one must interfere. Where the two aspects of divinity are concerned, as in the subhumanPsychology1, 244:functioning aspects of this "peculiar" son of divinity, as he works out his destiny in form andPsychology1, 249:form, it is not possible for it to realize its divinity or to express it consciously. ItsPsychology1, 250:and the inherent urge to reach out after divinity, which brings with it a sense of loss and ofPsychology1, 259:of divine energies. It is the higher aspect of divinity which takes the initiative and which,Psychology1, 283:humanity out of the tomb of matter. The hidden divinity will be revealed. Steadily all forms willPsychology1, 284:things and change with man's growth towards divinity. They vary also according to man's destiny asPsychology1, 288:and the manifestation of form through which divinity can express itself and come to be. Spirit andPsychology1, 288:and the Christ was born, - the guarantee of the divinity of humanity and the demonstration of thePsychology1, 290:whereby the purely human being merges himself in divinity. The great final drama of the mysticalPsychology1, 301:would be an exemplification of a manifesting divinity. But this has not been the case, and hencePsychology1, 302:But the power lying behind them is the power of divinity itself, and their recognition is simply aPsychology1, 304:recognition of two things: The first is that if divinity is indeed a reality and an expression ofPsychology1, 304:then there can be no condition possible wherein divinity cannot be supreme. There can be no spherePsychology1, 304:as wrong must be right because of man's inherent divinity. That can be but a loose excuse forPsychology1, 313:or his response to the beauty of God's world. Divinity must be lived, expressed and manifested, toPsychology1, 320:the fourth ray - produced that reflection of divinity we call a man. The human entity is a curiousPsychology1, 345:aligned channel between the various aspects of divinity, then there is achievement and beauty. ThisPsychology1, 348:to the knowledge of Deity and to the workings of divinity. Psychology1, 353:fusion and blending. The appreciation of the divinity of substance, and the recognition of the factPsychology1, 380:God and in humanity as the major expression of divinity in this world period, and in the transferPsychology2so, for we are dealing with the expression of divinity in time and space, and until man isPsychology2space, and until man is consciously aware of his divinity and demonstrating it, it is not possiblePsychology2, 4:consciousness is that of the third aspect of divinity, the creator aspect. This works in matter andPsychology2, 4:express itself and so demonstrate the nature of divinity on the plane of appearances. The egoicPsychology2, 4:consciousness is that of the second aspect of divinity, that of the soul, expressing itself asPsychology2, 4:consciousness is that of the first aspect of divinity, that which embodies divine life-purpose andPsychology2, 6:twain shall be one and together shall express divinity." All that concerns humanity at this time isPsychology2, 7:effect of love and the outstanding quality of divinity. Man, the living Monad, is the veiledPsychology2, 8:part of the determination of Deity to express divinity through form, is necessarily, therefore, thePsychology2, 9:It will eventually be the first aspect of divinity thus to express itself. It is the emergence intoPsychology2, 10:self-assertiveness - that first gesture of divinity. This is well and good, in spite of thePsychology2, 15:is the expression of the third aspect of divinity as it veils and hides the soul, and the other isPsychology2, 15:the other is the expression of two aspects of divinity (the second and the third) as they veil andPsychology2, 19:soul becomes aware of the essential nature of divinity. Participation in full consciousness withPsychology2, 37:and through my mind I can display the glory of divinity. How can I, therefore, demonstrate thisPsychology2, 41:with the Whole; Desire for right revelation of divinity and light; Adherence to right action; ThePsychology2, 43:magical work of interpretation; Manifestation of divinity. A close study of the above suggestedPsychology2, 59:it expresses quality, activity and eventually divinity (whatever that vague word may mean) - wePsychology2, 60:a moment and deal with the idea of mechanism and divinity, for these are apt to be a materializing
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