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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOMINATE

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Patanjali, 303:below the human, whilst the sun aspect should dominate in the human. A knowledge of the lunarPatanjali, 331:soul. The energies of the solar plexus no longer dominate. Liberation from the thorny path refersProblems, 106:true inhabitants to the alien races who seek to dominate them remains still in the realm ofPsychology1, 88:fact should be remembered that only five rays dominate at any one time. All manifest, but only fivePsychology1, 88:at any one time. All manifest, but only five dominate. A distinction should be made between thePsychology1, 123:of men in incarnation at any one time. Four rays dominate at any given period, with one in excessPsychology1, 129:evolutionary path his soul ray type begins to dominate the personality ray type and will thereforePsychology1, 195:of appearances. As they achieve this, they will dominate the activity of the form units whichPsychology1, 229:in between their objective cycles the other rays dominate and participate in the great work. ThePsychology1, 347:delineations, and the ray qualities begin to dominate. The impress of the controlling rays can bePsychology1, 347:realized. We have now to consider the rays which dominate the races of mankind. The average readerPsychology1, 394:natural law makers, and hence their tendency to dominate and govern, because their egoic ray is thePsychology1, 405:Man therefore is an aggregate of forces which dominate him serially and together; these color hisPsychology1, 405:he definitely chooses which of them shall dominate, until he eventually becomes controlled by thePsychology2, 14:blend. The energy of the soul is beginning to dominate and to control the lower types of force, andPsychology2, 17:the vital personality, and as they in their turn dominate the ray of the dense physical body, thePsychology2, 18:three rays are blended and fused. The soul rays dominate the personality and the three become againPsychology2, 40:A longing for power and authority, Desire to dominate, Expressed strength and self-will, leadingPsychology2, 60:of matter and to the power of the mind to dominate substance. This power is, therefore, neitherPsychology2, 129:field of service. Let the "Spirit of Good Will" dominate our minds and there will be no room forPsychology2, 310:of the soul begins to operate and eventually to dominate, producing the process of divine-humanPsychology2, 341:the life, and finally the soul ray begins to dominate the personality ray and subdue its activity.Psychology2, 351:the Personality Ray One "The love of power must dominate. There must also be repudiation of thosePsychology2, 352:of all to control his personality, and then to dominate his environment. His progress is that ofPsychology2, 355:a circle and yet myself.' The love of love must dominate, not love of being loved. The power toPsychology2, 355:being loved. The power to draw unto oneself must dominate, but into the worlds of form that powerPsychology2, 355:attract. I, at the point, direct and choose and dominate. I, at the point, love all, drawing themPsychology2, 360:I see naught else'. 'The love of truth must dominate, not love of my own thoughts, or love of myPsychology2, 363:and am. I know too much.' The love of unity must dominate, and love of peace and harmony. Yet notPsychology2, 382:owing to the fact that his mind is beginning to dominate his sentient emotional nature, much in thePsychology2, 414:It is the life principle and urge which dominate and the instinctual nature which controls. ThePsychology2, 416:ended when the mind is trained to control and to dominate within the realm of the personality andPsychology2, 444:time, his first ray soul energy is seeking to dominate, and will eventually do so through thePsychology2, 657:of their thinking in their chosen field, they dominate the masses, but they are dominant in aPsychology2, 677:his wrong tendencies and habits, but begins to dominate them by imposing his enlightened spiritualPsychology2, 710:to account for all that they are and do. They dominate in world affairs, in the realm of art or inRays, 25:are in a position of authority or who seem to dominate or are in a position to enforce theirRays, 98:soul is definitely loosened. The soul begins to dominate in a very real sense. The necessity ofRays, 144:- evoked by love - does the light of the soul dominate the material light of the personality. ThisRays, 144:business phrase) can the radiant light of Life dominate the blended lights of Humanity and of theRays, 182:manipulate the "mayavic energies," and thus to dominate the etheric plane; he is also aware whereRays, 261:aspirant. Later again, and as the soul begins to dominate, he learns the meaning of love andRays, 506:at which time the first aspect begins to dominate the other two. Then the soul life - as hithertoRays, 628:soul ray of pure knowledge is active, it will dominate her personality or material Ray of ActiveReappearance, 167:affairs so that the spiritual way of living may dominate; he searches for alibis for himself andTelepathy, 130:the Lives or Beings [130] Who control and dominate Shamballa. Until the divine purpose has beenTelepathy, 147:for all, as the Law of Evolution proceeds to dominate all manifestation. What is true of theTelepathy, 187:massed energies of the three major Centers will dominate the other four centers, controlling the
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