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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOMINATED

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Astrology, 94:the personality. III. The wheel controlled or dominated. The cycle of initiation. The period ofAstrology, 120:forces of the Mutable Cross for "that which is dominated and relinquished is held firmly andAstrology, 160:then known to have ten signs. The Mutable Cross dominated, but it was then the Tau, for Pisces wasAstrology, 175:half a man and half a horse. The horse symbolism dominated Atlantean myths and symbols, just as theAstrology, 252:was the founder of the matriarchate which then dominated civilization and to which various mythsAstrology, 340:The forces which controlled the soul whilst dominated by form become the instruments of worldAstrology, 488:constellations are (according to cyclic law) dominated at any one time by one of the three, theAstrology, 518:into a world order, based on material issues and dominated by a material vision. There was nothingAstrology, 525:world leaders: The three Axis groups of leaders, dominated by the evil German group, with Italy andAstrology, 543:were so imprisoned in their environment and so dominated in their personalities by theAutobiography, 158:We discovered then that the E.S. completely dominated the T.S. Members were good members if, andDestiny, 43:the religion of old Atlantis and the seventh ray dominated that ancient civilization for a veryDestiny, 72:Piscean Age, now passing out; she colored and dominated, by her Leo personality, a large part ofDestiny, 84:given real expression and not controlled and dominated by the Libra influence. Ray 7. - CeremonialDestiny, 95:into a world order, based on material issues and dominated by a material vision. There was nothingDestiny, 100:the war. The three Axis groups of leaders, dominated by the evil German group, with Italy and JapanDiscipleship1, 249:[249] of love which, in the case of Christ, dominated His sixth ray Personality. Slowly andDiscipleship1, 399:word joy? Have I been ruled by joy, and has it dominated my day? Joy is the quality which grows outDiscipleship1, 493:of integration has now undue control. It must be dominated by the soul whose nature is love.Discipleship1, 658:Had it been on the first ray, it would have dominated your astral body and your personality wouldDiscipleship2, 225:required to overcome the materialism which has dominated [226] mankind for untold aeons; billionsDiscipleship2, 435:and all the time the idea of God Transcendent dominated religious thought. But the revelationEducation, 24:can be regarded as an aggregate of energies, dominated by some one particular type of energy whichExternalisation, 215:of mass negativity, as expressed today by the dominated people in the strongholds of aggression andExternalisation, 266:and to freedom has slowly and consistently dominated human endeavor, leading first of all to theExternalisation, 430:unbeaten; central Europe is a mighty fortress, dominated by the arch enemy of mankind, sitting onExternalisation, 510:First, that the general public serves or is dominated by the concrete mind and is unable to graspExternalisation, 592:of Myself, I remain." This God Transcendent has dominated the religious thinking of millions ofExternalisation, 648:proportions, and its effects were so completely dominated by the Forces of Evil, that - in responseFire, 121:standpoint), the atmic, and at the sixth he has dominated the second cosmic ether and has monadicFire, 122:be the starting point and the three planes to be dominated will be the three lowest cosmic astralFire, 291:subplane more. The planetary Lord of Venus has dominated and controlled the five subplanes and isFire, 460:faulty relations between an entity who dominated at one period of the third or moon chain, and theFire, 576:are too low for deva or human bodies; they were dominated in the first system. The mental body isFire, 576:subplanes. The aim of evolution for us is love dominated by intelligence - or intelligenceFire, 576:love dominated by intelligence - or intelligence dominated by love, for the interaction will beFire, 586:Law of Sacrifice and Death. These laws are all dominated and controlled eventually by the threeFire, 618:or matter, was perfected. The lower Pitris dominated. In this system force activity lies in theFire, 625:father's name and not his mother's. When man has dominated the deva essences of the physical plane,Fire, 645:the control of man, and will be more and more dominated by him. Class 3. A group who form theFire, 706:certain types of manasaputras. The type dominated by the fifth chain energy is little known as itFire, 721:physical etheric body after having supposedly dominated the material aspect, or gained the controlFire, 1025:this planet the planetary fires are not as yet dominated by solar fire, and are very easily drivenFire, 1034:demands. Secondly, it is itself gradually dominated by another and higher vibration, and throughFire, 1085:to the theosophical plane of a lower four dominated over by a higher triad, we get form, food, rainFire, 1127:is taken. The destroyer aspect becomes dominated, and the form is "burnt upon the altar." TheseFire, 1127:Some are purely mahatic or of the third Aspect, dominated by the devas. Others (of which the sacredFire, 1222:the secret of the astral plane, which has to be dominated by the mental. These seven laws can beGlamourgroup action, voluntarily entered into, when not dominated by autocratic leadership control, and ifGlamour, 202:his life in the three worlds. He has been dominated by desire for four-fifths of his incarnatedHealing, 95:This energy, blended with astral energy, becomes dominated and controlled by astral reactions of anHealing, 137:which control the seven centers and are dominated either by the energy of the personality or byHealing, 358:their own affair; to share and yet not be dominated by the powerful thoughts and ideas of the moreHealing, 498:what is left of the illusory astral body is dominated now by the mind, and the urges towards theHealing, 506:within the sheaths is for a long, long period dominated by the life of those sheaths, only makingHealing, 514:potency of the personality, dominant and being dominated, is that which induces an intense karmicHercules, 35:the woman, representing matter that has been dominated and controlled. Cassiopeia will be foundInitiation, 82:as the Christian phraseology has it, must be dominated; gluttony, drink, and licentiousness must noInitiation, 85:the goal of endeavor. Desire itself has been dominated by the Ego, and only that is longed forInitiation, 86:is not yet perfect; these yet remain to be dominated. At the third initiation, termed sometimes theInitiation, 172:to the preceding one, in which the Brahma aspect dominated, as the Vishnu, or consciousness aspectInitiation, 183:and those in Hindu bodies. This cycle has been dominated by the sixth ray, which is just passingIntellect, 131:only reactions recorded are mental. Thought has dominated the consciousness during the stage ofIntellect, 213:its five avenues of contact. The five senses are dominated by the sixth sense, the mind, and allMagic, 58:human evolution. He has used it and has been dominated by it. He has also suffered from it andMagic, 117:cannot be avoided. When the emotional plane is dominated by the intuitional, then will comeMagic, 239:it, for "energy follows thought", till we become dominated by it. Second ray people are peculiarlyMagic, 242:us swing to the rhythm of the second ray. He is dominated by sex and by money which is anotherMagic, 310:with the basic evils first. Once they have been dominated all that remains is right orientation andMagic, 389:and, last of all, the white devas. These are all dominated by a fourth and special group. TheseMeditation, 11:the three lower planes, until that subplane is dominated. The second subplane is then the next toMeditation, 11:the physical, emotional and mental planes (when dominated, aligned and functioning simultaneouslyMeditation, 41:under certain fundamental forms; all will be dominated by ceremonial with the inner results aimedMeditation, 82:the life of the aspirant starts) has to be dominated. Each center has to be gradually, carefullyMeditation, 98:for this is that the vibration of desire has dominated, not only the human kingdom but also theMeditation, 153:of an occult trend of thought, and who is more dominated by mind, will be of a geometrical type.Meditation, 189:by the will that causes those results to be dominated by the one who chants the sounds. ThesePatanjali, 24:of that versatile psychic nature which has to be dominated before the yogi can hope to attainPatanjali, 43:planes of human and superhuman evolution are dominated and atma [44] (or the will of God, thePatanjali, 44:following this method the four planes are dominated and buddhi (or the Christ) stands revealed.Patanjali, 102:rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia) being dominated and controlled. We should remember here thatPatanjali, 175:These are difficult to overcome and can only be dominated by the ego or soul itself. Doubt. This isPatanjali, 205:attuned, the organs of the senses are entirely dominated and controlled by the real man and put himPatanjali, 230:its five avenues of contact. The five senses are dominated by the sixth sense, the mind and all thePatanjali, 306:as the mind aspect (the great dividing factor) dominated. At the close of this race, the three mainPatanjali, 311:the sex impulse. When these impulses are dominated and controlled, then the energy of the centerPatanjali, 332:have been gained and the man is no longer dominated by the water, the mire or physical plane life,Patanjali, 417:entire lower threefold man has been purified and dominated, and the physical, emotional and mentalProblems, 80:large numbers of people whose lives are not dominated by the love of money and who can normallyPsychology1, 40:Only when the appearance is beginning to be dominated by quality, and consciousness is expressingPsychology1, 166:of the Alchemists and Rosicrucians may have been dominated by the fifth subray; the epoch of thePsychology1, 206:of excitement the fourth ray man is entirely dominated by rajas; of the wild speculator andPsychology1, 306:and the refusal of the spiritual man to be dominated by the personality and the demands of thePsychology1, 402:simultaneously by: The physical body, which is dominated by the ray governing the sum total of thePsychology2, 89:the Piscean influence, is true. Man's thought dominated and distorted the ideal and produced such aPsychology2, 111:of physical [111] manifestation, are colored and dominated by this ray, and therefore again finallyPsychology2, 179:or regimented, and the most powerful have dominated eventually, and the indefinite ones have beenPsychology2, 3o8:the personality ray, as it in its turn has dominated the rays of the three lower bodies. At thePsychology2, 443:A first ray physical body, with a brain dominated and controlled by a third ray mind. This meansRays, 7:practiced, as the lower bodies are painstakingly dominated, and as the nature of the Sutratma or
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