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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOMINATED

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Rays, 182:from above downwards, if these forces are to be dominated by him and are not to control him. TheRays, 195:and be a combination of energies; or it can be dominated by the effects of soul energy. These, ifRays, 283:the cosmic astral plane, and only those who have dominated sentient reaction upon all levels of theRays, 351:- it is only when "fire by friction" is dominated by "solar fire" that the first four initiationsRays, 356:the third initiation, whose personality is soul-dominated and who [357] "walk ever in the light."Rays, 367:these three major centers. The solar plexus is dominated by the Hierarchy, the heart center ofRays, 387:it was the particular quality of the ray which dominated an Ashram that first demonstrated, and notRays, 576:and the state of consciousness which has dominated him. The physical body is not a principle; hisRays, 577:subordinated to the higher realization is slowly dominated by energies which are to be releasedRays, 600:life; therefore, from the angle of space, he has dominated and overcome cleavage and division; inRays, 691:aware), the ajna center is controlled and dominated by the indwelling spirit of man; this spiritualReappearance, 36:of Myself, I remain." This God Transcendent has dominated the religious thinking of millions ofReappearance, 104:and aspiration; in those early days, feeling dominated and instinct led; thought was not found
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