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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOMINATES

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Astrology, 51:two stages: The first stage wherein the sun sign dominates the man and he is gradually fitted toAstrology, 105:which it has hitherto veiled, appears and dominates the scene at the end of the greater worldAstrology, 165:Path of Initiation. The second ray controls and dominates all the other rays, as you well know.Astrology, 228:- Life of soul and form is balanced. Neither dominates. Equilibrium. An interlude wherein the soulAstrology, 241:it expresses itself through man; the lower mind dominates at first, causing the recognition of theAstrology, 250:again neither the personality nor the soul dominates in the man who is a pure Libran; a balance isAstrology, 272:the note of the evolutionary cycle which it dominates is "the Word made Flesh." It is the signAstrology, 318:in Cancer, for it is the mass mind which dominates and not the individual mind. In Virgo, theAstrology, 321:it is the feeling-sensitive nature which dominates the average man; it is with this stable tendencyAstrology, 338:his environment for purely individual ends. He dominates his fellowmen for entirely personalityAstrology, 345:sign and influence which, in any world cycle, dominates the other three. Such dominating effectsAstrology, 459:be wholly constructive. Where personality force dominates, the effects will be destructive andAstrology, 580:It has in fact to be evoked by the soul, as it dominates the human mind and controls theAutobiography, 284:in the majority of cases the emotional nature dominates all the others, the mind having littleAutobiography, 293:the factor of money of so much importance. Money dominates every phase of our physical plane life;Bethlehem, 242:while if the materialistic point of view dominates, it may indicate the end of conscious existence.Destiny, 51:revelation to the world. When their egoic ray dominates the third ray and when the separativeDestiny, 81:the spiritual quality of this sign which dominates British policy, but primarily the Libra aspect.Destiny, 94:be wholly constructive. Where personality force dominates, the effects will be destructive and mayDiscipleship1, 146:theme, which would dominate them as the head dominates the activities of the body. It is upon thisDiscipleship1, 556:the will or power energy, intelligently applied, dominates your equipment in this life. Your astralDiscipleship1, 626:types on your specific rays. In him, the heart dominates, e'en though his wisdom is deep and hisDiscipleship1, 626:deep and his understanding rare. In you the head dominates, and you sit on the summit of yourDiscipleship1, 657:When, therefore, your second ray soul really dominates, that sense which now controls (the sense ofDiscipleship2, 265:Masonic symbol of the Eye of God which dominates everything within the Temple. In this formula weDiscipleship2, 270:used for the good of all; the will-to-good then dominates. Hence the necessity for the scientificDiscipleship2, 407:world populations - the fourth kingdom in nature dominates in every field of thought and ofDiscipleship2, 413:of the soul, attuned to the light of love, which dominates the Hierarchy. The light of the Triad,Discipleship2, 701:you for what you are - a man whose lower nature dominates most of the time, but whose basic intentDiscipleship2, 735:wherein the ray of harmony through conflict dominates; then the disciple is specifically put to theEducation, 43:life of such potency that it controls and dominates the physical plane life, motivating it andExternalisation, 342:It has in fact to be evoked by the soul, as it dominates the human mind and controls the [343]Externalisation, 620:steadily develops until it eventually dominates his life; it is then too late to do anything. ThisFire, 121:of function. At the seventh Initiation he dominates the entire sphere of matter contained in theFire, 231:cycle of lives in which the Self within rapidly dominates, and takes full authority. The formFire, 478:to such a distance that the Law of Repulsion dominates. They are then no more attracted to theirFire, 497:it should be remembered that when the human note dominates too strongly it is apt to drive out theFire, 587:a control on the fourth and sixth planes, and dominates the Laws of Cohesion and Magnetic Control,Fire, 610:purely personality life, when the third aspect dominates, and man is in the veil of illusion.Fire, 625:plane, he controls next those of the astral and dominates the mental essences. Having achieved thisFire, 737:to meditate upon experience. Later, when the Ego dominates the personality life, the interest ofFire, 903:the cross until for them the sixth principle dominates, and the sixth type of matter in theirFire, 906:of the planetary Logos of the seventh scheme dominates the seventh plane; it is the ray whereonFire, 918:appearance it is the second type of energy which dominates and which is of evolutionary importance,Fire, 1146:factor. In this fourth chain, the quaternary dominates, or the synthesis of the three so as toFire, 1165:one of which one of the three types of energy dominates. As the unfolding proceeds, the vibratoryGlamour, 42:begins to work with soul-energy. This eventually dominates the forces. That the initiate works,Glamour, 128:this group. Unfortunately the emotional glamor dominates still and, for the majority of you, theGlamour, 154:mainly three: The stage wherein the personality dominates and rules the life and ambitions and theGlamour, 171:light pours in, glamor fades out. Illumination dominates and the vision [172] of reality can beHealing, 109:that the negative faculty or the feminine aspect dominates, even though this may be unrecognized byHealing, 222:the fact that in this race, the Aryan, which now dominates the planet, you have the first trueHealing, 348:The point to be borne in mind is that desire dominates and controls action when the life force isHercules, 31:sign starts the path on which form is taken and dominates; on it likewise begins the life of innerInitiation, 12:more and more, until in the Hall of Wisdom it dominates in the three lower worlds, and inInitiation, 73:balance is seen, and neither pleasure nor pain dominates, for they are superseded by joy and bliss.Initiation, 172:as the Vishnu, or consciousness aspect dominates in this. The initiate, through the knowledgeInitiation, 201:God, who works through the head center and thus dominates all else. The applicant, therefore, willIntellect, 85:but because as the inner God assumes control and dominates His bodies, His powers become apparentIntellect, 124:the mysterious and unconscious something which dominates the whole of our intellectual life," andIntellect, 211:mind is not controlled and the emotional nature dominates (as in the case of the pure mystic) theMagic, 55:grasped by the personality, that soul steadily dominates and can be trusted to carry forward theMagic, 57:cycles of lives to train a magician. The soul dominates its form through the medium of the sutratmaMagic, 81:When the concrete mind is rampant, and dominates the entire personality the aspirant cannotMagic, 250:of the higher life in which the Christ principle dominates, in which freedom is experienced and theMagic, 373:the seventh subplane of all planes but it dominates at this time the seventh subplane of theMagic, 513:spent in outer expression. Then the interlude dominates. The periods of outgoing (exhalation) andMeditation, 136:levels, but on the higher, the White Lodge dominates, the three higher subplanes being the levelsMeditation, 143:itself into the expansion of the mind until it dominates the lower, and into the faculty ofMeditation, 215:blue or indigo (the love and wisdom aspect) dominates when the plane of harmony is reached. ItPatanjali, 229:medium of the mind, the thinking principle, so dominates the senses that they have no independentPatanjali, 273:forms and the third or Brahma aspect (the body), dominates, for every atom of matter has a soul.Patanjali, 332:factor and the downward life no longer dominates. Problems, 79:money alone can give. This desire controls and dominates human thinking; it is the keynote of ourPsychology1, 127:tone. Each ray has its subsidiary rays which it dominates, acting as the synthetic ray. These sevenPsychology1, 291:competitively. Until the idea of brotherhood dominates the race, we shall see these powersPsychology1, 328:of the fourth constituent to the relationship dominates the inherent light of the other three, thatPsychology1, 338:It is this Ray of Intelligent Activity which dominates man at this time. Human beings are largelyPsychology1, 350:ray makes its presence felt, and its potency dominates, when the stage of accepted discipleship isPsychology1, 384:revelation to the world. When their egoic ray dominates the third ray, and when the separativePsychology2, 49:light permeates the darkness, and the Angel dominates the life. Psychology2, 179:or because some central figure in the group dominates all the rest, hypnotizing them into anPsychology2, 3o8:opposites begins. The soul ray or energy slowly dominates the personality ray, as it in its turnPsychology2, 321:the nature of the form or of the vehicle which dominates and is the outstanding characteristic. ThePsychology2, 425:energy with which man is concerned) absorbs, dominates or utilizes the lesser energy which we callPsychology2, 425:type, so will be our use of the words "absorbs, dominates and utilizes". I would here remind you,Rays, 9:the highest type of energy inherently possible dominates. If the lower energy of the aggregate ofRays, 295:the hierarchical center, the theme of creativity dominates and is the expression (again occultlyRays, 505:all the seven rays many times. But his soul ray dominates eventually, and in the rainbow bridge theRays, 509:the time." When, therefore, the ray of the soul dominates the ray of the personality, then the selfRays, 514:type of subjective nature (the soul ray as it dominates the personality ray) which makes appeal toRays, 516:(the most vivid in this second ray solar system) dominates the light of form and radiates out toRays, 563:ray energies) that it has evoked a ray which dominates the personality and is called theReappearance, 168:steadily develops until it eventually dominates his life; it is then too late to do anything. ThisSoul, 122:through them, and the soul which controls and dominates all. The state of the centers, then, isTelepathy, 60:phase of unfoldment where a recognized dualism dominates. This is a most important statement. LetTelepathy, 99:a mental radiation which is so strong that it dominates and controls the astral aura. The stage
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