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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOOR

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Discipleship2, 341:the antahkarana; it is time as the opener of the door to extra-planetary existence and as itDiscipleship2, 344:prepared. They are in the nature of keys to a door and - when properly grasped, understood and usedDiscipleship2, 381:the group. The group moves forward through the door when all the necessary eliminations have takenDiscipleship2, 382:and to be welcomed through the slowly opening door by those who are to be found upon the otherDiscipleship2, 414:to develop usefulness and to pass through the door of initiation. It is at this point that the newDiscipleship2, 486:ahead for each of you is just the same and the door into my Ashram stands wide open to those whoDiscipleship2, 490:these suggestions: [490] Poise yourself at the "door of exit" in the head. Realize that that pointDiscipleship2, 516:the energy of the second ray, thus opening the door for you into a second ray Ashram. It was felt,Discipleship2, 528:loyalty and obedience, nor does he shut the door to other aspects of truth, as you have done. HeDiscipleship2, 536:convey to you the key whereby you can unlock the door of the future. It is a sentence which hasDiscipleship2, 550:those who talk and who stand close to the outer door. Their voices may not penetrate too far andDiscipleship2, 552:you are talking on the way. You stand before the door, the outer door, and pass inside and hear aDiscipleship2, 552:on the way. You stand before the door, the outer door, and pass inside and hear a voice which says,Discipleship2, 554:before the Angel of the Presence, at the very door of initiation. These are to you the platitudesDiscipleship2, 561:quietly radiates. The chela enters through the door into the Ashram and stands before the Master ofDiscipleship2, 633:which his voiced aspiration was met: "Go out the door and leave the Ashram as it was and as youDiscipleship2, 634:continue his work outside. What lies outside the door of the Ashram, symbolically speaking, becomesDiscipleship2, 634:to ameliorate the pain and distress outside the door. Discipleship2, 634:increases, the disciple when he enters the door of the Ashram, discovers he is no longer standingDiscipleship2, 634:is no longer standing upon the inner side of the door but has already penetrated a definiteDiscipleship2, 635:test, prior to being allowed through the inner door. Discipleship2, 635:and strengthens his hand to open wide the door, and that is world need. Discipleship2, 654:returning ever to the place of rest. Open the door when called upon, [655] but retain the key. TheDiscipleship2, 665:You have the gift and the time and a wide open door for impersonal service. Search for those whoDiscipleship2, 666:of those who have passed through a certain door and undergone a certain expansion of consciousness.Discipleship2, 677:have done much to help with this work and the door of opportunity stands wide open to you, providedDiscipleship2, 698:your steps. A new departure can today open the door to greater, fuller life. Move on. Let the rayDiscipleship2, 716:my hand I hold the keys of life. I unlock the door for others and they pass through - yet see meDiscipleship2, 721:pass many. It is their right to pass. A golden door, wide open to the sun. Before the door lieDiscipleship2, 721:A golden door, wide open to the sun. Before the door lie rocks and bits of stone. A path windsDiscipleship2, 721:and bits of stone. A path winds towards that door, and o'er its lintel are the words: Enter withDiscipleship2, 721:if a need is there. Enter the stream behind the door and wash away the stains of travel. Then faceDiscipleship2, 727:for your resignation from the group, and the door of the inner Ashram closed upon you. That wasDiscipleship2, 727:of life, watching yourself with care. Then the door of the Ashram reopened and you were readmittedDiscipleship2, 751:them for what they are? Will you see the open door, leading to a fuller and a richer life? I callDiscipleship2, 763:is, finally, a solitariness which opens wide the door into the Ashram. This is the factor you needEducation, 9:it should have brought him to the knowledge of a door leading into the world of Reality and throughEducation, 52:the quality of the magnetism which opens the door into the teaching center of the Great WhiteEducation, 83:nature. When made more scientific it opens the door for training in the sciences; it givesEducation, 91:much to lay the needed foundations and keep the door of the [92] future wide open. A balancingEducation, 116:status has brought mankind to the threshold of a door upon the great path of evolution and hasEducation, 134:Aquarian Age. It should be remembered that the door will be shut for some time as yet upon theExternalisation, 6:the feeble-minded dabblers in esotericism at the door of their own stupidity, or upon the backs ofExternalisation, 7:deeper spiritual realization; it has opened a door through which many will pass before long andExternalisation, 25:the work of the Hierarchy be facilitated and the door opened to the regenerative forces of ThoseExternalisation, 146:disastrous and cataclysmic results, and open the door into the New Age, thus ushering in the newExternalisation, 173:and the Deliverers of mankind. But the door to Their entrance must be opened by humanity itself andExternalisation, 173:by all the world aspirants and disciples. The door will not open unless the act of invocation isExternalisation, 225:of the annual return of the Buddha, holding the door open between Shamballa and the Hierarchy soExternalisation, 225:intervention may be possible through that open door? Is it only a silly dream and a fantasy that atExternalisation, 227:it esoterically provides the key to the open door between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, between theExternalisation, 235:with clarity the issues at stake would open the door to the world domination of the Forces ofExternalisation, 256:Forces of Light. The faith of many has kept the door ajar, yet even these have forgotten frequentlyExternalisation, 256:and sacrifice (even unto death) that the door can be forced wide open and divine interventionExternalisation, 280:Earth. It is humanity alone which can open the door on to the physical plane for the Rider from theExternalisation, 293:his purpose and progress and blocking the door which leads to expanded life and liberation. TheExternalisation, 390:release mankind from an evil past and open the door to a better future. The opportunity to lay theExternalisation, 391:Himself that God is also our Father. Then the door of possibility opens. We can come then to theExternalisation, 395:rapidly, and with success, leaving a wide open door to a better world, the Forces of Life must beExternalisation, 410:of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of the open door to initiation and of the Way of Sacrifice first dawnedExternalisation, 437:putting forth Their maximum effort to close the door upon the Forces of Evil, to direct theExternalisation, 470:in an era of relative tranquility; thus the door of the dark cave of materialism will be opened andExternalisation, 470:will be opened and the stone rolled from the door of the sepulchre which has too long [471]Externalisation, 488:of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and PowerExternalisation, 489:expansion of consciousness. 2. May it seal the door where evil dwells. The sealing up of the evilExternalisation, 500:take the curse out of labor, and open the door into that golden age for which all men wait. It willExternalisation, 529:of substitution and replacement we arrive at the door which symbolically stands between humanityExternalisation, 562:The result of this happening has been that the door of initiation through which mankind passesExternalisation, 567:the close of our planetary existence, when the door to individualization is finally closed for aExternalisation, 614:of the task to be completed in sealing "the door where evil dwells," and of the stupendous andExternalisation, 617:- unless humanity itself has first sealed "the door where evil dwells." This must be done by theExternalisation, 628:are defeated, though not yet "sealed" behind the door where humanity can put them and which the NewExternalisation, 666:this Master and His Ashram the "sealing of the door where evil dwells" will come about, because itExternalisation, 667:and the false values which it engenders. The door has to be sealed by a vast mass of coordinatedExternalisation, 700:these same qualities upon your way towards the Door of Initiation. Fire, 109:the key, but the turning of that key opens up a door to a wider interpretation as it admits oneFire, 110:617, 842. There are seven keys to the Entrance door to the Mysteries. - S. D., III, 178. Compare I,Fire, 162:the development of insanity, and in opening the door to currents and forces, undesirable andFire, 329:is the handmaiden of wisdom, and opens the door to those infinite reaches and to those cosmicFire, 334:We might also define manas as the key to the door through which entrance is made into the fifthFire, 362:stupendous psychic event - the opening of the door of Initiation to the human Hierarchy. These veryFire, 459:chain of globes. 4. In the fourth root-race the "door" (as it is called) between the two kingdomsFire, 462:from the group soul at the reopening of the door into the human kingdom in the next round. Let usFire, 588:in which the synthesis is first observed - the door into the fifth kingdom of Spirit being thenFire, 599:- the spark of mind was implanted and the door was opened from the animal kingdom into the human;Fire, 599:kingdom into the human; and later, another door opened, on to the Path leading from the humanFire, 606:[606] one of the keys which will unlock a door hitherto fast closed. They are the numbers ofFire, 711:the orifice known as the Brahma-rundra or the door of Brahma, you get ten gates corresponding toFire, 715:opportunity were taken advantage of to open the door into the fifth kingdom by the method of forcedFire, 716:animals. In Atlantean days the opening of the door into the fifth kingdom, or into the stage ofFire, 718:will reach its zenith, and will again open the door of individualization in order to permit theFire, 725:kingdom in nature) the throwing open of the door of initiation to man. Such avatars do not come inFire, 829:the 777 incarnations, a man passes through the door of initiation and enters upon a briefFire, 840:Atlantean root-race (S.D., I, 196.) (when the door of individualization was closed), Egos were toFire, 843:It must be remembered that in closing the door in Atlantean times to the animal kingdom, and theFire, 853:during the Atlantean root-race until the door was shut. Egos who have "come-in" from the moon chainFire, 1015:magnitude of fire which reaches to the narrow door of entrance." Under this symbology much isFire, 1078:as the larger cycle is concerned, began when the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days,Fire, 1097:is called "the triple opening" or the "fivefold door" out of which the animal soul or the humanFire, 1174:initiation, and it has only held sway since the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days. It
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