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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOOR

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Magic, 174:few would care to purchase at the price. Yet a door stands wide open to all who care to come, andMagic, 229:confine him to the three worlds and shut the door which opens on to life. On the other path, heMagic, 364:our theme: - The heart center in man opens the door into what is called "the heart of the Sun." TheMagic, 379:was made in the hierarchical methods, and the door from the animal kingdom into the human wasMagic, 379:animal kingdom into the human was closed and the door of initiation was opened. It was felt at thatMagic, 381:for many millions of years. 8. At the time the door of initiation was opened, many millions ofMagic, 381:When he is becoming group-conscious, then the door into the kingdom of self-consciousness willMagic, 403:therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience. This next development of theMagic, 433:it. At the same time, there is found the open door of initiation. Both these opportunities (if IMagic, 436:month indicates the day of opportunity. The door stands open. The particular month in which a soulMagic, 442:- And the Word said: Let ambition rule and the door stand wide. Sagittarius - And the Word said:Magic, 467:slow, the long path has been traveled. Another door stands open now. The words sound forth: "EnterMagic, 499:out of incarnation. I seek today to open the door in the occident to a newer and more scientificMagic, 501:entirely in the physical and astral bodies, the door of exit is the solar plexus and it is that webMagic, 520:to withdraw into the center. They constitute the door, speaking symbolically. Capacities and powersMagic, 578:a hint. Only those hands can turn the key in the door of initiation who have learnt the "art of theMagic, 614:of the kingdom of heaven or locks upon him the door of entrance into the world of spiritualMeditation, 99:in itself, if carried too far, opens the door to serious dangers, which I will later enlarge uponMeditation, 124:extraneous entity from the emotional plane. The door of entrance which is formed by this web is notMeditation, 137:that man has in his life some weak spot. The door whereby entrance is effected must be opened byMeditation, 137:the fear of the man himself, who opens thus the door. A standing firm and unmoved, no matter whatMeditation, 205:The secret is: use, demand, take. Only as the door is unlocked by the law of demand is another andMeditation, 205:by the law of demand is another and higher door unlocked permitting supply. The law of gravitationMeditation, 231:for that initiation which opens to him the door. Therefore, hold fast to meditation and falter notMeditation, 281:all knowledge from him. When he opens the [281] door and widens the channel, light and knowledgeMeditation, 294:different rays and Masters, will guard their door by another method, later to be revealed. When, inMeditation, 322:private shrine entered from the rear by a closed door and having a curtain between it and the largePatanjali, 57:The Guru or Master who leads a pupil up to the door of initiation and who watches over him in allPatanjali, 261:sight of, the high moment has passed, and the door into the soul-realm seems suddenly to shut. ButPatanjali, 301:he states: "By performing constraint upon the door of the sun, the yogin should directly perceivePatanjali, 301:one-pointed meditation. By meditation upon the door of the sun full knowledge can be achieved. ThisPatanjali, 302:see light. It enables him also [302] to find the door to life and subsequently to tread the path.Patanjali, 339:centers; through each one of the centers is the door to a certain plane of the planetary spheres.Patanjali, 417:is an advanced and important one, and opens the door to direct illumination. Nothing need nowPatanjali, 424:has come to thee of its own accord, a very door of heaven will be opened; happy the warriors... whoProblems, 54:nature. When made more scientific it opens the door for training in the sciences; it givesProblems, 71:country in the world lies predominantly at the door of certain major interrelated groups ofProblems, 115:hands of the selfishly aggressive and open the door of opportunity to those who have as yet hadProblems, 150:Hierarchy and humanity, became possible and the door into the Kingdom of God was opened. ManProblems, 166:of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and PowerPsychology1, 63:destroy the form that is, and open up the golden door. This door reveals the way which leadsPsychology1, 63:form that is, and open up the golden door. This door reveals the way which leads towards the centerPsychology1, 64:is called: The Lord of Death The Opener of the Door The Liberator from Form The Great AbstractorPsychology1, 65:Then give the gift of death, Oh Opener of the Door. Quality - sense of time. Stand not alone, butPsychology1, 77:great Judge The Rose of God The Heavenly One The Door into the Mind of God The Initiating EnergyPsychology1, 77:Ruler of the Third Heaven The Guardian of the Door The Dispenser of Knowledge The Angel with thePsychology1, 84:forth from each to each. Yet still the temple door stayed shut. As time went on, the sounds of lifePsychology1, 84:time went on, the sounds of life were heard. The door was opened, and the door was shut. Each timePsychology1, 84:of life were heard. The door was opened, and the door was shut. Each time it opened, the powerPsychology1, 84:and the power to work. They entered through the door; they passed before the Seven; they raised thePsychology1, 84:Out from the east, the Word went forth: Open the door to all the sons of men who come from all thePsychology1, 85:(during the coming cycle) [85] to open the door wide into the temple of the hidden mystery to man.Psychology1, 241:link or binding chain will lead them through the door to the scene of their investigations. ButPsychology1, 246:great translators, and bring the disciple to the door of realization. When the final initiation isPsychology1, 247:will be found their point of contact or door of entry, whereby they can contact each other. ForPsychology1, 251:and will lead eventually to a reopening of the door into the human kingdom. Some of the workPsychology1, 259:the life units are prepared and brought to the door of that peculiar initiatory process which wePsychology1, 259:condition until the word goes forth that that door may be passed which will admit them to "...thePsychology1, 259:which they stand at last before the golden door. This final door ushers them upon that Path whichPsychology1, 259:stand at last before the golden door. This final door ushers them upon that Path which is the one,Psychology1, 264:life that is a death; pass onward through the door whose pillars twain stand there forever as aPsychology1, 337:and of being attracted, enters through the door of the intelligence and expands into the humanPsychology1, 344:humanity's test, and the opening to man of the door into the fifth kingdom of spiritual being. TheyPsychology1, 348:What is proven true on the small scale opens the door for the understanding of that which exists onPsychology1, 349:or another of the seven Brothers Who block the door from whence the force emerges", and "thePsychology1, 349:Who passes on His way and leaves behind an open door through which another Brother can pass uponPsychology1, 371:results within the soul of the animal form. The door of individualization or of entrance into thePsychology1, 371:place is on the human side of the dividing door. Part of the reorganization which will go on as aPsychology2, 36:came? Is the word strong enough to open wide the door? What shall I do?' The answer came: 'BuildPsychology2, 38:that Way. The mind reveals the Angel and the door. Stand in that Presence. Lift up thine eyes.Psychology2, 38:Lift up thine eyes. Enter through that golden door. Thus will the Angel, who is the shadow of thePsychology2, 38:the shadow of the Blessed One, reveal the open door. That Angel too must disappear. The Blessed OnePsychology2, 38:The Blessed One remains and passes, through that door into the light sublime.' " Ray Six "ThePsychology2, 38:that radiant place of light, where stood the door upon the higher Way. But ever he swung betweenPsychology2, 45:third initiation takes place and the wider open door looms before the initiate, he will thenPsychology2, 128:block the way to true expression and shut the door on real comprehension. The mind element is tooPsychology2, 148:procedure whereby the Tyler stands outside the door of the Lodge with a drawn sword to protect thePsychology2, 174:he who has stood for ages before a fast closed door. He speaks with power the Word which opens widePsychology2, 174:learnt the way of service. He stands before the door." Psychology2, 209:root race and the fourth round. In Atlantis, the door of initiation opened, and forced initiationPsychology2, 212:great import will occur before so very long. The door will be opened, for the admittance of rarePsychology2, 303:and that within himself has to be found the open door to the universe. What is here presented is ofPsychology2, 465:the man's efforts in meditation have opened a door through which he can pass at will (andPsychology2, 466:cannot provide the key to the unlocking of the door into the desired wider world, or serve to leadPsychology2, 467:and our feet have wandered in and out of the door we have opened, and we have accustomed ourselvesPsychology2, 468:though small in the beginning, can open the door to serious situations. There are three of thesePsychology2, 497:is this the case, but also - through the open door of his own astral life - he can tap or tune inPsychology2, 540:to which the solar plexus is the wide open door. The increased and constant use of this center asPsychology2, 568:solar plexus or throat centers and thus opens a door on to the astral plane. In all cases, it isPsychology2, 586:plexus center (and consequently of the open door to the lower levels of the astral plane) and thePsychology2, 588:the solar plexus center is over-active and the door to the astral plane stands wide open? He seeksPsychology2, 588:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics 1. If the door to the astral plane has been opened by followingPsychology2, 588:orientation. Before this can be done, the lower door must be closed. Let him, therefore, controlPsychology2, 588:control emotion, for emotion serves to keep the door ajar and facilitates astral experience. [589]Psychology2, 589:the spinal column. This is of moment. 2. If the door to the astral plane is open because of naturalPsychology2, 589:center, thus causing the closing of the astral door and a decentralization of the interests of thePsychology2, 590:equilibrium and seeking to close the astral door - are deemed insane or on the border line ofPsychology2, 598:and acted upon. The result would open the door to a new understanding of the psychic faculties.Psychology2, 609:via the major centers. It is also the esoteric "door of departure" through which the soul withdrawsPsychology2, 610:other worlds" is discovered and becomes, not a door for rightful and proper use, but a way of
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