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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOOR

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Rays, 352:equipment and - as he passes the test - the door opens, the opposing energies symbolically "dieRays, 352:forms of these glamors constitute the opposing door and oppose the passing of the [353] aspirant onRays, 353:electrical energy of the mind now creates the door for the third initiation, and the obstructionRays, 353:They constitute the sumtotal of illusion. This "door" is formed by the coming together of the threeRays, 353:concentrated in that symbol of progress, the "door of initiation." It should be becomingRays, 353:some light upon this fourth entrance through the door of initiation: the Transfiguration and theRays, 354:reality. The Master Jesus passed through the door of the fourth initiation and overcame the finalRays, 354:electrically obstructed His passing through this door, even to the point of their completeRays, 354:Crucifixion, in this fourth passing through the door of initiation and in the staging of thisRays, 355:wherein He appeared to Mary, weeping outside the door of the sepulchre. The other episodes areRays, 356:Four of these initiations are related to the "door of initiation" as occultly understood and withRays, 356:the electrical "fire by friction" of which that door is constructed, and which spreads to andRays, 356:four times move in order to "enter through that door." The other two initiations (vaguely calledRays, 356:Ascension) are related to the second so-called "door." This door is not in the same sense anRays, 356:are related to the second so-called "door." This door is not in the same sense an obstruction as isRays, 356:in the same sense an obstruction as is the first door; it opens on to the Way of the HigherRays, 356:on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. The first door symbolically admits the initiate into theRays, 356:into the "heart of the Sun," whilst the second door - in a most mysterious sense - indicates theRays, 356:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation The Door to the Way of the Higher Evolution I writeRays, 361:which is the cause of His recognition of the Door on to the Way of the Higher Evolution, for theRays, 366:the consciousness aspect of humanity. [366] The door into the Way of the Higher Evolution simplyRays, 366:as it conditions the solar system - just as the door to initiation gives to the aspirant the "keyRays, 366:seen, among other things, that the so-called "door of initiation" presents obstacles whose purposeRays, 366:in penetrating to the further side of the door, where recognition awaits him. We will now concernRays, 389:present. But one achieved freedom only opens the door to another and wider freedom on ahead, andRays, 389:the Master must find an exit and discover a door which will permit Him to enter the Way of theRays, 391:the Initiate gains His first vision of the Door through which He must pass on to the seven Paths.Rays, 391:activity. By passing through the second great Door of Initiation, the Initiate begins to learn theRays, 397:and eventually leads to His passing through the door which opens on to other spheres and planes ofRays, 402:this triangle of force, as through an open door, He sends the potency of love into our planet, andRays, 404:used and (again quoting the Old Commentary) "the door once opening inward now opens outward andRays, 404:who hold the key because they entered by that door in aeons long gone by." All the Masters (and notRays, 405:making Their decision and passing through the door on the periphery of our planetary ring-pass-not.Rays, 411:Changes were made in Atlantean times; the door of entrance for the animal kingdom or for animal manRays, 411:train more aspirants. They therefore closed the door. That particular condition does not now exist,Rays, 422:This triangle is in the nature of an open door, presenting unique and unprecedented opportunity toRays, 423:their particular goal. Through this triangular door all the great Avatars enter our system andRays, 426:be seen two pillars on either side of a closed door. Quality gained Luminosity PATH II. PATH OFRays, 429:the Jews have partially again opened the door [430] to the Forces of Evil, which worked originallyRays, 430:Hitler and his evil gang. The "sealing" of that door had not been successfully accomplished, and itRays, 524:aspects of the future teaching. He opened the door to the Way of the Higher Evolution, hithertoRays, 524:and wisdom. Christ, in opening this "greater door beyond the lesser door," anchored - if I may soRays, 524:in opening this "greater door beyond the lesser door," anchored - if I may so inadequately expressRays, 526:scheme millions of years ago. He opened a door into the human kingdom through His response to theRays, 527:Eventually Hercules came forth and opened the door on to the Path of Discipleship, His work beingRays, 527:initiations. Shri Krishna came and opened the door through which mankind could pass to the SecondRays, 527:and performed a triple work: He opened the door to the third initiation. He anchored on Earth "theRays, 554:and hateful evil. This, in its turn, "opened the door where evil dwelt" and let loose on earth theRays, 556:uniting forces, the initiate passes through the door and is propelled into the Light - a lightRays, 570:for it will enable mankind to pass through the door admitting them to the first initiatory process.Rays, 610:eventually to correct orientation and to the door of initiation, progressively revealed to him asRays, 611:by human effort. The partial "sealing of the door where evil dwells." The use of the GreatRays, 624:point of united tension, then she will find the door or point of emergence into light. The rayRays, 727:see that which is hidden behind the fast sealed door and be in touch with cosmic evil for it can noRays, 737:after his struggle to aid in the "closing of the door where evil dwells" and his refusal to makeRays, 743:it reveals cleavages. The partial sealing of the door where evil dwells. The use of the GreatRays, 752:- Appendix 4. The partial Sealing of the Door where Evil dwells Just what do these words mean? MoreRays, 752:selfishness have created a pathway to the "door where evil dwells." Evil is in reality of twoRays, 753:of it, fortunately for mankind). The way to the door where evil dwells was unimpeded, and humanityRays, 753:was unimpeded, and humanity opened wide the door. The entrance for what might be regarded as cosmicRays, 753:again in symbols) are the weights which keep the door of evil open and which precipitated upon theRays, 754:by little, cosmic evil was forced back and the door which "conceals the place of endless death andRays, 754:The task ahead of humanity is to close the door upon this worst and yet secondary evil and shut itRays, 755:can also cease treading the path to the "door where evil dwells" and can remove itself and seek theRays, 755:seek the Path which leads to light and to the Door of Initiation. Rays, 758:will have two major results: the "sealing of the door where evil dwells," and the working outRays, 759:the little wills of men; let the Plan seal the door where evil dwells." It then sums it all up inRays, 759:should prove possible to close more tightly the door where evil dwells. The Invocation has beenRays, 766:the portal which is hidden by its light. The door is there, unseen, unknown, watched by the LordsRays, 766:hid the secret. The threshold of that inner door, the step unseen that must be reached, will meetRays, 766:of flame. Put forth the hand and touch the door, knock thrice with pure intent. A voice will answerRays, 766:the center there located. When this is so, door the first will open. Key the second lies across theRays, 766:hands lies hid the secret. Seek you them. Then door the second will open to your touch. Key theRays, 766:thus purified can grasp the key and pass through door the third. Rays, 766:a beating heart of love, that key is turned. The door swings wide open. With hasty feet the one whoRays, 766:one who hastens towards the light enters that door; then waits. He holds the door ajar for thoseRays, 766:light enters that door; then waits. He holds the door ajar for those who follow after and thus - inRays, 766:A Voice sounds forth: My brother, close that door, for [767] each must turn the key with his ownRays, 767:his own hand and each must enter through that door alone. The blazing light within the Temple ofRays, 767:hour. Your hour is Now. So, brother, close that door. Remember, those behind know not the door hasRays, 767:that door. Remember, those behind know not the door has opened or the door has closed. They see itRays, 767:those behind know not the door has opened or the door has closed. They see it not. Rest on thatRays, 767:thought, my brother, and passing through the door close it with care, and enter upon another stageReappearance, 31:of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and PowerReappearance, 35:Light, working through mankind, may "seal the door where evil dwells." The final line then containsReappearance, 106:giving the teaching which [106] would open the door to the work of the Christ Who would, He knew,Reappearance, 140:and the stone of theology has been rolled to the door of the sepulchre. There is, however, no pointReappearance, 176:are defeated, though not yet "sealed" behind the door where humanity can put them [177] and whichReappearance, 188:making way for that which is new and opening the door to the activities [189] of the New Group ofTelepathy, 56:Therefore, it might be said that: Through the door of individualization the subhuman kingdoms passTelepathy, 56:contact and intelligent impression. Through the door of initiation humanity passes to spiritualTelepathy, 56:contact and spiritual impression. Through the door of identification the Hierarchy passes toTelepathy, 73:human being. When animal-man passed through the door of individualization and became a human beingTelepathy, 73:the aspirant upon the Path. Through the door of initiation, having attained the mystical vision,Telepathy, 74:being misled by words), he will pass through the door of identification. This is a perfectlyTelepathy, 74:and in order to preserve the concept of this door in the mind of humanity, true esoteric meetingsTelepathy, 74:password. Only the WORD can enter through this door - this highest and widest of all doors. OnceTelepathy, 74:and widest of all doors. Once through that door and once eligible to the Council Chamber of theTelepathy, 80:on the Threshold" stands between the cosmic Door of Initiation and our planetary Logos. ThisTelepathy, 110:form of sensitivity, and which is as an entering door or concept - becomes eventually infallible;
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