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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DORMANT

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Astrology, 118:the intuition. But the seed of the intuition is dormant. The mind which is the instrument ofAutobiography, 65:mind was very little at that time - practically dormant. I remember that first trip so well. ThereBethlehem, 20:which, we are told, are to be found inactive and dormant in the human brain may be brought intoDiscipleship1, 127:cells and swing into activity many hitherto dormant cells, thus making you capable of increasedDiscipleship2, 295:lines of current ideologies. Even peoples long dormant are now convulsed by mental processes. ThisFire, 98:Another has been allowed to become partially dormant in man through the abuses of so-calledFire, 195:which is without. But all that is grasped by the dormant consciousness (by means of this one senseFire, 774:in the fourth, and leaving the higher three yet dormant. In each round one of the spirillae hasFire, 988:via the two channels, leaving the central one dormant. Hence it will be apparent that one worksGlamour, xi:thousands of cells in the human brain are still dormant and, consequently, that the average humanGlamour, 5:the pineal gland, which have hitherto been dormant, become awakened and vibrant. The nucleus ofGlamour, 8:by the use of those faculties at the present dormant. It is always distasteful to arouse the latentGlamour, 8:of a symbol can provide a means whereby the dormant buddhic or intuitional faculty can be broughtGlamour, 9:of the memory will do naught to awaken the dormant brain cells or call into play the intuition. ItHealing, 75:in the etheric body. These can be regarded as dormant or unawakened, awakening but only as yetHealing, 313:past; the seeds of the condition have lain dormant in the so-called permanent atom for ages. TheyHercules, 130:tragedies, the potentialities of Libra remain dormant. The Libran sets out upon his journey inHercules, 214:Polarized mind unawakened. Intuition dormant. Death of the personality. Release of the soul fromInitiation, 64:The germ has been there, but it has lain dormant. Now it is fostered and brought to the birth andIntellect, 213:These modes of perception become temporarily dormant, and man's perception becomes [214] simplyMagic, 276:humanity. As in individual man this is usually dormant and asleep, so, in humanity, this group ofMagic, 276:cells within the brain of the body corporate is dormant, [277] but thrilling to the vibrations ofMagic, 352:Christ. The germ has been there but it has lain dormant. Now it is fostered and brought to birth,Magic, 415:and that inner triplicity, [415] usually dormant in the majority, of soul-mind-brain must be inMagic, 571:of his etheric body are awakened and which are dormant. This all aspirants have to grasp beforeMagic, 629:source of growth and that which conveys to the dormant soul - in time and space - the neededMeditation, 80:through scientific knowledge and methods the dormant or sluggish centers, and aligning them so thatPatanjali, 139:and gross. The first are those which exist in a dormant condition in the form of impressions,Patanjali, 230:These modes of perception become temporarily dormant, and man's perception becomes simply mentalPatanjali, 290:effected, the fire at the base of the spine, dormant hitherto, will be aroused and can proceedPatanjali, 380:the powers of the soul. The soul aspect is still dormant for many because full experience andPsychology1, 24:the lower concrete mind, and whose intuition is dormant or only manifesting in flashes, I amPsychology1, 372:for more to be made clear. Brain cells, hitherto dormant in even the most advanced thinkers, mustPsychology2, 203:but whose consciousness sleeps. These are the dormant human beings whose intelligence is of such aPsychology2, 440:in past incarnations and frequently lying dormant unless suddenly evoked by stress of circumstance)Psychology2, 453:of cells in the brain which have been hitherto dormant and also of the body areas around the sevenPsychology2, 523:centers are active only in a sluggish and semi-dormant manner: the forces of [524] which they areSoul, 59:- but as only three planes are active, and four dormant, so only three force centers are fully
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