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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOROTHY

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Autobiography, 109:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter III When Dorothy was about six months old I went back to Great BritainAutobiography, 109:which had been my mother's had been stolen and Dorothy, being about a year old, was very heavy toAutobiography, 112:to knocking me about, though he never touched Dorothy. He was always lovely to children. MyAutobiography, 112:days; and then the cesspool fell in. I pictured Dorothy, who was then two and a half, trottingAutobiography, 113:and ordered him to come at once. She then tucked Dorothy under her arm, nodded to me, assured meAutobiography, 113:under her arm, nodded to me, assured me that Dorothy would be quite all right with her andAutobiography, 113:right with her and disappeared. I did not see Dorothy for three days. I did not much care; I wasAutobiography, 156:never forget a remark of my eldest daughter, Dorothy (who is famous for her remarks with a doubleAutobiography, 157:garden at Ospringe Place, Faversham, drying it. Dorothy looked out of the window and called out,Autobiography, 160:him from the start. He made the acquaintance of Dorothy, the eldest, when she was about nine yearsAutobiography, 181:up the ramp, Foster with Ellie in his arms and Dorothy and Mildred hanging on to his coat tails andAutobiography, 187:were not particularly interested. I remember Dorothy bringing me an editorial from the New YorkAutobiography, 220:States, with the exception of my eldest girl, Dorothy, who had been in Hawaii. Alice Ortiz steppedAutobiography, 226:years all the three girls married. As related, Dorothy married a Captain Morton, six months herAutobiography, 226:are both fortunate. I know that Terence is for Dorothy one in a million, quiet, clever, kind andAutobiography, 226:clever, kind and firm in the right places and Dorothy is witty, sparkling, quite a deep thinker and
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