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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOUBT

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Astrology, 133:does complicate the problem is your feeling of doubt and questioning as to the truth and theAstrology, 235:direction. Of this there is no question of doubt; there is only the point in time and this will beAutobiography, 50:hell (if there is a hell, which I very much doubt) would be a state of complete satisfaction withAutobiography, 134:It sounded to me like complete nonsense and I doubt if that kind of lecture ever helps anybody. IAutobiography, 302:with now as she ever has been. There is no doubt that Mrs. Bailey is subjectively andBethlehem, 61:winter solstice (when any one may very naturally doubt the rebirth of the Sun) to St. Thomas, whoBethlehem, 116:to the whole process. The ultimate temptation is doubt. The test we have all to face eventually,Bethlehem, 123:and it is upon this that the devil casts doubt. The glamor of doubt descends upon the Christ.Bethlehem, 123:this that the devil casts doubt. The glamor of doubt descends upon the Christ. Hungry, lonely, andBethlehem, 123:question the fact that Christ was assailed by doubt. The first traces of that glamor whichBethlehem, 124:His stand upon His divinity and vanquished the doubt. It is interesting to realize that humanityBethlehem, 124:that humanity today stands in the glamor of doubt. Doubt is on every hand. It is an emotionalBethlehem, 124:humanity today stands in the glamor of doubt. Doubt is on every hand. It is an emotional matter.Bethlehem, 124:analyzing and synthesizing intellect does not doubt in this sense; it questions and waits. [125]Bethlehem, 125:is written, and frequently after victory, that doubt descends upon the disciple. Perhaps, afterBethlehem, 125:and supernatural nature the disciple cannot doubt. There have been moments when there has been "aBethlehem, 126:to deal with the [126] detail of the glamor of doubt, of emotion, of depression or of blindness inBethlehem, 126:which we may temporarily find ourselves. But the doubt in the world today will be solved only whenBethlehem, 127:He had triumphed over materialism and over doubt. He knew that the form side of life could notBethlehem, 179:is surely established. The one who knows cannot doubt. Destiny, 41:idea of what is intended by these two words? I doubt it. White magic is realistically the power ofDiscipleship1, 40:manifestation upon the physical plane) is no doubt true; but they are themselves the product of anDiscipleship1, 108:contact has its basis in an intellectual doubt? The satisfaction of your mental longing to verifyDiscipleship1, 111:and rightly oriented towards service. You are no doubt surprised that you are the first that I haveDiscipleship1, 128:I have also questioned it, not because I doubt your sincerity of purpose and of your life intent,Discipleship1, 138:- so simple that you may be tempted to doubt its efficacy. I can, however, assure you that if youDiscipleship1, 229:the soul as love, is also good. Let there be no doubt in your mind upon this point. But parallelingDiscipleship1, 472:due to have this opportunity offered to you. The doubt in my mind arose from my knowledge of theDiscipleship1, 478:Of your sincerity, there is not the slightest doubt. Of your ultimate success, I am equallyDiscipleship1, 518:is bewildered by the fogs of questioning and doubt or when there is a spirit of criticism. One'sDiscipleship1, 591:Of your soul purpose there has never been any doubt nor of your devotion to me, your teacher andDiscipleship2, 67:depression, of self-accusation and frequently of doubt may have to be endured, thus handicappingDiscipleship2, 447:is profoundly satisfied; the other is full of doubt and enquiry; your soul is on its way to aDiscipleship2, 536:which has probably escaped your notice; I doubt if it ever registered itself adequately in yourDiscipleship2, 619:honesty of your dedication there is no possible doubt. Two factors which almost defy definitionDiscipleship2, 620:anything really clearer in your consciousness? I doubt it, for words - requiring as they do rightExternalisation, 57:man's approach to the superhuman world. I doubt that it will be possible to do much in connectionExternalisation, 180:victory would result in untold misery. It is no doubt an undeniable spiritual truth that rightExternalisation, 337:to free your minds from all vestiges of doubt, and to know (in your own life and for the race) thatFire, 984:for their wisdom and skill in occultism and no doubt our word magic is mostly indebted to thatHealing, 442:Horror of the unknown and the indefinable. Doubt as to final immortality. Unhappiness at leavingHealing, 459:the Gita the simple rules whereby depression and doubt can be overcome. They may be brieflyInitiation, 5:as that which has been demonstrated past all doubt and question) may not be a fact from theInitiation, 118:things unseen are seen and known. No more can he doubt, but he has become instead, through his ownInitiation, 132:Heaven. He is conscious of no anxiety, fear, or doubt. He has contacted the divine "Presence," andIntellect, 69:become certain beyond the possibility of a doubt. The sense of certainty and revelation comesIntellect, 100:it is as hard to hold as the wind." "Without doubt... the wavering mind is hard to hold; butIntellect, 246:Of their sincerity there is absolutely [246] no doubt. They believed what they said. Neither isIntellect, 246:believed what they said. Neither is there any doubt of their being hallucinated. All of us are inMagic, 102:to ultimate perfection has been visioned without doubt, and, through this vision, has come theMagic, 170:is recognized as fact past all controversy. No doubt remains in the disciple's mind. 2. There isMagic, 207:head and so awaken the head center. Let no one doubt the effect of breathing exercises upon theMagic, 293:or non-satisfaction, of assurance or doubt, of courage or of fear. This really means that theMagic, 298:fear of failure, the fear which has its roots in doubt, the fear of ultimate negation or ofMagic, 300:Horror of the unknown and the indefinable. Doubt as to final immortality. Unhappiness at leavingMagic, 308:he have his moments of despair, of darkness, of doubt, of dire distress, and of depression. TheyMagic, 308:the Gita the simple rules whereby depression and doubt can be overcome. They may be brieflyMagic, 344:the achieving of utter fearlessness. All fear, doubt, and worry have to be eliminated. If this canMagic, 347:- Fear of what the future holds, and, secondly, doubt as to the outcome of any effort. With mostMagic, 347:of the two. Most aspirants have no basic doubt as to the ultimate issue, but they do doubt at timesMagic, 347:doubt as to the ultimate issue, but they do doubt at times the working out of those issues in theMagic, 418:the note of unity so clearly that they are in no doubt as to your motives and your disinterestedPatanjali, 65:mental development. Some translators call this 'doubt.' This wrong questioning is that which isPatanjali, 65:leads him to question the eternal verities, to doubt the existence of the fundamental realities andPatanjali, 175:can only be dominated by the ego or soul itself. Doubt. This is one of the most interesting of thePatanjali, 175:religion and its exponents, nature itself, which doubt urges him on to constant scientificPatanjali, 177:and he knows himself as one with the All-Self. Doubt no longer controls. The full light of day orPatanjali, 207:and clouding the issues of life with worry, doubt and despair, he clarifies his path by the quietProblems, 164:to approach nearer to God, who could doubt the stupendous results which eventually would be seen?Psychology1, 96:prove to them the fact of the soul, beyond all doubt or questioning. The Mystery of the Ages is onPsychology1, 166:Seven Rays The rise of modern spiritualism is no doubt due to the seventh subray influence, and itPsychology1, 171:It was decided that certain areas of doubt should be cleared up. Secondly, it was determined toPsychology1, 179:in this treatise I referred to the areas of doubt which now exist in man's mind, and I should likePsychology1, 182:of the human consciousness of another area of doubt. The fact of God will be established and men'sPsychology1, 183:The Problem of Immortality The third area of doubt, - doubt as to the fact of immortality - will bePsychology1, 183:of Immortality The third area of doubt, - doubt as to the fact of immortality - will be solvedPsychology1, 189:destruction is needed. It has been needed, no doubt; but the cycle of destruction is practicallyPsychology2, 193:as they work upon the physical plane is no doubt true, but they themselves are the product of innerPsychology2, 569:usually evokes recognition. I am here casting no doubt on the sincerity of the performance nor onPsychology2, 602:and gradually to develop in him a cycle of doubt, leading even to a temporary agnosticism. ThePsychology2, 624:a cycle of insecurity and of transition from doubt as to the future's possible revelations, into aPsychology2, 646:and of its effectiveness there can be no doubt. It greatly strengthened the hands of the HierarchySoulIt is this undiscriminating attitude which is no doubt to blame for the well nigh entire omissionSoul, 12:will be of [12] profound significance I have no doubt whatever. The book is not only challengingSoul, 26:subjected to psychoanalysis, Christ would no doubt have found Himself neatly tabulated andSoul, 37:remarks: "There is not the slightest reason to doubt the broad fact of the profound effect onSoul, 60:appeals to the senses, there has never been any doubt; and the whole of science may be said to beSoul, 60:comparatively obscure; but there is now no doubt of their existence; even among those who still
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