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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOWERED

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Astrology, 625:One and drawing thus I gave enlightenment; I dowered with enrichments; I freely gave." ThisDestiny, 81:two qualities with which Gemini and Taurus have dowered the race. London, the heart center of theDiscipleship2, 468:who reached adeptship in Atlantean times are dowered with this occult unfoldment. Disciples are aptEducation, 58:be transmuted into valuable assets if the man is dowered with persistence, if his imaginativeHercules, 113:it, he slaughtered her, killing the one who dowered him with that which he required. And as heHercules, 126:this great cask belonged, and from the gods, who dowered them with the cask, had come the word thatIntellect, 133:meditation with which the East has lately dowered us, it seems possible that through knowledge ofIntellect, 157:is the "common sense," and in its highest use is dowered with the faculty of synthesis, ofIntellect, 200:with which the mystic prayer and meditation had dowered them, disappear; and, temporarily, theyPsychology2, 10:temporarily to the illusion of the senses, and dowered with a mentality which primarily hinders andRays, 373:group, but also as a great transforming station, dowered later (though not noticeably so at the
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