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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOWN

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Astrology, 20:for, during all my past, they swept me up and down the land wherein I moved, blinded and unaware.Astrology, 20:place and point to point, they drove me up and down the land and nowhere was there rest. I knowAstrology, 20:the Law which governs all this movement up and down the land. I may revolve and turning face theAstrology, 20:onward I will move. I will not travel up and down the land nor turn in space. But onward I willAstrology, 26:and to the individual man. These have been laid down earlier in A Treatise on the Seven Rays but itAstrology, 34:Creative Hierarchies (The Five Kumaras) Nos. Down Name Ray Sign Energy Comments Nos. Up 1 * UnknownAstrology, 35:seven states of being - under karmic law) Nos. Down Ray Name Sign Energy Comments Nos. UP 6 IAstrology, 54:upon the waning influence of the planets to hold down the consciousness aspect of the man. PonderAstrology, 82:- e'en though he knew it not - the man climbs down and feels his way (with pain and many tears) onAstrology, 83:taken in this sign which has been recognized down the ages as "the doorway into life of those whoAstrology, 85:Masters' Archives) these energies are stepped down into forces and are literally sixteen all told -Astrology, 105:into generation. He "followed the sons of men down into their low place." Second: Saturn's power isAstrology, 116:itself is in captivity to substance; it has come down into the prison house of matter and linkedAstrology, 116:of Pisces. The Lords of Will and Sacrifice come down into manifestation, sacrificing their highAstrology, 170:by Capricorn, has been a battlefield right down the ages; Port Said, ruled by this sign, isAstrology, 172:and psychology. This light is spreading down to the very darkest places in our planet and its manyAstrology, 204:the following: Scorpio carries the test right down into the physical plane life, and then, when itAstrology, 214:living One leaves below that which has held him down throughout the ages and rises from the depthsAstrology, 217:of the soul? Or will it carry the whole matter down on to the physical plane with the inevitableAstrology, 231:correct. Air (heaven) will then have "come down to Earth" and fusion will be established. In theAstrology, 232:or spiritual aspiration weighs the balances down sufficiently so as to indicate the way that theAstrology, 233:them either up towards spiritual decision or down towards material and selfish ends. Astrology, 234:ever undesirable, and as something to be lived down and overcome, and kept secretly in theAstrology, 238:Gita and of Arjuna's problem when he sat down in despair between the two opposing armies will beAstrology, 252:and legends bear evidence and which have come down to us concerning Lilith, the last of the VirginAstrology, 253:times. Isis stands for this same expression down on to the emotional or astral plane. Eve has noAstrology, 253:guardian of the child. Mary carries the process down to the plane or place of incarnation, theAstrology, 300:names given to the various stars by astronomers down the ages than has yet been realized, and hereAstrology, 322:Moon and that the form fails to register or step down many of the impacts to which the true man isAstrology, 327:and isolating group activity and character down the ages. When the major reincarnating groups areAstrology, 328:produced the history [328] of war and conflict down the ages. The theme of that ray is "HarmonyAstrology, 330:light which is distinguished by a moving up and down. Scorpio - The Light of Day. This is the placeAstrology, 354:many of the messengers of God as they appear down the ages, the revealers of new divine truths andAstrology, 376:Logos, from the Great Bear; it is stepped down in vibration via one of the Pleiades (hence itsAstrology, 383:Light and Plan. In voicing it thus, I but step down and distort the relation, but until men canAstrology, 385:the death of the form - deep in the rocky place, down in the crypts of the Temple - the human beingAstrology, 385:of modern Tantric magic. Humanity has stepped down the symbolism and in its thoughts debased sex toAstrology, 385:(from the human angle). He is the one who goes down into the depths to find the material upon whichAstrology, 386:is used against the human. Humanity had gone down into the caves and the depths of concretion andAstrology, 430:concerns the development of mankind has been - down the ages - expressed by him in terms ofAstrology, 435:concretization, the mountain of karma that holds down the [436] struggling soul or the mountain ofAstrology, 459:force is unalterable. It can be slowed down or speeded up according to the purpose, aspiration andAstrology, 461:energizing of a secondary triangle. Pouring down one side of this reflected triangle into theAstrology, 496:impulses and causes, and have thus laid down the basis of an inner esoteric astrology which mustAstrology, 498:are made available. When the world again settles down to calmer living and conditions are adjustedAstrology, 530:because the government of the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and isAstrology, 561:evolution (the evolution of consciousness) going down deep into, and becoming inclusive of matterAstrology, 566:consciousness; then we shall indeed all sit down eventually to the communion of bread and wine. HeAstrology, 574:aspect of Deity as it emanates and is stepped down from Shamballa, via the Hierarchy, into whichAstrology, 588:made without any of the absorbing and stepping-down process to which the Hierarchy subjects it. IAstrology, 595:of these twelve sources of light and life "step down" the potency of these three major energies soAstrology, 595:upon our little planet tunes out or steps down the energies from Shamballa. These three majorAstrology, 616:of death. I am bringing this whole concept down into terms of the microcosm even though it will beAstrology, 617:working from the point of synthesis, stepping down the energies distributed, in line with theAstrology, 647:planes) seen as a vast blue lotus and so on down the scale; even the tiny atom of substance can beAtom, 13:have passed through the minds of thinkers right down through the centuries. There have been manyAtom, 39:quoted in the Scientific American, Edison laid down a number of most interesting surmises fromAtom, 101:It might here be wise if we were to come down and consider more practical matters than absoluteAtom, 113:of inspiration and of power, and bring down from [114] the higher levels of the mental planeAtom, 125:on every plane. Let me illustrate. I could go down to certain halls in this city, and gatherAtom, 125:and get no response whatever. Yet I could go down and give them a talk such [126] as I gave tenAtom, 127:it is very true, that if the Christ were to come down upon earth again, and walk among men as HeAtom, 133:trend of evolution is toward synthesis. As we go down into matter, as we tend towardAtom, 137:to produce as the result of our life, or lives, down here. The true psychic powers are those whichAtom, 144:Who energizes the planetary scheme. Having laid down these fundamentals we passed on to theAtom, 150:centers or groups, passing their energy on down through [151] groups of human atoms to the variousAtom, 158:stupendous facts which we fought and died for down the ages, and emphasized as the entire truth,Autobiography, 3:blessed with marvelous friends and helpers who - down the years - have remained my friends, noAutobiography, 3:which sound meaningless and futile when written down. Our relationship is one of them. For manyAutobiography, 7:mystics, disciples and aspiring men and women down the ages have known all these things. The timeAutobiography, 9:often momentous - with which we are at intervals down the years confronted. Then what we developedAutobiography, 10:[10] and indicates a way out, or fails and we go down, temporarily at least. It is in this fashionAutobiography, 21:and nearly suffocated, [21] for the lid shut down on us. The second was that I made my firstAutobiography, 21:things were futile so I decided that if I bumped down the stone kitchen steps from top to bottomAutobiography, 25:at 8 a.m. sharp, in the schoolroom, and then down to the dining room at 9 for family prayers. WeAutobiography, 26:where the nurse or maid got us ready to go down to the drawing room. White frocks, colored sashes,Autobiography, 28:conversation. In the autumn, we would be down in Devonshire, accompanied everywhere by a governess,Autobiography, 30:throwing every piece of jewelry she possessed down the toilet one morning, when I was aboutAutobiography, 32:one sunny morning, two men on bicycles coasted down the hill and passed us. As one of them did so,Autobiography, 34:save souls and those who were heathen and bowed down to images of stone and worshipped them. TheAutobiography, 35:with a turban on his head. He came in and sat down beside me. I was so petrified at the sight ofAutobiography, 41:and conviction to the witness of many others down the ages. All this time, I was given to goodAutobiography, 42:which the Christian Church, as I knew it, bowed down. Theologically, however, there was no suchAutobiography, 54:and make friends with them; go up and sit down beside them and play checkers; be nice to them,Autobiography, 55:to some soldier, finding out his name, sitting down to play games with him, asking him about hisAutobiography, 55:Constabulary. I started off fluently, slowed down, got stage fright, gave those men one look, burstAutobiography, 57:upon me was to make me laugh till tears ran down my face. Like many good speakers who use onlyAutobiography, 57:out of them the needed thoughts, I do not take down well stenographically. I look at the reportsAutobiography, 58:when I heard a battery of artillery galloping down the road towards me. Hurriedly I tried to moveAutobiography, 61:practice camp during the summer) asked me to go down there every evening to their Army TemperanceAutobiography, 62:that I might accept and every evening I bicycled down after that abominable British meal, calledAutobiography, 62:used to welcome my help to get the men quieted down. I became quite an expert. Then there is theAutobiography, 69:had to be done. I heard one was then in town, so down I went, all alone, without any word to myAutobiography, 72:two years there, off and on, though I went down into India several times, crossing the Sind DesertAutobiography, 73:the place up. About twenty of them would come down from barracks together. They would go into theAutobiography, 74:ask those of them who were not on duty to come down to the Soldiers Home at a certain hour. ForAutobiography, 77:his adjutant and his staff who had [77] come down to inspect the home and see what we were doing.Autobiography, 79:all the funds and I spent the night chasing him down the railroad. I would ask you to remember thisAutobiography, 80:stream of emergencies which finally broke me down. Paralleling these events were many lovely times.Autobiography, 82:knew at that time that her words would be handed down to thousands of people in my public lectures.
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