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Autobiography, 83:What had God done about the millions of people down the ages, throughout the entire world, beforeAutobiography, 86:ask anyone about it. In 1906 I began to break down physically. The headaches to which I had alwaysAutobiography, 88:same standing as myself, but I was also letting down the work and making things almost impossiblyAutobiography, 88:in Lucknow I could not sleep. I walked up and down my room and felt entirely desolate. I went outAutobiography, 89:between me and Walter Evans came to a show-down. It had been a hard summer there. We had opened theAutobiography, 92:who superintended my transfer from Ranikhet down to the plains. I had to go by carriage; I had toAutobiography, 93:hotel. I remember going up to my room and lying down on my bed, too tired to unpack or even toAutobiography, 93:or twice in my life when I have been too run down. The second thing I remember was being taken onAutobiography, 93:I debarked at Marseilles with the tears dripping down my face. I cried on the train to Paris. IAutobiography, 95:from my point of view let the whole [95] work down, including Miss Sandes. By now I had begun toAutobiography, 95:being regarded as quite unnecessary. I felt let down. I faced a major anticlimax. I worked myselfAutobiography, 97:aunt feeling better. In a few days' time I went down to London and took the boat again for IndiaAutobiography, 103:of a girt and when we got to the station, he got down and took my hand and said, "Miss Alice, IAutobiography, 104:us and paid all expenses. I found when it came down to the details of married life that I hadAutobiography, 106:of the world. My husband and I took him down to our house in Tunbridge Wells for a couple of nightsAutobiography, 107:Negro in the national life. They cannot be kept down, nor should they be. It is up to them to proveAutobiography, 108:My Waterloo was the weekly washing. I used to go down to the basement, which was fitted with theAutobiography, 108:I know and things you don't, and you're coming down with me every Monday morning until I say youAutobiography, 114:She went back home and shortly the Bishop came down. I wish I could convey in these pages theAutobiography, 114:The first time I had met him he had come down for a confirmation. I had served supper and was inAutobiography, 114:in one of his fits of temper my husband threw me down the stairs with, it turned out, a bad effectAutobiography, 115:and hearing a man go rapidly out of my room and down stairs. It was just the doctor who had lookedAutobiography, 119:my defense of the Jews whilst lecturing up and down western Europe. In spite, however, of knowingAutobiography, 119:the Jews, and persecution has been their record down the years. I hesitate to state my conclusionsAutobiography, 121:emphasizes "racial purity" and so have the Jews down the ages. The Jew never seems assimilable. IAutobiography, 123:life as an evangelist finally got me completely down. Autobiography, 123:that does the thinking and has done the thinking down the ages. Hence other human and finite brainsAutobiography, 128:lies around the corner." The next morning I went down to one of the great sardine canneries andAutobiography, 128:and I hoped to earn good money and I did. I went down each morning at 7 a.m. and returned homeAutobiography, 128:most interesting experiences of my life. I was down among the people; I was just nobody and I hadAutobiography, 128:had always thought I was somebody. I was holding down the kind of job that anybody could hold down.Autobiography, 128:down the kind of job that anybody could hold down. It was unskilled labor. At first I went into theAutobiography, 130:must have done something to have brought herself down to this kind of work." "Better not be takenAutobiography, 130:around the corner with him. He stuck his hand down into his jeans and hauled out half a clean,Autobiography, 131:few days later I went into a restaurant and sat down with my husband, Foster Bailey, in a booth. InAutobiography, 135:them over to the woman next door and then go down to the factory where I packed those darnedAutobiography, 135:them. If it was summer time, I would take them down to the beach. By 7 o'clock we would be home forAutobiography, 139:by step and stage by stage, have led mankind on down the centuries. I made the amazing discovery,Autobiography, 144:that my finances were somewhat stabilized I go down to Hollywood where the headquarters of theAutobiography, 144:the move and towards the end of 1917 we went down. I found a small house, close to the T.S.Autobiography, 145:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter IV I was driving down Fifth Avenue a few years ago and the taxi driverAutobiography, 149:in which members of the hill tribes were allowed down into the cantonment. All guards were doubledAutobiography, 149:I sat on my bed watching them trying to break down those very strong doors. They did not dare go toAutobiography, 149:my bathroom or the other bedroom meant breaking down two doors in each case and the risk of noiseAutobiography, 149:my room one night. He had been reading late, down stairs, and the wind had blown out his candle asAutobiography, 154:and, from a pedestal of superiority, look down upon this world. Again, I would point out thatAutobiography, 160:her in cold sheets trying to bring the fever down. Foster walked in and started in to help us.Autobiography, 162:Lord said," whereupon some prophet or seer wrote down what was said. Much of it is beautiful and ofAutobiography, 162:From whence do our greatest poets and artists down the ages get their inspiration? All from someAutobiography, 162:out on to the hill close to the house. I sat down and began thinking and then suddenly I satAutobiography, 164:automatic in what I do. I simply listen and take down the words that I hear and register theAutobiography, 165:across the Tibetan frontier and that he had come down especially to speak to Mr. Carpenter. TheAutobiography, 166:man and that he had never been known to come down across the frontier or visit an Occidental. When,Autobiography, 166:he had made a mistake; that the abbot had been down to see him. After writing for the Tibetan forAutobiography, 167:adequately focused I could register and write down the thoughts of the Tibetan (His carefullyAutobiography, 172:There have always been theosophical societies down the ages - the name of the movement is not new -Autobiography, 178:to occupy themselves with defaming and running down people who have been dead for decades. There isAutobiography, 178:ahead. Our joint finances on the day when we sat down to size up the situation and to lay plans forAutobiography, 181:coat tails and how glad we all were to settle down in the new home. It was the first time theAutobiography, 186:with which I was confronted when we settled down in the house at Ridgefield Park. I had to send myAutobiography, 187:on, however, to point out that the system broke down for the highly intelligent, creative or giftedAutobiography, 194:the Arcane School is that which has been given down the ages to disciples. The Arcane School, if itAutobiography, 198:and based on the Ageless Wisdom that has come down to us from the very night of time. We started aAutobiography, 199:every kind of psychologist was lecturing up and down the land. Every type of psychoanalyst wasAutobiography, 209:One day a member of the club asked me to go down and hear the Grand Duke Alexander speak. He was aAutobiography, 209:brother-in-law of the late Czar Nicholas. I went down more from curiosity than from anything elseAutobiography, 209:to our feet when the Grand Duke came in and sat down in an armchair on the platform. When we wereAutobiography, 209:foyer by the Grand Duke's secretary. He sat me down and looked solemnly at me and said, "What doAutobiography, 210:Grand Duke died and after. He constantly went down with Foster and me to stop at Valmy for a fewAutobiography, 211:had stolen it. Several years later, walking down 43rd St., New York, I suddenly saw the Grand DukeAutobiography, 219:the many countries but vertically also, up and down the social ladder. It is a great education toAutobiography, 221:after a few days in Antwerp as she wanted to go down the Rhine with her daughter. She had a veryAutobiography, 221:a foreign land to that which Foster and I had. Down she would come in the morning with a daughterAutobiography, 222:as they are on the sides of the hills reaching down into the water. I know nothing more beautifulAutobiography, 222:look at than the view from Ronco looking up and down the lake. It is useless for me to write aboutAutobiography, 223:its beauty there lurked much evil, I simply sat down and told the girls all about it. I wasAutobiography, 225:she arrived there and I can see her now coming down the hillside with her husband, and, immediatelyAutobiography, 226:[226] and when I got tired or worried I would go down to Violet and talk with her. She was aAutobiography, 228:gullible occidental. Three years later I went down to Washington, D.C., to give a course ofAutobiography, 232:the mount of the Lord and found them falling down before [233] the golden calf was that they hadAutobiography, 234:of the [234] Aquarian age, for we shall sit down together under the loving direction of Christ whenAutobiography, 247:from transcribing [247] my writings and taking down my notes, rendering them into theAutobiography, 259:such clarity that she is enabled to write it down, so that no word is changed. The book is printedAutobiography, 262:has eternally met the need of seekers who - down the ages - have demanded entrance to the MysteriesAutobiography, 282:the Ageless Wisdom, as recognized in all lands down through the ages. Let us take each one of theseAutobiography, 288:involved. The widespread acceptance of any truth down the ages and in every civilization andAutobiography, 291:initiates and imposters are lecturing up and down the earth and false Christs are arising in bothAutobiography, 294:That there has been a continuity of revelation down the ages and that from cycle to cycle God hasBethlehem, 5:which brings revelation have ever been the same, down the ages, and are identical with that whichBethlehem, 7:belief and knowledge of the past, handed down to us for our guidance and forming the foundation ofBethlehem, 7:forth from God in response to the need of man, down the ages. The truth of one age becomes the mythBethlehem, 15:of doctrine which has enabled many thousands, down the centuries, to see the light. Today ChristBethlehem, 21:of the mythic Christ, appearing again and again down the ages, proves that God has never leftBethlehem, 22:ever been the experience, the uniform experience down the ages, of all seekers. Revolting in theBethlehem, 28:destruction going on around us and the tearing down of the ancient institutions - political,Bethlehem, 35:a man into the service of the kingdom of God. Down the ages, individuals throughout the world haveBethlehem, 44:knowledge and the message of all true Christians down the centuries, and their united testimonyBethlehem, 55:Son of God Who speaks divinely, we have fallen down in love and adoration before that divinity. ButBethlehem, 57:sent forth from the Center. Many Sons of God, down the ages, have given to humanity a progressivelyBethlehem, 60:perhaps of Christ's mission to live and work down amongst men. The Masonic phrase to "meet on the
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