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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOWN

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Discipleship1, 356:on the move and let not inertia drag you down and set weights upon your feet. The work to be doneDiscipleship1, 367:Her idea of liberty can be a chain, holding her down. This is the lesson she must learn. HerDiscipleship1, 369:to build the Temple according to the plan laid down." "But the plan was not complete. SomeDiscipleship1, 371:are weak and full of fear, sorrowful or weighed down with care; they have to be taught the way ofDiscipleship1, 376:out of any book you care to choose and write down these six seed thoughts - one for each month?Discipleship1, 377:of the New Group of World Servers, stepped down into their minds and desires. As it exists in theDiscipleship1, 395:one achieves anything of reality by the laying down of any assumed responsibility. Another has beenDiscipleship1, 410:structure of your daily living will not break down if, for instance, you do not answer theDiscipleship1, 411:of love in your being. Relax then and sink down into the soul consciousness which is love. Let loveDiscipleship1, 420:needed. it [420] should be one that will break down any tendency to crystallize which may be makingDiscipleship1, 425:upon the Way. Many pass much time and thus slow down their active spiritual expression by an undueDiscipleship1, 440:touches the top of your head. Then see, pouring down, via the triangle, a stream of light, goldenDiscipleship1, 456:That which you have to give must be brought down from the levels of consciousness which areDiscipleship1, 456:the soul, the Oversoul. This is seen as pouring down into the head center from the soul, via theDiscipleship1, 460:good." Phrase III. For the physical body. "Down from the mountain top I come, bringing the light ofDiscipleship1, 472:doing. You go bull-headed through life, knocking down and hurting as you go. This you know fullDiscipleship1, 476:to use it to the full. I urge not the writing down of morbid thoughts and self-centered ideas andDiscipleship1, 482:of beauty did I come across today? Note these down and note also your reactions to them whenDiscipleship1, 482:a book which illumined your mind. Write it all down so as to share it with your fellow disciples.Discipleship1, 489:to the time of the Full Moon and to note down any reactions which may come [490] your way. ThisDiscipleship1, 523:3rd month - From the high point I oft come down and walk the ways of life and beauty with myDiscipleship1, 526:capacity) a relatively easy thing to break down, and so walk in the light. But you have surroundedDiscipleship1, 526:with the work you could do for us, carried down from the mental level of awareness (where youDiscipleship1, 527:up to it from the valley beneath. Mountains look down upon the plateau from the east and west,Discipleship1, 528:a very little towards the stream. Twenty feet down this path, on either side of it, is a floweringDiscipleship1, 528:bush, a most fragrant rose. The path continues down the slightly sloping green lawn to the stream,Discipleship1, 529:pines continue to the back of the pagoda, and go down the entire length of the long south walk,Discipleship1, 529:woods. Seated on these rocks one looks over and down about a foot or two, and sees these beautifulDiscipleship1, 529:feathery clumps of waving pampas grasses), looks down on seraphs' wings of glorious roses, shadedDiscipleship1, 530:to be arranged in flat baskets, to be sent down the mountain, by donkeys, in care of those who haveDiscipleship1, 556:walk. That vision must, however, be brought down to a lower level of consciousness. The area ofDiscipleship1, 557:that lower aggregation of forces begins to wear down; its vibration weakens and, because much ofDiscipleship1, 558:from a high, cold, mental altitude, but down on the planes of earth; love them with your heart.Discipleship1, 559:of God, which works towards good. Phrase III. Down from the mountain top I come, bringing the lightDiscipleship1, 576:shattering yourself and constantly tearing down the contacts you make, the work you do and theDiscipleship1, 585:upon the individual's vibration. It tones it down when necessary, stimulates it and facilitates itsDiscipleship1, 599:within the radius of that light and wander not down the accustomed byways. These words may sound toDiscipleship1, 615:and your devotion has been glamorous. Now get down to facts. Let the future demonstrate aDiscipleship1, 620:it will be so because you and many others worked down in the inferno of today. NOTE: This brotherDiscipleship1, 627:June 1935 MY BROTHER OF OLD: You are halfway down from the altitude of your tower and that is good.Discipleship1, 629:six incarnations - disappears and that you are down among men, sharing with them all that concernsDiscipleship1, 636:of Power which the soul would use is stepped down to the many, many words the astral magician findsDiscipleship1, 638:the calm, deep running of a river, as it pours down to the sea, fertilizing the fields throughDiscipleship1, 662:never yet learnt. Do not let your group brothers down by resigning or by a violent explosion - theDiscipleship1, 675:comes, the builder and again the tearer down of forms. The broken forms hold not the power toDiscipleship1, 676:step of the barred way he turns back and passes down the stairs on to the playground, meeting deadDiscipleship1, 707:and there will be a necessary slowing down of both action and perception in the outer space-timeDiscipleship1, 715:is not alone and the group is unafraid) looks down, catches the light, reflects the whirling forceDiscipleship1, 716:sometimes called, and that he gradually settles down to the later stage of interior investigation.Discipleship1, 719:the point of view of the Hierarchy, stepping it down until it can come within the range ofDiscipleship1, 721:can take place: There can be the needed stepping-down of the inflowing energy which the AvatarDiscipleship1, 722:of the [722] wishful thinking of countless minds down the ages. He will be the solace of distressedDiscipleship1, 725:disciples in the group or is it to be stepped down to a generally lower average to suit the leastDiscipleship1, 725:in a group of disciples and aspirants to pull down to their level of work and understanding theDiscipleship1, 728:initiate-disciples halt, or wait and step down their activities so as to give the less advanced theDiscipleship1, 731:of the planetary government. These step down the inflowing energy so that accepted disciples canDiscipleship1, 733:unexplained and misinterpreted or laughed down and ridiculed, they can greatly hinder and can beDiscipleship1, 772:find their entire progress inevitably slowed down, for they will have put themselves outside theDiscipleship1, 779:apart from transcribing my writings and taking down my notes, rendering them into theDiscipleship2, 29:to this dark night as pictured by the mystics down the ages. Their emphasis has, in the past, beenDiscipleship2, 49:and the group thinking; the rules then laid down will hold good for all future years, though theirDiscipleship2, 77:I use not words lightly. A.A.B. has taken me down with accuracy during these many years, includingDiscipleship2, 97:these two sources of information and then write down: Any definitions of an Ashram you may find.Discipleship2, 97:of his aspiration; the answers should be written down (so as to focus that truth) with no thoughtDiscipleship2, 102:those representative groups which can "step down" the hierarchical quality of energy so that theDiscipleship2, 105:The members of an Ashram, however, do not sit down for a joint meditation. One of the qualities,Discipleship2, 108:each month - the day of the full moon - to sit down and mention each of these names of yourDiscipleship2, 113:fundamental truths which have been earlier laid down (in Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I), andDiscipleship2, 129:the etheric body. Consciously throw soul energy down into the center at the base of the spine. ThenDiscipleship2, 135:that achievement has carried the entering force down into the ranks of those Masters who have takenDiscipleship2, 135:the fifth initiation thus enabling them to step down this Shamballa force to their individualDiscipleship2, 145:the mind in the light, you will then write down the first thought (no matter what it is) thatDiscipleship2, 147:each month, go through the ideas you have jotted down in your daily work and from them pick threeDiscipleship2, 148:of theme to present world opportunity. Write down first thought then received. OM. Refocus onDiscipleship2, 161:to the awaited impression, and to bring down that which is needed for the enlightenment andDiscipleship2, 192:cross symbolizes to the disciple that he must go down into the very depths of human life in orderDiscipleship2, 196:into a still higher spiritual center and bring down from Shamballa that understanding of divineDiscipleship2, 201:production of the New Group of World Servers, down the ages. This is a statement full of importantDiscipleship2, 228:each week the planned activities when you sit down to this meditation, in the light of yourDiscipleship2, 234:(from [234] those of the advanced intelligentsia down to those of the unskilled laborer) can beDiscipleship2, 246:formulas in the world. They have been used down the ages by all disciples and initiates of theDiscipleship2, 271:of their disciples; these latter step down the inflowing energies so that the thinkers andDiscipleship2, 281:via the antahkarana, must be brought consciously down to abstract levels of thinking whereDiscipleship2, 289:personal center of thought, energy will stream down into the physical brain, via the etheric body.Discipleship2, 296:of training - done by people in their millions down the ages through the entire planet? Its qualityDiscipleship2, 298:of the recognition of the divine Plan down the ages. This produces a sense of synthesis and thisDiscipleship2, 309:him not as yet." What is meant here (to bring it down to the bare factual outline) is that thereDiscipleship2, 320:entered by the individual initiate, and has been down the ages, but now, for the first time, it isDiscipleship2, 344:These concepts are divine ideas, brought down into human thought-forms, and each of them conditionsDiscipleship2, 374:or unconsciously - in our modern world. Down upon the level of daily living, disciples are todayDiscipleship2, 375:[375] as the result of his life experiences down the ages or centuries. His ray energy which,Discipleship2, 398:Sacrifice which "destroys all hindrances, breaks down all impediments and removes all individualDiscipleship2, 405:the highest levels of the cosmic physical plane down to the lowest level of outer, dense physicalDiscipleship2, 408:there awaits them, and bring the radiant light down to the world of men, revealing the new kingdomDiscipleship2, 425:highest aspect of the divine light can penetrate down into the physical plane. This must beDiscipleship2, 463:sorrows of the Cross of Man have weighted thee down but not submerged or blotted out the light. TheDiscipleship2, 466:count if you seek to destroy opposition, to burn down barriers (inherent in yourself or presentedDiscipleship2, 485:of your already developed nature and thus break down the barriers which may exist; thus you willDiscipleship2, 486:in this life was to bring this soul energy down from the subtler bodies into the three worlds soDiscipleship2, 491:relation to others with whom you live and work, down on the physical plane. Again, you bring this
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