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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOWN

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Fire, 260:paraphrased the threefold query, and brought it down to microcosmic objectivity, the problem mightFire, 277:of an entity through the three lower planes down into incarnation and back again. In connectionFire, 282:solar and cosmic. So also can it be narrowed down to the subhuman, and to the involutionary lives,Fire, 282:cosmic physical plane. Fourth. Man has to bring down into conscious full control, the God within.Fire, 284:or scheme within which the Ego has place. So on down the scale, we find the lesser pursuing itsFire, 301:planet (from the material bodies of men or devas down to the other kingdoms of nature) form HisFire, 304:reflection. If the general concept here laid down is studied in relation to the schemes, and otherFire, 308:awareness within certain set limits. Having laid down these preliminary foundation thoughts, weFire, 324:force flowing from the fourth cosmic ether down to the next subplane of the cosmic physical. ItFire, 331:that the law holds good and that what is laid down as fact anent a Heavenly Man on His Own planesFire, 378:point, the origin of cosmic and systemic manas, down to certain facts concerning our chain, andFire, 378:individual Heavenly Men, and finally brought it down to that which more nearly concerns ourselves -Fire, 379:it is now possible for us to come definitely down to the consideration of our Earth chain withinFire, 382:of the Secret Doctrine. The student is narrowed down to the contemplation of the seven globes ofFire, 392:Heavenly Man; it resulted in a temporary slowing down of His activities, and caused "lost time," ifFire, 405:or the no loka is made fit to appear as a loka down below or the unmanifested becomes theFire, 406:activity of all atoms and narrowing our concept down to our own scheme it is interesting to noteFire, 409:BE SAID, Who ensouls the seven solar systems, down through the Lord of a solar system, through theFire, 411:scheme, a chain, or any form of limiting sphere down through them all to the physical atom of theFire, 418:and the Personality. This narrows the concept down to the sphere of a man's own consciousness, andFire, 434:has waxed and waned since that time, dying down during the fourth root-race, and waxing steadilyFire, 439:planet. The vibrations of that Ray will quiet down as far as we are concerned, and find increasedFire, 439:manifestation of this can be seen in the dying down of what is called Christian enthusiasm. ThisFire, 479:spheroidal wall of the atom is eventually broken down. The electrons or negative units seek a newFire, 487:in this respect, I desire primarily to lay down certain postulates which must be carefully borne inFire, 493:Isaiah 11:6) when he speaks of "the wolf lying down with the lamb"; his comment "a little childFire, 549:with their higher center of force, and thus draw down a continuous supply of energy for theFire, 586:the Law of Magnetic Control - love. Again lower down on the second plane of the Personality, theFire, 587:and in the third outpouring, 83 came [587] down to the fifth plane, along with the other monads. AFire, 597:about these matters, and the risk of laying down hard and fast rules. Much must remain unexplainedFire, 603:portion of the logoic Ego which is reflected down into His physical vehicle; He is the life of theFire, 613:When the student brings his study of deva work down to the terms of his own individual life he isFire, 620:of substance and of substance itself, we come down to more technical details and to the moreFire, 627:entities in their various groups, having laid down the fundamentals in connection with them. InFire, 647:His self-conscious activity was brought right down on to the physical plane. The analogy can beFire, 654:line with the order of manifestation as laid down in the ancient cosmogony, and this we followedFire, 689:broad and general affirmations have been laid down with the purpose in view of opening up thisFire, 702:of a human being, seeking incarnation, passes down from the plane of intensive purpose, the mentalFire, 703:the positive aspect in manifestation and pass down into [704] negative matter, deva or hierarchicalFire, 731:are unitedly burning does the fire of matter die down for lack of that which it may consume, andFire, 738:never errs. Hence all those who have not slipped down Into the mire of unredeemable sin andFire, 747:the inner radiant fire. From the gates of gold down to the pit of earth, out from the flaming fireFire, 747:to the pit of earth, out from the flaming fire down to the circle of gloom, rideth the secretFire, 759:of the Catholic churches, breaking down the barrier separating the Episcopal and Greek churchesFire, 763:not apparent, and all the nine petals are closed down upon the inner three; the orange color has aFire, 767:the first three petals take shape, and close down upon the vibrant point, or "jewel" under theFire, 772:the mantrams of the solar Angels begin to die down, and slowly (as the petals of the inner circleFire, 778:must bear in mind that in the fundamentals laid down here we are not dealing specifically with ourFire, 781:trace the progress of egoic energy as it passes down from the abstract levels to the permanentFire, 786:significance. All that has been here laid down as to the progressive stages of form construction onFire, 815:the man is concentrated in an attempt to bring down into the physical brain consciousness, and thusFire, 838:but the rest were cold. The Sons of God looked down from the innermost center. They looked, thenFire, 838:remained untouched. The Sons of God again looked down. For one brief second They thought upon theFire, 839:for the great awakening. They pass no longer down but mount. This is the interlude for which theFire, 849:of Ignorance kama-manas rules. The man, weighed down by much misplaced desire, seeks for the objectFire, 884:power, the "fire from Heaven," which is brought down from the higher triad through the agency ofFire, 944:it becomes vitalized with the life energy sent down from the Ego, just as Shiva, the Father, givesFire, 947:by the united creative attempts of human beings down the centuries. Misunderstandings have arisenFire, 949:and powerful agent is available for the bringing down of force from higher levels to aid in theFire, 959:through the lower levels of the mental plane, down through the astral to the physical in its twoFire, 962:This is brought about by egoic energy passed down the sutratma to the physical brain, andFire, 987:three great Lords and conform to the plans laid down, subordinating Their individual purposes andFire, 997:The second group will carry the work on down to the plane of desire, and of vitalization, and willFire, 998:by means of the sutratma, which passes down through the bodies to a point of entrance in theFire, 1018:planes), seen as a vast blue lotus, and so on down the scale; even the tiny atom of substance canFire, 1021:form creation, we have carried the thought form down from the mental plane where the solar AngelFire, 1025:He, therefore, fights fire with fire, and draws down solar fire for his protection. This was notFire, 1036:be created that the diamond is cycling up and down between the summit, and the irradiated portion.Fire, 1037:scientific discoveries which can be traced down the centuries, such as the formulation of the LawFire, 1038:summary of the appearances of the great Teachers down the ages. The force emanations from the Manu,Fire, 1067:elements has, as we have seen, occupied students down the ages. The alchemists of the middle agesFire, 1068:has been run, when the wheel of life has run down, when the hour for liberation has struck, whenFire, 1069:only when this general theory which is here laid down in connection with all atoms is admitted byFire, 1087:of the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Thus we pass down the scale through all the kingdoms and formsFire, 1148:entity. No hard and fast rule can be laid down at this time for the general public, though suchFire, 1159:three long streams of energy which pass up and down the spinal column. This triple stream of forceFire, 1165:or they will be led into error. The lower down one seeks to carry the correspondence, the more theFire, 1171:heat necessary for its unfoldment, and to bring down from the levels of the Spirit that which is toFire, 1269:His heart. [1269] The motion of the disk slows down. The portal of the fiery light opens moreGlamour, 19:of detachment and of recognition and write down all that is sensed, seen or contacted. TheseGlamour, 25:knowledge you will arrive. [25] Then write it down in the form of an interpretation or article andGlamour, 30:and many similar emanating sources have - down the ages - produced the world of illusion and thoseGlamour, 31:him may lie. But then again the glamor settles down upon him and he is rendered powerless toGlamour, 33:determining factors which have produced glamor down the ages. With these factors we will laterGlamour, 36:show as increased light. This light pours down and irradiates not only the mind, but the brainGlamour, 43:This is the great dispelling agency, and pours down from the plane of the intuition (the plane ofGlamour, 43:This is the great dissipating agency, and pours down from soul levels (the higher levels of theGlamour, 55:ways in which this distortion and this stepping down of the idea take place might be outlined forGlamour, 59:of the mental equipment, and frequently stepped down into futility. The [60] mechanism for rightGlamour, 61:ideas, when of a very high order, are stepped down into the consciousness of a disciple by hisGlamour, 74:is simply the result of this particular glamor. Down the ages, this glamor has held the raceGlamour, 83:and glamors, however, it is much easier to sit down and hypnotize oneself into the belief that oneGlamour, 91:embodies all the psychic and mental forces which down the ages have been unfolded in a man andGlamour, 115:in conflict until the struggling soul sits down - as did Arjuna - in the midst between the twoGlamour, 130:the mental plane, that there can be no narrowing down to one idea with its ramifications as happensGlamour, 133:mental plane will have acquired or accumulated - down the ages - a vast number of ideas, which haveGlamour, 140:with that form of illumination which is thrown down by the soul into the world of the astral plane.Glamour, 173:of human awareness has been progressive down the ages, and has been dependent upon two major andGlamour, 175:phase of glamor, though illusion can be carried down into the world of feeling and become glamor.Glamour, 177:the built-up illusory form of thought, developed down the ages, which controls so much of the mass
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