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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOWN

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Glamour, 181:cycle. This is possible and has been achieved down the ages by those who have rightly approachedGlamour, 185:essential dynamic livingness which will carry it down into physical demonstration and factualGlamour, 185:the purity of this revelation has been preserved down the ages by a small handful of disciples,Glamour, 195:the Technique of Light have been adequately laid down in the Raja Yoga system of Patanjali, ofGlamour, 196:India or the life of practical mysticism as laid down by such mystics as Meister Eckhart and theGlamour, 200:forms which the desire nature of man has created down the ages and are the nebulous substance ofGlamour, 203:its first artistic expression; by means of this, down the ages, man has supplemented individualGlamour, 208:is the phantasmagoric creation of human desire down the [209] ages and its false light is aGlamour, 223:saying that they tend to bring their illusions down to the astral plane and there clothe them withGlamour, 232:of glamor. "We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silentGlamour, 238:of glamor. We reach into the light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silentGlamour, 243:and no more false interpretations, no wandering down the bypaths of daily living, no seeing othersGlamour, 243:Problem - The Ending of Glamor Again and again, down the ages, the Masters have told TheirGlamour, 244:the pattern of [244] things and the design laid down upon the trestle board of the spiritualGlamour, 263:source of some type of energy, and this pours down into and through the etheric body without beingHealing, 9:is the problem with which all medical practice down the ages has wrestled. In our presentHealing, 15:suffice for our work and will enable us to lay down those laws and principles which will indicateHealing, 19:which lead to undesirable habits, a letting down of the morale, and are dangerous to the will ofHealing, 25:Upon this I will later enlarge. Today I but lay down the general proposition. I would also like toHealing, 36:light, from which a stream of lights pours down into the phenomenal man; this can be seen attachingHealing, 42:receives the bulk of the life energy as it comes down the life stream, from the soul, and likewiseHealing, 44:at this time concerned. I am here simply laying down the structure of fact upon which we can laterHealing, 52:are such that no hard and fast rules can be laid down. The ray forces manifest differently,Healing, 58:- a fact quite unknown to modern science. Down the ages, men have suffered from these groups ofHealing, 61:presence there is largely due to the burial, down the ages, of millions of corpses. By theHealing, 66:of diseases which affect humanity as a whole, or down the ages. The more advanced the aspirant, theHealing, 70:in fear and worry, and once the world settles down to freedom from the present "fearful" condition,Healing, 71:keep the patient quiet and also keep the fever down. This is the work of the New Group of WorldHealing, 84:source of those difficulties which, when carried down into the physical body, produce disease ofHealing, 91:plan work. The result is frequently the breaking down of the nervous system, which could have beenHealing, 92:This is not a negative state of settling down to a submissive non active life, but it is a positiveHealing, 96:of the original thought and its stepping down to the level of emotionalism. When this stepping downHealing, 96:to the level of emotionalism. When this stepping down and eventual control by astral forces doesHealing, 151:oblongata, thus involving the carotid gland, and down towards the shoulder blades. It is anHealing, 182:are nurtured by the life and energy pouring down through the entire length of the spinal [183]Healing, 184:He seeks not to narrow the teaching down to points and lines and place until such [185] time whenHealing, 185:functioning activity and the channels up and down the spine will be cleared of all obstruction.Healing, 208:tendencies powerful. We might consequently lay down the premise (one which the medical professionHealing, 210:aspect, will become available and will pour down through the head center to the ajna center,Healing, 210:Then, by an act of the will, it is projected down the spinal column, via the alta major center,Healing, 210:which conditions the carotid gland. As it passes down the spinal column it vitalizes two aspects ofHealing, 220:Causes of Disease. We have carried the idea down from the inner and more subtle causes of diseaseHealing, 224:will have to cope; it must inevitably break down national prejudices and racial barriers - theHealing, 235:and that [235] ancient civilization went down into the deeps and was engulfed in water - the symbolHealing, 241:are also due to excess of energy. I can only lay down general indications, state causes, and thenHealing, 256:the already God-given knowledge which medicine down the ages has accumulated; they need also toHealing, 263:they sum up in themselves - as a nation, down the ages - the depths of human evil and the heightsHealing, 265:nor wanted them. It has always been the same down the centuries. Yet there must be some reason,Healing, 271:on the side of those groups of people who run down and refuse to admit the findings of modernHealing, 272:you are to profit by my presentation) is to lay down certain broad and general assumptions whichHealing, 280:and accept that which the divine instinct in man down the ages has taught in connection with theHealing, 301:fourth He found a field of battle and settled down to fight. He saw the right and knew the wrongHealing, 316:where the difficulty is due to the breaking down of the brain tissue. Far more of these areHealing, 323:food of every kind, the inhalation of smoke down the centuries, the breathing in of tainted air,Healing, 363:forms are made. This symbolism has come down from the far-off period of the Matriarchate, which hadHealing, 368:Many of the theories of modern science are laid down in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, thoughHealing, 384:humanity from passing through that door; down the ages man has passed through its portals and hasHealing, 399:of the values for which men have fought and died down the ages and which are deemed essential toHealing, 403:heathen and the heathen "in their blindness bow down to wood and stone," to quote one of yourHealing, 418:Man, and of the Logos Himself. b. By the slowing down and gradual cessation of the cyclic rhythm,Healing, 428:energy enters the body, via the head, and passes down to the heart, where it is focused during theHealing, 435:to restore" has been given with great frequency down the ages by every soul within a physical form;Healing, 450:on the Seven Rays: The eighteen fires must die down; the lesser lives (embodying the principle ofHealing, 451:kingdom into the skies and which has brought down fire from heaven. I am talking to you factuallyHealing, 454:brain fails to record, and thus silence settles down. The house is empty. Activity ceases, exceptHealing, 459:hour of need, Krishna failed him not, but laid down in the Gita the simple rules whereby depressionHealing, 470:fires within the physical organism die down; their heat and light are absorbed into the twenty-oneHealing, 482:erected by specialized medicine must come down, and the new schools must be sought, instructed andHealing, 482:of true medical science (as produced by man down the ages under the inspiration of his divineHealing, 499:Tenth Law of Healing I would like now to lay down certain postulates which we shall need toHealing, 511:tiny aspect of the soul which was initially "put down" into manifestation at the time ofHealing, 530:This has been accumulated by men of science down the ages and is largely proven and true. AHealing, 545:of ill health is a major factor in breaking down separateness and a sense of aloneness andHealing, 552:of limitation and of destruction to be breaking down and destroying his physical outer form. WhenHealing, 553:patient is an undeveloped human being and low down in the evolutionary scale, he will be controlledHealing, 574:he can. This will aid in clearing the channels down which energy can flow, and also along whichHealing, 583:certain broad and general axioms are laid down which will form a sound foundation for all futureHealing, 590:towards juncture, whereas the others all move down," to quote an ancient writing. The ray of theHealing, 607:and I enumerate them because the breaking down of a [608] paragraph into its clear and simpleHealing, 643:higher level and employing an ability to draw down soul energy into the body (or rather, theHealing, 648:up with his soul, he then draws the soul energy down into his heart center, from whence heHealing, 656:see a golden stream of energy pouring straight down through the energized bodies of the patient'sHealing, 668:mishandling when children and misunderstanding down the ages of right human relations; the Law ofHealing, 671:to what would have been the worldwide effect down the centuries if the Christ had not reacted as HeHealing, 675:these three divine requirements (when stepped down for the use of the disciple in the modern world)Healing, 676:will, for it can (unless held in leash, stepped down, modified or, if needed, eliminatedHealing, 711:the enemy who has effected entrance and settled down to live. Ejection - ruthless, sudden andHercules, 5:have been held constantly before the eyes of men down the ages. In the twelve labors of Hercules,Hercules, 5:the disciple. The oracle has spoken, and down the ages the word has sounded forth: Man, knowHercules, 8:Astrology as now practised is doomed to break down, owing to the rapidity with which souls areHercules, 9:[9] been expressed by the advanced individuals down the ages, but never before has the human raceHercules, 11:of the search that humanity has carried on down the ages. The exponents of the world religions haveHercules, 12:third key thought gives us a clue to the method. Down the ages the words have sounded forth: "I amHercules, 15:the serpent meet you with his wiles and pull you down to earth? What will you do? Prepare to proveHercules, 23:of his life was changed. He no longer lived down where he lived before. The name of the soul becameHercules, 27:trembled at their sound, for they ravaged up and down the land, wreaking great damage, killing allHercules, 30:No one was safe from them and terror had settled down on the neighborhood. Besides this, theseHercules, 44:of Scorpio (that adversary that can drag man down lower than the beasts), but when transmuted isHercules, 50:as the dominant factor, and in others the man. Down the ages sex perverts, homosexuals, true andHercules, 50:discussed, seemingly in the most futile manner, down the ages? Here it is pertinent to note that
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