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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOWN

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Intellect, 99:preceding processes, and involves the carrying down into the brain consciousness of the knowledgeIntellect, 124:as truth and proven fact by many thousands down the ages. Intellect, 147:And there was light." - Bible We have laid down the general premise that modern educational methodsIntellect, 147:knowledge. But at this point the parallel breaks down. Education in the Occident fails to carry itsIntellect, 159:of the mind by the soul, and the throwing down into the waiting and attentive "mind-stuff" of thatIntellect, 164:turn repeated by the active mind, which throws down into the receptive brain the intuitions andIntellect, 165:illuminated writings and of the world messages down the ages, which have guided the thoughts andIntellect, 169:reaction to the illumination which is streaming down into the brain, we have two predominantIntellect, 173:be Sons of God and they carried that knowledge down into full realization in physical incarnation.Intellect, 177:We found that these illuminated men, right down the ages, testify to the same truth, and that theyIntellect, 180:this point? It has been a steady progression down the ages of the evolving human consciousness, andIntellect, 184:races. These two factors are steadily breaking down the old barriers, and demonstrating the onenessIntellect, 218:found the time and the place, we shall sit down in a comfortable chair and begin to meditate. TheIntellect, 230:Self, That Self am I. This is easily written down, but if the mind is kept actively intent upon theIntellect, 244:constructed by the loving thoughts of men down the ages, and the man, working through his ownIntellect, 249:into people than to tell them they are going down in a tidal wave, or will be submerged in theIntellect, 249:at this time. These they record and write down and hand around to their friends. Under thisIntellect, 253:of men, and not waste their time in tearing down personalities, and dealing with effects and withIntellect, 253:principles. The world is full of those who tear down, and who feed the present hatreds, and whoIntellect, 253:into a state of group awareness, which breaks down all barriers, and leaves none of the sons of GodIntellect, 255:work should be temporarily stopped, or slowed down. If the condition is not sufficiently serious toIntellect, 260:The energy that pours in during meditation pours down through the mechanism and stimulates theMagic, 6:out the methods and follow the suggestions laid down for their consideration. Aspirants andMagic, 7:with care the stages [7] and steps laid down for them in this section of the teachings of theMagic, 34:expansion which the mystic has registered down the ages, and which St. Paul referred to when heMagic, 47:the planetary life. When we narrow the concept down to the human family, and consider theMagic, 47:- Introductory Remarks In narrowing the concept down to the microcosm, the ego or soul acts verilyMagic, 55:of his own character. Later we may get down to the application of knowledge to the outerMagic, 56:and religious). They are begged not to narrow down the concept as so many do, to only those whoMagic, 61:by means of the sutratma, which passes down through the bodies to a point of entrance in theMagic, 81:a man and every suppliant deva. Love breaks down every barrier, and fuses diverse groups in union.Magic, 95:ancient yoga of Atlantean days (which has come down to us in the necessarily fragmentary teachingMagic, 105:is responsive to the stimulation passing down from the soul into its vehicle, and, when the man isMagic, 107:and by the ability of the aspirant to bring down "power from on high", and to hold that energyMagic, 108:of the magical work of the soul has been laid down. Let us list, for the sake of clarity, the stepsMagic, 119:interested in the helping of the many. It boils down, to use an apt expression, to the question ofMagic, 131:needs of the physical life. It has been stepped down; it has lost much of its original beauty; itMagic, 151:step is breathed forth by the soul and passes down into the vital body, thus galvanizing theMagic, 158:student would remember that every time lie sits down to his morning meditation he is learning toMagic, 168:He works with the new disciple, stepping down (if I so might express it) the vibration of theMagic, 174:Elder Brothers of the race, and who can bring down the ideals, as known on the higher planes, areMagic, 184:and his ego. The light of illumination streams down into the brain cavity and throws intoMagic, 205:We shall not work with the centers down the spinal column, nor aim at their conscious utilizationMagic, 214:matter of an undesirable nature and of breaking down the barriers and limitations to true soulMagic, 215:cycle of creative work. Bringing these concepts down to practical expression in relation to theMagic, 221:the reality and sees things in an upside down state. The appearance of the astral plane when firstMagic, 223:he may be temporarily sidetracked and wander down the bypaths of ambition, of self-interest and ofMagic, 229:unto the gates of heaven, and the other passing down into the nethermost hell. Magic, 232:but has risen above it. He can no longer be held down by the chains of his own past habits and hisMagic, 238:forms as custodians of the light. So he buckles down to the work of making the astral body simply aMagic, 247:of illumined thought and sanctified desire down into the body of ether, and so works withMagic, 250:up into Heaven, and the life of the soul comes down on to earth, there is the place of meeting, andMagic, 275:of the seven solar Logoi. Bringing the analogy down closer still, the human kingdom itself is anMagic, 278:the "stool of the director" and coming not down into close contact with his thought-form. Let himMagic, 291:the solar system. These energies when stepped down for transmission differentiate into forces.Magic, 305:we love, the fear that others despise us or look down upon us, the fear that one may fail to seeMagic, 308:hour of need, Krishna failed him not, but laid down in the Gita the simple rules whereby depressionMagic, 313:body of this great Life the work of breaking down the separate wall of individualism whichMagic, 314:of the new vibration. Their work is then to step down the vibration so that its effects can beMagic, 334:in all kingdoms of nature. This will break down all barriers of race and all distinctions of color;Magic, 341:the same law persists in all the lesser groups down to the groups of tiny lives that hold sway inMagic, 342:when discouragement from mental sources settles down upon you, in quietness adjust yourself, and inMagic, 343:and receptive from the form side, and slows down his vibration. It prevents achievement and hisMagic, 345:the triangle, - you will with deliberation call down a stream of pure white light, and, pouring itMagic, 346:Raise your vibration as high as may be and call down, from intuitional levels, added light on theMagic, 355:noted, and the whole sorrow of the world bears down upon the astounded, yet illuminated, aspirant.Magic, 367:in your hands lies the opportunity to bring down to the mental plane as much of the plan as youMagic, 369:part you have to play in bringing that vision down to earth. It is helpful to differentiate betweenMagic, 370:the "accumulated karma of many births" presses down, or as the troubles of the family, nation orMagic, 379:of the earlier Temple practices which have come down to us in degraded phallic teaching, in TantrikMagic, 395:the mechanism of expression modifies and steps down the qualities and serves as a handicap. AMagic, 398:existed and from time immemorial and right down the ages those sons of men who have fittedMagic, 405:secondly, that something should be done to break down the barriers of separateness, of isolationMagic, 420:of strength in the new world. Do not narrow them down to the ancient disciplines, and teach themMagic, 420:activity and to refrain from pulling down the old order of living. He must be set to building forMagic, 436:have given him as the result of past experience down the ages must he express himself upon theMagic, 468:comes, the builder and again the tearer down of forms. The broken forms hold not the power toMagic, 470:step of the barred Way he turns back and passes down the stairs on to the playground, meeting deadMagic, 497:brain fails to record, and thus silence settles down. The house is empty. Activity ceases exceptMagic, 514:are people who are so little evolved and so low down (if one might thus express it) on the ladderMagic, 538:a field of influence which extends both up and down, and which reaches both inwards to the sourceMagic, 538:subhuman kingdoms into heaven and bring heaven down to earth. [541] Magic, 543:our question refers. All aspirants know, and down the ages have been taught, that a clean mind andMagic, 557:the capacity to function on the mental plane. Down the great cycle upon the wheel of rebirth "theMagic, 577:weapon which in the hands of the disciple cuts down before the eyes of the group he is serving theMagic, 578:through the chakras of the palms, it passeth down the shining blade and blendeth with the force ofMagic, 578:who have wielded the sword dare lay the sword down and stand with empty hands, uplifted inMagic, 590:can produce insanity and the breaking down of the cellular structure of the brain, and through theMagic, 616:and there let him stand his ground. Let him look down into the watery depths. Nothing is seen inMagic, 616:higher ground, but in the rain. The drops pour down upon him; the thunder breaks; the lightningMagic, 616:flashes in the sky. But as the rain pours down, [617] it dissipates the mist, it washes clean theMagic, 619:and is producing two effects: it is breaking down the crystallized old forms of the Piscean age,Magic, 622:a subsequent disaster and cataclysm and breaking down of the form aspect and of that which mightMagic, 624:of strain, and evinces a tendency to break [624] down physically, or to lower his ideal so as toMagic, 624:their service is gradually and steadily stepped down to the level of that personality, and isMagic, 628:spiritualists and psychic investigators right down the ages is the mode of approach and theMagic, 637:is called in the old commentaries. He wanders "down the lanes of life and misses that straightMeditationthe inspirational writers and dreamers can bring down their inspirations and dreams; and then theMeditation, 4:frequency, will abstract ideas begin to filter down, to be followed in due time by flashes of realMeditation, 6:as an obstruction, preventing the percolation down from the higher to the lower, and so to the
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