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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DOWN

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Problems, 149:and the guarantee. At certain great moments down the ages, God drew nearer to His people andProblems, 149:These great Approaches can be traced down the centuries; each time one took place, it meant aProblems, 178:present - isolated efforts are useless to break down the barriers of greed and hate with which theyPsychology1, 4:of manifestation and have thus left their mark down the ages upon mankind, and therefore hold thePsychology1, 5:of the theories, even the best proven, break down, given varying conditions. The field covered byPsychology1, 15:that awful Reality. Certain great initiates, down the ages, have fulfiled their function ofPsychology1, 20:writings of Plato and of all initiates who laid down in ancient times the basic propositions whichPsychology1, 20:which have guided the human mentality down the ages. These great Lives, functioning within thePsychology1, 28:4. The Function of Christianity I have now laid down the basic premise that all that is known to usPsychology1, 54:the same degree as has a Master, and so on up or down the scale. Through the interaction betweenPsychology1, 66:His symbol is the thunder, the Word that cycles down the ages. Some of the names of this ray LordPsychology1, 74:New Age, and usher in the period which will go down in history as the time of glory for the fifthPsychology1, 77:themselves. Esoterically speaking, they "went down into hell, and found their place in prison." OnPsychology1, 79:therefore that this fifth ray reveals the way down into death or into incarnation (which is thePsychology1, 85:A Treatise on White Magic is an attempt to lay down the rules for training and for work which willPsychology1, 91:be no immortality, for when the machine breaks down and disintegrates there is nothing left but thePsychology1, 91:We find all of them, without exception, breaking down under test and limited by disease, or hidingPsychology1, 91:but owns one that must inevitably break down at some point that is conditioned by an underdevelopedPsychology1, 92:existence is the testimony of the many mystics down the ages to a contact and an experience whichPsychology1, 94:belief in Whom has sustained countless millions down the ages? Is the soul a fiction of thePsychology1, 99:of the soul, however; it only serves to break down the materialistic position. It is among thePsychology1, 99:who have been the glory of the human kingdom down the ages, and who will flame forth during thePsychology1, 109:pride and ambition, and that the stepping down of the teaching from the mind to the brain and fromPsychology1, 175:economic life of the nation, and cutting deep down, through the trained minds in the government, toPsychology1, 176:note that the reason for the success in breaking down old barriers and in bringing about aPsychology1, 178:note that so strenuous is the work of breaking down national group isolation and separativenessPsychology1, 189:and not attacking, lifting and not tearing down. Be not taken in by the specious argument thatPsychology1, 199:of animal slaughter and the shedding of blood down the ages, prehuman and human. But through thePsychology1, 199:heaven," when Michael and his angels were cast down and our planetary system came into being. UntilPsychology1, 201:and lean on, one to defend the weak and put down oppression, fearless of consequences and utterlyPsychology1, 205:calculation, and who can also bring his results down to practical scientific use. The literaryPsychology1, 209:flame into fury and fiery wrath. He will lay down his life for the objects of his devotion orPsychology1, 225:incredulity. But two basic premises can be laid down: That the many mineral substances fallPsychology1, 226:a certain measure of inertia settles down on the kingdom, though that which is radiatory continuesPsychology1, 233:it as difficult to throw their consciousness down into the animal forms of humanity as we wouldPsychology1, 270:generalize, and the exceptions to the rules laid down and to the suggested classifications will, ofPsychology1, 273:dominant in different parts of the world, down through the ages, and are to be found functioningPsychology1, 274:truth, one will be forced to the conclusion that down the ages men have never been monogamists.Psychology1, 278:self-sustaining and self-propagating." Down the ages, here and there, we find the true homosexualPsychology1, 295:in speculation. [295] But I can and I shall put down for you here the basic premises which willPsychology1, 300:the first postulate which must be laid down, and to which the general public must be educated, isPsychology1, 315:Always there have been isolated light bearers, down the ages. Now the group light bearer willPsychology1, 319:man. It may here be helpful if we note down our tabulation of certain points anent the humanPsychology1, 324:common with the animals and which often breaks down when the loved individuals assert themselves.Psychology1, 326:is the secret of the evolutionary impulse, down the ages. This inner demand in man awakens thePsychology1, 326:bring the general concept underlying those words down to the intelligence of the average student byPsychology1, 327:which (when present) occultly hold the aspirant down to earth. The increasing of the magneticPsychology1, 342:are going forward, [342] the glamor is breaking down and the truer values of group welfare, ofPsychology1, 342:which man's greed and materiality have built, down the ages, is being steadily demolished, andPsychology1, 385:in all these countries a process of breaking down, and of destruction of old forms, prior to anPsychology1, 385:the egoic ray is ever accompanied by a breaking down period, but this demonstration of destructionPsychology1, 399:and never to desert each other. This vow down the ages they have kept; it has consequently producedPsychology1, 399:which arouses the antagonism of other races. Down the ages, the Jew has been wandering, producingPsychology1, 400:period covered is so vast, and the ramifications down the ages are so numerous, that it is notPsychology2, 34:the horror of the great blackness will settle down upon us. But when that pall of blackness isPsychology2, 37:the paean of his victory, - these held him down. The Blessed One paused and questioned: 'WhencePsychology2, 38:Fury characterized his efforts. The way led down into the world of dual life. Between the pairs ofPsychology2, 47:" Ray Six "The Angel of the Presence reaches down, and, at the midway point, pierces the fog ofPsychology2, 49:is one such point. This concerns the passing down to a lower plane, or from a lower plane onto aPsychology2, 53:cycles of crisis in the life history of any soul down through the ages, but these major five crisesPsychology2, 57:intelligent purpose to the design as laid down by the Master Builder upon the tracing board. As yetPsychology2, 67:the work has always been possible right down the ages, and it is the major task undertaken byPsychology2, 71:spiritual instruction given in the past has laid down the rules for the cultivation of the virtuesPsychology2, 85:whose lives are centered in the personality. Down the ages, the Scriptures of the world and thosePsychology2, 94:romance of all those great Sons of God who down the ages, have arrived at an understanding of thePsychology2, 96:life, upon the involutionary arc, to progress down into matter, producing thus the immanence ofPsychology2, I can:us into the light and make the sacrifice. Break down for us the prison wall and enter into Pain.'Psychology2, 134:of the force which is driving him; he tears down and destroys just as fast as he creates. HePsychology2, 148:This angel acts in love, and has so acted down the ages, for that state of realization which wePsychology2, 162:Treatise) has found it of advantage to write down for himself his own personal understanding of thePsychology2, 164:they have been given out by the world Teachers down the ages. It requires much spiritual insight,Psychology2, 169:themselves unto the sun. But in the pyramid, down in its dim laboratory, a Worker stood, toiling atPsychology2, 169:the blue of heaven, and carrying one clear ray down to the worker in the depths... He worked andPsychology2, 169:dropped from the blue of heaven, a key came down. It landed at the feet of the discouraged worker.Psychology2, 170:Follower answered: 'How shall I break my tunnel down? How can I find a way?' No answer came...Psychology2, 179:Just as the achievement of an individual has, down the ages, served to raise the race, so aPsychology2, 181:in certain directions, and some must slow it down as a service to the others. This process willPsychology2, 187:to certain instructions which have been handed down to us from the ancient past. These are followedPsychology2, 214:have oft been adequately outlined by disciples down the ages, and reduced to many words. They havePsychology2, 228:grasped, when the wide sweep of human unfoldment down the ages is understood, and when the soul isPsychology2, 237:of God but to God's own vision of His purpose. Down the ages, men have sensed a vision; they havePsychology2, 237:to open our eyes and see truth as it is. Down the ages, men have sought to do this and have calledPsychology2, 241:of the Plan which they can grasp and which comes down to them through the inspired minds of theirPsychology2, 273:the successful work of the Christ when He came down to the earth some two thousand years ago. HePsychology2, 312:all the psychic and mental forces which, down the ages, have been unfolded in a man and nurturedPsychology2, 317:trouble; all the ideas which the race has prized down the ages and whereby most of its nobler soulsPsychology2, 325:and abstract ideas are thereby brought down to the level of the understanding. [326] We have seenPsychology2, 329:pronouncements of teachers [329] everywhere, and down the ages, have familiarized us with the manyPsychology2, 329:the soul to appear, and brings the consciousness down on to what we call the astral plane. ThePsychology2, 331:the man, in consciousness, has worked his way down through the planes and back again to the mentalPsychology2, 341:the spine, so that soul energy can pass up and down through the centers from the directing centerPsychology2, 352:forward to their purposes. They destroy and tear down in order to rise to greater heights upon thePsychology2, 364:unaware of them. However, until they are brought down into the area of the brain and are recognizedPsychology2, 387:follows a direct line of approach, or pours down through a direct channel from The level of Atma,Psychology2, 388:this synthesizing and creative energy pours down is as follows: From the Monad to the love petalsPsychology2, 399:the stepping-stones across the river of life down which the new attributes may come, presentingPsychology2, 400:is sensed, focused attention in order to "bring down" into manifestation the new potentiality andPsychology2, 404:unattainable and its culture of the sense of sin down the centuries have led to many disastrousPsychology2, 405:of my method of handling it, I would like to lay down four fundamental propositions: 1. That inPsychology2, 436:Correct information along the lines here laid down can be given in those cases where the
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