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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DRAW

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Astrology, 50:own substance they build the form desired. They draw life and the material from themselves, andAstrology, 229:he finds within himself that which seeks ever to draw him back to the old ways, the old habits andAstrology, 434:They stir the threads of memory; they draw backward the glances (and there lies magic in the energyAstrology, 468:soul, to outline the horoscope of the ego and to draw up the new types of charts which willAstrology, 477:have engendered is never forgotten, for they draw upon the resources of the heart. They release theAstrology, 623:realized by the mass of men. It is the will to draw into itself or the will to attract into itself,Astrology, 631:words of the Christ: "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me." This, through theAutobiography, 154:he might be supposed, [154] normally, to draw his life from all the three, and he does. In theBethlehem, 80:ever powerful to attract human interest, and to draw to Himself those who have the vision to seeBethlehem, 96:"I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, will draw all men unto Me." (St. John, XII, 32.) He wasBethlehem, 185:said, "I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me," (St. John, XII, 32.) andBethlehem, 194:the veil, that is to say his flesh... let us draw near... having our hearts sprinkled from an evilBethlehem, 236:Thy daring art shall animate the dead, And draw the thunder on Thy guilty head; Then shalt ThouBethlehem, 266:of wise judgment and farsighted vision) can draw all men together into that outward unity which isDestiny, 133:Christ when He said: "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men." The emphasis of all sixth ray workDiscipleship1, 10:the pure light of love for each other, you can draw nearer to me and to the teachers on theDiscipleship1, 48:he longs to have the light which he has kindled draw forth a reaction from others; he wants to beDiscipleship1, 121:reaction to the urge of your soul and thus draw away from you the two factors which have blockedDiscipleship1, 122:of phenomenal existence with much upon which to draw, and having worked out many life relationsDiscipleship1, 135:stupendous are the energies upon which they can draw at will. Your problem is predominantly theDiscipleship1, 154:standing as a radiant center of magnetic force - draw to yourself cooperators in the Plan and notDiscipleship1, 157:wise, yet you have untold reserves upon which to draw and as yet you use them not as you might. AsDiscipleship1, 167:the deepening of service shared. Shew this and draw it forth. The comradeship of burdens shared,Discipleship1, 169:explained and nurtured in all whom you draw into the circle of group influence as collaborators andDiscipleship1, 186:definitely to make myself known to you and to draw closer to you in helpfulness and understanding.Discipleship1, 199:my fellow pilgrims on the way of light? Can I draw consciously upon the light when others need it?Discipleship1, 265:therefore: Does the love aspect in my nature draw people to me personally so that I can help themDiscipleship1, 269:an extreme effort with its consequent need to draw upon the full resources of the soul. The routineDiscipleship1, 270:must ever be crises of achievement which will draw upon the full resources of the soul. These mustDiscipleship1, 326:to throw them away from you. Instead, you will draw them magnetically to the center wherein theDiscipleship1, 363:and in the New Group of World Servers must now draw forth the deep resources of your heart. PonderDiscipleship1, 385:anticipate and have reserves upon which you can draw. These reserves will not fail you when youDiscipleship1, 389:hinders you from standing in its light? Can you draw up a technique of meditation which will be forDiscipleship1, 389:is to be along these lines. The form you can draw up yourself during the next few months. The themeDiscipleship1, 392:that way is dark. What shall I do?' God said, 'Draw near and enter into thine own light, and inDiscipleship1, 400:objective of joy always before me? [400] Can I draw upon the Joy and Bliss of the Path when othersDiscipleship1, 445:with other Observers of the way of life? Can I draw upon the power of observation and the wisdom ofDiscipleship1, 470:be to them a tower of strength and let them draw from you what they need of love and understanding.Discipleship1, 484:ability to love one's fellowmen, the power to draw others to one with the request - spoken orDiscipleship1, 488:them - as individuals and collectively - and draw on their strength until your own strength hasDiscipleship1, 504:positive and powerful temperament leads you to draw to yourself negative people and you are happierDiscipleship1, 522:and though old rhythms and thought habits often draw you back outside your garden of peace, youDiscipleship1, 531:something that I have realized and sought to draw forth. Your life setting had to be changed beforeDiscipleship1, 531:to release this soul quality in service. As you draw it forth during the next few years, you willDiscipleship1, 610:fire that I create must heat, not burn; it must draw into its warmth the man who needs its heat; itDiscipleship1, 632:Full Moon and do this from three angles: Seek to draw near to me and endeavor to sense myDiscipleship1, 673:to attract the Master's attention and thus draw on his strength, knowledge and advice. This is anDiscipleship1, 687:wishes and ideas which leads you to draw back from the word obedience. It is your liking forDiscipleship1, 691:have, therefore, to learn to handle force and to draw energies into the destined area of serviceDiscipleship1, 712:to attract the Master's attention and thus draw upon his strength and knowledge and advice. This isDiscipleship2, 10:think in ever wider and more abstract terms, you draw from me a correspondingly adequateDiscipleship2, 24:If a man is truly serving, he will perforce draw upon all the resources of spiritual strength andDiscipleship2, 29:Hold them in love. Seek not to bring them aid or draw them back again within the circle of yourDiscipleship2, 124:the solar plexus but this time, having done so, draw the focused energy up the spine towards theDiscipleship2, 132:pool or a reservoir upon which they can learn to draw, thus appropriating a quota of that energyDiscipleship2, 264:to aid you to work in the world of causes and so draw you consciously out of the world of effects.Discipleship2, 423:significance of an esoteric hint and begin to draw correct inferences from the veiling symbology. Discipleship2, 466:to the Master of any Ashram in order to draw you into a very close relation to myself and to theDiscipleship2, 475:staff in hand - these are your proud possession. Draw near to me in closer personal touch, devoidDiscipleship2, 476:instruction? To the fifth statement I seek to draw your attention. Reference is there made to theDiscipleship2, 476:others rather than yourself, that I seek to draw your attention. People of pledged devotion areDiscipleship2, 485:the ability rightly to interpret it and then to draw from it correct deduction, is the secret ofDiscipleship2, 508:act as a spiritual reservoir from which they can draw strength and wisdom and understanding. TheDiscipleship2, 526:emotional type, for forget not, my brother, we draw to ourselves those who respond to our majorDiscipleship2, 538:- lie behind the entire theme of karma. They draw to the disciple that which can hinder him as wellDiscipleship2, 540:to grasp the fact that they, themselves, have to draw the Ashram to them, symbolically speaking, byDiscipleship2, 555:you have accumulated in this life is very real. Draw, however, what you need for your teaching workDiscipleship2, 591:will prove potent in effect. Then - as a soul - draw from the realm of soul life a fresh supply ofDiscipleship2, 598:your own Master. On that strength you may now draw. A.A.B. is quite correct when she says that yourDiscipleship2, 605:proceed as follows: [605] Take a long breath and draw the energy from the throat center in soDiscipleship2, 605:center in so doing. Repeat the breathing and draw the energy from the heart center, holding theseDiscipleship2, 605:in the ajna center, take another long breath and draw the energy of the muladhara center to theDiscipleship2, 610:the theme for reflection during the coming year. Draw up your [611] own meditation form, embodyingDiscipleship2, 627:do so, and try to get them to help you. Let them draw from you the very essence of spiritualDiscipleship2, 627:of spiritual service, which means that they will draw from your soul that which they need; inDiscipleship2, 666:to express soul powers, and thus emphasize and draw out the best that is in the disciple and hisDiscipleship2, 707:and not A.A.B.? From whence will you draw inspiration, and how will you make the world of meaningDiscipleship2, 719:at certain points of evolution, it can and does draw out soul energy, and relates it [720] rapidlyDiscipleship2, 733:higher levels than the astral, and can perhaps draw upon its source of love and light if your majorEducation, 94:in the choice of a life career. [94] It will draw out the best that is in the child and will makeEducation, 100:the indications of the coming world which we can draw therefrom. The Angle of Citizenship There isEducation, 110:to suggest. It is for you to make deduction, to draw intelligent inferences, and to think along theExternalisation, 34:large group now exists and is magnetic enough to draw forth response from the mass of worldExternalisation, 229:are truly pure and unadulterated. I seek to draw your attention away from the many minor issues,Externalisation, 240:rise so strongly to heaven that it will perforce draw forth a response and, at the same time,Externalisation, 242:But the links are being forged which will draw down the vision and precipitate on earth the patternExternalisation, 250:can pour and upon which the Forces of Light can draw. The saying of this Invocation is not aExternalisation, 332:works - impersonally behind the scenes. Let them draw upon all available spiritual resources,Externalisation, 335:attractive magnetic force, and will consequently draw to itself all that is needed at the presentExternalisation, 359:"And I, if I be lifted from the earth, will draw all men unto me." (John 12:32). From the pointExternalisation, 406:at the same time made great efforts to draw near to God. On the part of God, this was intentional,Externalisation, 414:relations) becomes clearer in our minds. As They draw nearer we vision a new and vital worldExternalisation, 414:man's response to God as the word goes forth: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"; thatExternalisation, 414:word goes forth: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"; that it will - in its rites andExternalisation, 416:name they called Him. In the future we shall draw closer and more intelligently to the livingExternalisation, 509:humanity how rightly to nourish the body and to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisiteExternalisation, 514:(when entered upon with understanding) will draw forth oft a response from the Great Lord Himself.Externalisation, 569:those phases of modern enterprise which will draw out the initiative and [570] the resourcefulnessExternalisation, 593:aspiring and hopeful disciple knows, and can draw closer still if what I here propose to write isExternalisation, 678:in the Triangle activities will magnetically draw out that which must appear when a center is
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