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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DRAWING

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Astrology, 19:ideological lines and, at the same time, are drawing forth from the masses and the little evolvedAstrology, 301:upon the Moon was to denude her of life by drawing out all the "seeds of life," thus destroying herAstrology, 625:Unto My heart I drew that other One and drawing thus I gave enlightenment; I dowered withAtom, 40:as before... Science admits the difficulty of drawing the line between the inanimate and theAtom, 119:is to put certain suppositions before you, drawing upon my imagination. Naturally it is notAutobiography, 26:the nurse or maid got us ready to go down to the drawing room. White frocks, colored sashes, silkAutobiography, 26:and then, hand in hand, we had to go to the drawing room where the house party were sitting afterAutobiography, 35:myself and the servants. I was sitting in the drawing room reading. The door opened and in walked aAutobiography, 44:to me. We went into what was called the red drawing room and when we were alone he said: "I haveAutobiography, 134:town. Rumor reached me that they were having a drawing room meeting on some peculiar subject and aAutobiography, 153:the human kingdom might well be regarded as drawing its sustenance out of the animal kingdom and,Autobiography, 155:This was the man who had walked into my aunt's drawing room, and it was not the Master Jesus. I wasAutobiography, 178:days, he shared all things with me. We were drawing no salaries [179] from the T.S. and my veryBethlehem, 152:them, revealing the light which is latent and drawing it forth to potency. "In Thy light shall weDiscipleship1, 184:never have made but which are the result of the drawing power of the group soul. It will be of realDiscipleship1, 246:therefore, there was always the unconscious drawing of the one to be helped to you yourself, in aDiscipleship1, 250:group and thus feed the group life, not simply drawing sustenance for yourself from the group. As IDiscipleship1, 433:in the service of your fellowmen, and are drawing closer to the goal which has been set you. One ofDiscipleship1, 507:by yourself. But on the inner plane, there is a drawing closer to you of those who care and canDiscipleship2, 50:will bear fruit and inaugurate a new method of drawing nearer to God. It might be of value to allDiscipleship2, 311:conveying information, evoking the intuition and drawing into the waiting consciousness of theDiscipleship2, 402:which precede the actual creative building, the drawing up of the blueprints (if I may use such aDiscipleship2, 462:exoterically in the brain. Then inhale deeply, drawing the breath up from the solar plexus in theDiscipleship2, 507:Do you realize, my brother, that you have been drawing the plow over the ground in preparation forDiscipleship2, 533:deeper into the Ashram in response to a certain drawing power which I deliberately exerted. I hadDiscipleship2, 547:Not distant is that light but daily, hourly drawing nearer. The light that is my little self mustDiscipleship2, 559:rightly distributed, can act as a great magnet, drawing people from all over the planet into theDiscipleship2, 597:work is well known to us. Her exoteric work is drawing to a close and this also is an idea to whichDiscipleship2, 677:work preparatory to his coming. It must aid in drawing the attention of the masses as far as may beDiscipleship2, 745:I thus prepare the way into the Ashram, thus drawing men toward the source of power and strength."Education, 8:are laid the elements of the arts and crafts, of drawing and of music. In the next ten years theExternalisation, 121:they acted as focal points of attractive energy, drawing to themselves those in whom the moreExternalisation, 294:of his evil and material desires or he may be drawing gradually nearer to the Angel. But - and thisExternalisation, 359:will of God. He undertook to dispel illusion by drawing to Himself (by the potency of love) theExternalisation, 407:This spiritual Hierarchy has been steadily drawing nearer to humanity as men have become moreExternalisation, 414:some years now the spiritual Hierarchy has been drawing nearer to mankind, and this is responsibleExternalisation, 487:His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, He is drawing closer to humanity decade after decade;Externalisation, 533:to demonstrate, it is seven vibratory tones, drawing out into the reflected worlds the structure ofExternalisation, 640:spiritual Hierarchy, of which I am a member, are drawing steadily nearer to humanity; in the past IExternalisation, 648:long preparing Himself), produces cohesion, a drawing together and a tendency to fusion and union.Fire, 349:word "abstraction" in its basic sense as "the drawing out" of essence). This occult abstraction isFire, 420:Logos utters the words, a year of Brahma will be drawing to a close, and the hour of consciousFire, 439:is available for transmission. When the cycle is drawing to a close more and more of the rayFire, 717:one which, though latent, only [717] needed the drawing forth of the type of energy now beginningFire, 754:Him to increase His Own stupendous resources by drawing upon still higher force centers, via theFire, 972:and the hour of its separated existence is drawing near. This vitalization is consciously carriedFire, 1065:same nature as that of the greater life which is drawing it to itself. When this is feltFire, 1066:of the nature of the central force which was drawing the life they were concerned with out of itsFire, 1067:conception as to the magnetic force which was drawing the released essence to itself. To comprehendFire, 1075:vibration, and are no longer attracted by its drawing qualities. This is due to the coming in andFire, 1268:sounds it forth, He arrests its wide vibration, drawing again its power within His heart. [1269]Glamour, 14:or teaching. This is recorded in your brain, drawing on the resources of your memory. TheGlamour, 30:constitute channels or avenues for the magnetic drawing power of the more potent thought-forms.Glamour, 167:will of God. He undertook to dispel illusion by drawing to Himself (by the potency of love) theGlamour, 221:human being is always creating and [221] drawing downwards into manifestation, clothing them withHealing, 100:those forces which are producing the disease, drawing it forth from the patient. This latterHealing, 130:and right contact with the environment. The drawing in of the life breath, the sharing of the airHealing, 376:clarified and the period of reconstruction is drawing to a close, discoveries will be made whichHealing, 387:any healing agent will have to do will be the drawing up of a simple outline of instruction whichHealing, 480:into the realm of the intangible and is thus drawing nearer to the world of causes. It is for thisHealing, 604:from that of the patient; it acts like a magnet, drawing forth a definite radiation from theHealing, 668:and its periphery or magnetic field is drawing countless thousands of aspirants towards it. The warHercules, From n:the Teacher watching over Hercules. "The time is drawing near," he said, "how fares the son of manHercules, 126:it, and yet he saw it not. And night was drawing on, and one by one the stars came out, and stillHercules, 193:intelligence, free from authority, drawing out of every human being we meet the best that is inInitiation, 44:by being "lifted up" (occultly understood) is drawing all men unto himself as the Initiator of theIntellect, 105:It means the "bringing together or the [105] drawing to a common center or focal point;" itMagic, 111:occult or the mystic path having the stronger drawing power. Polarization, deciding the emotional,Magic, 251:distorted and incorrect, unbalanced and "out of drawing". Magic, 278:to the Plan, and the magnetic energy of desire, drawing the builders to the center of endeavor. LetMagic, 316:that progress is hindered and [316] the work of drawing downwards towards materiality is carriedMagic, 460:The work of ascertaining the formulas, of drawing up the subjective charts or plans of intuitiveMagic, 504:plane. Relaxation, close attention, and a steady drawing upwards to the center in the head shouldMeditation, 79:the Higher Self into the three lower vehicles, drawing it downward into fuller expression andPatanjali, 218:of the lungs. This motion is caused by prana drawing in the breath, and is what we seek to controlProblems, 152:the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet has been drawing nearer to humanity and its approach isPsychology1, 165:sixth subray, and I think we are justified in drawing the inference that the rise of Molinos andPsychology1, 206:artist whose color is always great, though his drawing will often be defective. (Watts was fourthPsychology1, 292:is ever a dangerous thing, but a forecast, a drawing out of present general tendencies, is oftenPsychology1, 297:yet the day of ordained and desired births is drawing nearer, and when it comes it will makePsychology2, 80:on this ray use the method of "gathering in" or "drawing into". The soul sets up a vibrationPsychology2, 300:if students could be set some such task as drawing up an analysis of themselves which could bePsychology2, 321:the attractive agency upon the physical plane, drawing to itself the type of negative energy orPsychology2, 355:choose and dominate. I, at the point, love all, drawing them to the center and moving forward withPsychology2, 512:by the imposition of applied thought. Instead of drawing upon the resources of vitality, stored upPsychology2, 668:to the work of contacting the vision and of drawing in the needed wisdom and power. The GreatRays, 51:laid in Masonry upon the Lost Word, thus subtly drawing the attention of humanity to the OM; theRays, 80:working under the Law of Attraction and drawing man from one point of attainment to another; whilstRays, 119:The growing aspiration of the masses is also drawing the Masters closer to humanity than everRays, 133:is only as the new cycle draws closer - as it is drawing today - that the new and fuller teaching,Rays, 169:of humanity who are on the scientific line, drawing to their Ashrams only those who are on theRays, 187:the Black Lodge, both feeding human desire and drawing a form of life from the massed desire ofRays, 269:the Christ [269] and the Lord of the second ray, drawing the needed energy from the constellationsRays, 380:may call them so) inchoately invocative, thus drawing from high spiritual centers certain developedRays, 397:This vision is adequate to the task of drawing Him forth from the hierarchical Ashram, except inRays, 403:done by the Master on the second Path is the drawing off of those phases of glamor which no longerRays, 488:the blue print of the work to be done, by drawing upon the imagination and its faculties as theyRays, 491:he has constructed upon the mental plane, and is drawing all his resources (those of the threefoldRays, 537:the higher mind is impressing the lower mind and drawing it into a higher fusion with itself. ThisRays, 747:into which the communistic nations are already drawing the Protestant churches. From the standpoint
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