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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DRAWN

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Astrology, 37:tests of initiation under Scorpio. This chart is drawn up in relation only to the fourth CreativeAstrology, 37:fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human. It is not drawn in relation to the other planetaryAstrology, 59:superimposing the two charts. These charts are drawn on a large scale and on a transparent materialAstrology, 65:here given do not appear to coincide. They are drawn up to express the situation in regard to threeAstrology, 100:between the pairs of opposites and a long drawn out conflict. This conflict finally works out intoAstrology, 155:partly because it has never yet been correctly drawn and partly because its correct delineation andAstrology, 363:ruling and conditioning Gemini (through out-drawn activity, though not through their own influence)Astrology, 380:when all the resources of the form nature (drawn out through desire), are exhausted and the ChristAstrology, 468:along which lines the chart of the soul must be drawn; the major triangles and the three cosmicAtom, 86:course, and just as it also has later to be drawn into and to merge and blend with other atoms inAutobiography, 163:I'm not a darned psychic and I don't want to be drawn into anything like that." I was startled toDestiny, 73:thought. If the true Piscean element can be drawn forth and the selfishness and the self-protectiveDestiny, 127:of this and have been clearly and forcefully drawn. The cleavage to which I refer has been drawn byDestiny, 127:drawn. The cleavage to which I refer has been drawn by the churchmen of the past and by no oneDiscipleship1, 79:which discovery of my identity will have drawn forth; if you are burdened by the knowledge, thenDiscipleship1, 134:overcome you and see to it that you are not drawn into the vortex of fears and of pessimism whichDiscipleship1, 161:who can cooperate. Workers increasingly will be drawn to Great Britain and to the continent ofDiscipleship1, 195:I seek to make, my brother, whom I hope to see drawn into a closer relation of service. This pointDiscipleship1, 363:as now you do. Your work as an executive has drawn forth your latent wisdom. Your work in my groupDiscipleship1, 514:than you idealize because you have never yet drawn fully upon the resources of your soul. This youDiscipleship1, 618:L.T.S-K. June 1942 BROTHER OF OLD: You have been drawn back into a phase of my work which, in theDiscipleship1, 670:the abdomen, but that the abdomen is held drawn in towards the spine below the diaphragm. MyDiscipleship1, 714:is set up that the soul's attention is drawn away from its own interior considerations and egoicDiscipleship1, 753:These, when they have evoked a response and drawn the disciple to the periphery of the sphere ofDiscipleship2, 15:of freeing you for increased service I have drawn nearer to you and my love surrounds you. Learn,Discipleship2, 279:with what knowledge he may require, for they are drawn from different cultures and civilizationsDiscipleship2, 281:which the initiate brings to the work is drawn, as pure energy, from the heart center of theDiscipleship2, 282:The power which he can bring to the task is drawn from his comprehension of the purpose of theDiscipleship2, 317:he may be affiliated and to which he may be drawn. For the disciple facing the first twoDiscipleship2, 401:the Stage of Precipitation. The inferences to be drawn I shall leave you to work out for yourselvesDiscipleship2, 519:significances, whilst the inner meaning must be drawn forth by you in deep and concentratedDiscipleship2, 526:All that is in you of a first ray quality is drawn to the surface and conditioning all yourDiscipleship2, 536:to make decisions. As a disciple is drawn closer into the focal point of his Master's [537] sphereDiscipleship2, 540:of your radiation. A disciple is not drawn into a close rapport with the Ashram by the magnetic,Discipleship2, 625:impossible for a clear line of demarcation to be drawn. But this is owing simply to the point ofDiscipleship2, 625:the race. Such lines and differentiations can be drawn clearly by the developed disciple and theDiscipleship2, 687:The energy of the solar plexus is lifted up or drawn up into the heart center and is thereDiscipleship2, 719:in the majority of cases, and no energy is drawn into the mechanism of the personality. But whenDiscipleship2, 725:more important than the other. These plans were drawn; time was taken in submitting them to variousEducation, ix:and immediate need is indicated by a document drawn up by the Department for Cultural Activities ofEducation, 14:their mental response to truth should be drawn out and counted upon to deal with presentedExternalisation, 252:is ended and that their efforts had better be drawn to an immediate finish. Would that it were soExternalisation, 253:Where these conditions exist, there can be drawn forth an act of divine intervention. Natural lawExternalisation, 287:of the world aspirants and disciples - itself drawn forth by the massed need of the people of allExternalisation, 330:for which this group has been formed should be drawn up for general circulation; wise businessExternalisation, 334:of workers with first ray qualities will be drawn into the ranks of the new group of world servers.Fire, xv:spiritual inspiration); nor from inferences drawn from some haphazard assumption we may have made;Fire, 49:from this that any reality found anywhere is drawn from consciousness. Hence, everything which isFire, 133:consideration. Though no pictures have been drawn of death bed scenes nor of the dramatic escape ofFire, 449:of the Sanskrit charms, or mantrams is only drawn out by the adoption of a certain very accurateFire, 504:to bear in mind that the analogy must ever be drawn with due emphasis upon the fact that all thatFire, 843:Heart of the solar system from whence they are drawn. Floods of energy or streams of force from theFire, 845:incarnations. These "lives" have been gradually drawn in during the entire mahamanvantara as itFire, 968:in the physical brain of the man, and having drawn from him the necessary response, the process ofFire, 1015:from the old Commentary: "When the fire is drawn from the inmost point within the heart the watersFire, 1065:to a greater life toward which it is impelled or drawn, and thus the process of evolution carriesFire, 1210:is simply to be attracted. They can be occultly drawn into place but only at the close of thisFire, 1268:work united of the two and four. These two are drawn together. Their essence blends. The man whoGlamour, 6:are many ways in which the intuition can be drawn into activity, and one of the most useful andGlamour, 101:along which he learns to go without being drawn into the glamorous worlds which stretch on eitherGlamour, 207:bewildered person. This indicates that he is drawn as by a magnet (the force of accumulated ancientGlamour, 220:of the human family, is being redeemed and drawn upwards until some day we shall see theGlamour, 225:unknown to each other as personalities but are drawn to each other as soul-collaborators in thisHealing, 52:person two such tabulations would have to be drawn up. There would be required the positiveHealing, 160:active, the individual aspirant is slowly drawn into an increasingly closer relation to his soul,Healing, 161:by him as events or happenings: [161] He is drawn into the Ashram of one of the Masters, accordingHealing, 161:is at present concerned, is the Hierarchy. He is drawn into close service relationship withHealing, 167:and fate so willed it and his soul had therefore drawn its vehicle (the physical man) into theHealing, 251:by bodies from whence the life aspect has been drawn. When, in all countries throughout the world,Healing, 328:Prana is the name given to the energy which is drawn upon the physical plane from the ethericHealing, 422:consideration. Though no pictures have been drawn of death bed scenes nor of the dramatic escape ofHealing, 650:body nearest to the seat of trouble, but are drawn out through the area which has responded to theHealing, 663:planetary center the healing energies will be drawn. Imperfection has been drawn to the surface;Healing, 663:energies will be drawn. Imperfection has been drawn to the surface; the evils to be eliminated areHealing, 663:felt, and when the imperfections which have been drawn to the surface have been cured or drivenHercules, 21:investigation the arcana and hidden sense are drawn forth which dwell in its shade and which clingHercules, 34:flesh. The sun chariot of Apollo is depicted as drawn by horses, and the "princely sign of the Ram"Hercules, 171:the symbol of the sign has never been correctly drawn, we are told, because its correct delineationInitiationspiritual inspiration); nor from inferences drawn from some haphazard assumption we may have made;Intellect, 27:and the best results. Men's powers should be drawn out to their fullest constructive expression.Intellect, 40:soul is always latent in the human form, but is drawn into demonstrated activity through theIntellect, 136:'Remain steadfastly in thyself until thou art drawn out of thyself without any act of thine'." -Intellect, 183:has become frequent and, finally, when it can be drawn upon at will, produces eventually the lifeIntellect, 200:power, and capacities, which have never been drawn forth from the realm of the subconscious intoIntellect, 229:workers. There are meditation outlines which are drawn up to produce certain specific results inIntellect, 237:Many such outlines are available, and can be drawn up, by those who know the rules and who are goodMagic, 45:quality, and this is due to: The type of matter drawn into that particular part of the web of life.Magic, 137:of participants. Workers in the new era will be drawn from all groups and the test of their choiceMagic, 138:and envy. As a result of world work some will be drawn into closer connection with the work of theMagic, 160:that occurs is as follows: It is lost, by being drawn into the astral body of the disciple, whichMagic, 174:self-surrender for which few are prepared; to be drawn within His aura so that the disciple's auraMagic, 275:just as our system is but one of seven systems, drawn together to form the body, or manifestedMagic, 288:persist!" Second Ray: - Let all the life be drawn to the Center, and enter thus into the Heart ofMagic, 314:humanity at large, but the mystics react and are drawn together by the sensing of the newMagic, 522:lives which, through the power of thought, are drawn into the form aspect through which allMagic, 522:matter of space, these atoms of substance, are drawn together, manipulated in a rhythmic manner andMeditation, 164:Lords may be contacted, and Their attention drawn in any specific direction. A mantram, whenMeditation, 212:a seven-colored serpent of wisdom. If correctly drawn to scale some interesting geometricalMeditation, 289:build minute forms of the Master to Whom he is drawn and of himself. This he proceeds to do withMeditation, 299:the power of the God within. This plan has been drawn up in view of the crying need of a world in
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