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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DREADFUL

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Autobiography, 103:my husband's people and I never put in a more dreadful time. They [104] were nice, kind, good andAutobiography, 116:so well a blazing hot summer's day, during that dreadful time. Ellison was lying dangerously ill onAutobiography, 120:Testament was worth preserving. Much of it is dreadful, cruel and only because the literature isDestiny, 39:values as they truly exist. Consequently the dreadful nature of the lower expressions of the sixthDiscipleship2, 380:(though totally inconclusively) to the dreadful and symbolic death of the Christ upon the Cross andDiscipleship2, 614:circumstances. This is a painful and rather dreadful testing time for you and - to date - theEducation, 111:be averted in the future at any cost, a dire and dreadful happening indicative of the wickedness ofHealing, 711:they oft bring stormy waves and dire and dreadful happenings. The end is good. The trouble will beIntellect, 248:prophecies as to future events (usually dire and dreadful, and seldom, if ever, of a happy nature);Problems, 87:planetary population to its present dire and dreadful condition so that men everywhere arePsychology1, 92:images and pictures, and to lose himself and his dreadful present in a dream world of a possibleReappearance, 10:of Messengers and Avatars, and upon the dire and dreadful need of humanity at this time, that the
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