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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DREAM

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Astrology, 119:Cross have brought him to the stage where the "dream of life" can be changed into the recognitionAstrology, 119:and steadily more complex. The man begins to dream of stability, of ordered changes and of unionAstrology, 593:life-form, plus that something which is the dream and goal of the highest initiates in theAtom, 35:not now considered physical. That may be only a dream, but the thing that I am seeking to impressAtom, 48:makes the entire hypothesis not merely a wild dream, but a practically useful ideal. If it is trueAtom, 145:unknown, except as some beautiful ideal, and a dream which may, at some distant time, materialize.Autobiography, 25:I can remember going off into a reverie or day dream (as all children do) with my elbow on theAutobiography, 38:such a happening was possible. Twice I had a dream in full waking consciousness. I called it aAutobiography, 38:in full waking consciousness. I called it a dream because I could not imagine at that time whatAutobiography, 106:and saying: "My dear young lady, I would never dream of asking a girl of your race to marry me andAutobiography, 163:I then shook myself as if I was awakening from a dream and went home and entirely forgot all aboutBethlehem, 81:uncertainty. This new birth is no mystical dream; neither is it a lovely vision of something thatBethlehem, 213:in minds that cannot understand the inner dream; and for the warm reassurance of mundane honors.Destiny, 9:divided into various great sections. This is the dream of the inclusively-minded few, for whichDestiny, 113:effort, fanatically, to impose his idealistic dream (for that is all it potentially is) upon hisDestiny, 130:to bring through on to the physical plane his dream and his vision. The seventh ray disciple has noDestiny, 143:claim to be on the fourth ray because they dream of the artistic expressive life. As I have toldDiscipleship1, 361:into the exquisite activity of which you dream except by tremendous effort and a self-imposedDiscipleship1, 475:seed thoughts. 1st month - I think no thought, I dream no dream that could harm my brother, andDiscipleship1, 475:1st month - I think no thought, I dream no dream that could harm my brother, and thereby dim hisDiscipleship1, 561:aspiration; I look above; I help below: I dream not, nor I rest; I toil; I serve; I reap; I pray; IDiscipleship1, 619:reality must coincide; you are glimmered by a dream of service. We who serve the Hierarchy andDiscipleship1, 634:has its basis in old monastic trends and in the dream world in which you wandered in olden times toDiscipleship1, 662:of a child and are not adult faults at all. You dream in a child's dream world. You must grow up,Discipleship1, 662:not adult faults at all. You dream in a child's dream world. You must grow up, my brother, for theDiscipleship1, 673:the Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. A using of aDiscipleship1, 712:the Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. The using ofDiscipleship1, 732:stages upon the Path. They are as you know: A dream experience. A symbolic teaching. TheDiscipleship1, 733:teachings upon the astral plane or in the dream states. Beginners and the inexperienced are thenDiscipleship2, 261:perceives the thought of God, visions the dream within the Mind of God, follows God's eye fromDiscipleship2, 284:of all that is, then some vision may come, some dream arise in your consciousness, and some powerDiscipleship2, 652:my Ashram. This place is a reality and not a dream or a figment of wishful thinking; it is a sphereDiscipleship2, 661:suffer on the plane of outer things and always dream. This is the call for you. [662] Ponder theDiscipleship2, 662:you. [662] Ponder the distinction between the dream, the vision and the plan. They form the worldDiscipleship2, 666:for your thought on the distinction between "the dream, the vision and the Plan." There are manyDiscipleship2, 666:the following lines of approach. To you, the dream is the reaction of a high grade impartedDiscipleship2, 667:in silence and with love. Take the four words: Dream, Vision, Plan, Realization, and make them theDiscipleship2, 716:It is the way of men. I am. I neither think nor dream, but work. 4th month - With my brothers IDiscipleship2, 729:in which you so constantly live. Years ago, your dream was to serve the Master, to be known by himDiscipleship2, 742:have (could you but realize it) what many people dream of possessing - time and leisure. You do notEducation, 103:or the vision of the totalitarian state, or the dream of the communistic devotee, the [104] effectExternalisation, 177:the truth, no matter how they may escape into a dream world of wishful thinking, the fact remains -Externalisation, 180:and upon an individual inertia which prefers the dream world of wishful thinking to the shoulderingExternalisation, 208:World Picture This is no impossible idealistic dream, but an immediate possibility, given theExternalisation, 225:through that open door? Is it only a silly dream and a fantasy that at the time of the June FullExternalisation, 236:as they are, not hiding their heads in a dream world of their own making. The world of the future,Externalisation, 236:world of the future, of which men in all lands dream, is more than a possibility if men willExternalisation, 242:World Picture This is no idle and visionary dream. It is already happening. Embryonic movementsExternalisation, 242:synthesis are already being made. There is a dream of federation, of economic interdependence andExternalisation, 256:become possible. It is only when the vision and dream of peace - which beguiles so manyExternalisation, 263:so potent that desire will enter in; then the dream or vision enters into a new stage ofExternalisation, 264:- such is the history of human vision and dream. Down the ages, from the very night of time, manExternalisation, 264:of the race, the vision has taken form and the dream has materialized upon the wings of powerfulExternalisation, 310:the determined effort to interpose some mystical dream between conditions as they are andExternalisation, 310:their lives they have fought for an ideal and a dream, and they love that more than they loveExternalisation, 322:an imposed tyranny or a mystical and impossible dream. The realization of a general outline of thatExternalisation, 353:possible point all the time; this is so often a dream but not often a fact. Today, in the hour ofExternalisation, 387:there are thousands who have dreamed the same dream, seen the same vision, believed in the divineExternalisation, 414:of the Hierarchy approach closer to us, the dream of brotherhood, of fellowship, of worldExternalisation, 455:part and aid in making possible that which men dream, vision, and for which they plan today. Let usExternalisation, 456:freedom of mankind - a freedom which is as yet a dream and a hope in even the most democraticExternalisation, 483:lines that better civilization which is the dream of those who love their fellowmen, and to attainExternalisation, 619:No one who loves his fellowmen, who has a dream of seeing the Kingdom of [620] God materialize onExternalisation, 639:there are of helpfulness. Nevertheless, it is a dream which will some day materialize, after theExternalisation, 650:against them. This is no mystical or visionary dream with which I am presenting you. It involvesExternalisation, 672:vague heaven. This is no mystical or impossible dream, but is simply the recognition and theFire, 393:the waking state) the old story dreamt in a dream that has passed way. So also will he, who,Fire, 738:one's personality on earth is but an evanescent dream that sense will be equally that of a dream inFire, 738:dream that sense will be equally that of a dream in the Devachan - only a hundredfold intensified."Fire, 1131:service that for many lives have been probably a dream or an impossible vision. When he isFire, 1272:the "Lotus Lords of deep unseeing sleep." They dream, and as Their dreams take form, the worldsFire, 1273:seek to tread it. They see; They hear; They dream, and dreaming build; Their eyes are blind; TheirHealing, 220:to life and to right relationships. They had the dream and the vision; they lacked perception andHealing, 232:They were smothered by desire and plagued by the dream of never dying but of living on and on,Healing, 261:and the Bill of Rights are facts and not a dream. Only thus can the inevitable working of the LawHealing, 437:importance than the part, and this not as a dream, a vision, a theory, a process of wishfulHealing, 496:and mental bodies, the man enters into a sort of dream state wherein he reexperiences andHealing, 562:in sex. This can evidence itself also in a dream life which links the brain, the mind and theHercules, 134:midst of dissonance, the Libran cherishes the dream of harmony; in the far country, he remembersInitiation, 213:aspiration; [213] I look above, I help below; I dream not, nor I rest; I toil; I serve; I reap; IIntellect, 226:as follows: "Our shattered attention - we do not dream how shattered until we begin to concentrate,Magic, 173:the Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dream experience. A symbolic teaching. A using of aMagic, 424:of existence during the hours of sleep. The dream life as related is as full of illusion as any ofPatanjali, 85:interest. The oriental occultist uses the word "dream" in a much more technical sense than does thePatanjali, 85:by the aspirant. To the oriental, the deepest dream condition is that in which the real man is sunkPatanjali, 85:physical incarnation. This corresponds to that dream state which we recognize as caused by thePatanjali, 86:physical plane dreaming. [86] Then there is the dream condition in which the man participates whenPatanjali, 86:instinctual; that achieved through the astral dream condition is largely sensuous. One is racialPatanjali, 86:not-self. There comes in again a higher state of dream consciousness in which a faculty of anotherPatanjali, 86:with that which he has imagined. In these three dream states we have the condition of the thinkerPatanjali, 86:man. It leads on then to a much higher state of dream consciousness. The true use of thePatanjali, 87:evolution. Beyond this state of samadhi lies the dream state of the Nirmanakayas and of thePatanjali, 87:a very dim understanding of the nature of these dream states as he studies the idea conveyed in thePatanjali, 87:occultist, life on the physical plane is but a dream condition. Patanjali, 383:of the lower nature, The understanding of the dream state, [384] The way of devotion. 2. The way ofProblems, 67:purposes. True democracy, at present only a dream, will be founded on education for goodwill. TheProblems, 88:of any nation anywhere; it remains still a dream, a hope and, let us [89] believe, a fixedProblems, 93:recognized even if it remains as yet a dream. As we face the world picture today, we must see it inProblems, 116:as well as internationally, an [116] impossible dream, a waste of time to consider or an evidenceProblems, 140:to God. Such a world religion is no idle dream but something which is definitely forming today. A
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