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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DREAMS

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Autobiography, 23:of capitalizing on the adolescent urges and dreams will later receive more attention. I regard theAutobiography, 72:and in us all." These are no idle and visionary dreams. They are slowly emerging facts. They willBethlehem, 46:yet conscious of divine potentialities and great dreams, visions and ideals which evoke a hope andBethlehem, 74:be consecrated to the Christ. Frankincense, the dreams and visions and aspirations of theBethlehem, 74:are struggling for the expression of these dreams - these too must be dedicated and offered to theBethlehem, 117:sons of God, must be something beyond our dreams, of so deep a significance and of suchDestiny, 76:for the common good and of relinquishing her dreams for France in the vision of the whole and soDiscipleship1, 145:and who waste not time in beautiful visionary dreams. The visionary mystic senses the ideal butDiscipleship1, 194:astral plane, and you are becoming aware of the dreams and experiences in the hours of sleep.Discipleship1, 459:consciousness which is one of your dearest dreams can be ultimately developed, but you must proceedDiscipleship1, 459:developed, but you must proceed with care. Dreams are sometimes a guarantee of reality. Discipleship1, 506:have visioned to yourself as the garden of your dreams. See two things happen: there must beDiscipleship1, 606:your own thoughts, of your own wishes, aims and dreams. It means for you the treading of the rockyDiscipleship1, 607:To sacrifice your own thoughts, wishes, aims and dreams. Have you done this? To follow the rockyDiscipleship1, 613:none but yourself if they were founded on astral dreams. The glamor of your own spiritual ambition.Discipleship1, 613:already existing, you are too busy with your own dreams to do so and somewhat despise the taskDiscipleship1, 619:also, inevitably, involves your fellow workers. Dreams and reality must coincide; you are glimmeredDiscipleship1, 620:Withdraw yourself from your pictures and dreams, my brother, and work with no illusions and with noDiscipleship1, 675:of the playground of the mind. But in these dreams and fantasies, at times a vision comes - aDiscipleship1, 697:has for its spring or source, the ideas, dreams, vision and aspiration of the Master. This isDiscipleship1, 697:many lives, from the pure vision and consecrated dreams of many disciples. To this reservoir ofDiscipleship1, 733:and of aspiration towards the New Age - these dreams and visions, these episodes of symbolicDiscipleship2, 212:All these desires, longings, wishes, visions and dreams are the "ingredients" of the focusedDiscipleship2, 663:frustration? Plans which have not materialized; dreams which have not come true; friends who haveDiscipleship2, 663:life which has not measured up to your earlier dreams and a physical body which limits all you haveDiscipleship2, 666:and world need for service. The personality dreams of using that knowledge and meeting that need,Discipleship2, 667:the picture of the future, and thus make your dreams come true, because you see the vision and areEducation, 21:whereby he materializes his visions and his dreams and brings his ideas into being. This he doesEducation, 28:and attributes. He lives first the life of dreams, and then the life of thought. Then the timeEducation, 58:to his environment; with certain mental ideals, dreams and speculations, which can be transmutedEducation, 73:this instruction. Visionary, mystical hopes and dreams are useful in so far as they indicate aEducation, 103:are, in the last analysis, materializing dreams or visions. For these, modern youth is taught thatExternalisation, 30:the vision, sensing the plan, and dreaming dreams which they can work out together. This they canExternalisation, 210:French, Negro or Asiatic. I call you from your dreams of vague beauty, impossible Utopias andExternalisation, 243:of the hour and comes down from the world of dreams, of theories, and of words into the hard arenaExternalisation, 257:end because they are preoccupied with their own dreams, ideals and interpretations; when they canExternalisation, 279:determination to their beloved theories, their dreams and their visions, their interpretations andExternalisation, 310:and a new life technique. Past ideals, past dreams and past efforts to tread the Path and expressExternalisation, 363:revelation which will embody the thoughts and dreams and constructive goal of the New Age, theExternalisation, 376:from visionary, mystical and impractical dreams, and all that is done must be founded on one basicExternalisation, 392:of goodwill. The idealists and the dreamers of dreams, the visioners of a future world. TheExternalisation, 459:practically to blueprint the future. Their dreams and ideas deal with projects for which the worldExternalisation, 497:finer, more spiritual conditions. The highest dreams of those who love their fellowmen can becomeExternalisation, 616:recognized and will no longer be a thing of dreams and of ideals. Aspirants are prone to ask theExternalisation, 650:social parties, listening to the teaching, the dreams and the plans of every person who has an ideaFire, 998:the man concerned as his "higher impulses," his dreams and aspirations. Therefore, it will beFire, 1272:deep unseeing sleep." They dream, and as Their dreams take form, the worlds speed on. The great andGlamour, 9:it evokes, what aspirations it arouses, and what dreams, illusions, and reactions are consciouslyGlamour, 189:revelation which will embody the thoughts and dreams and constructive goal of the New Age, theGlamour, 215:other people, with his pet ideals and ideas, his dreams and visions. He should choose the glamorHealing, 376:felt and lead to possibilities beyond the dreams of investigators today. The coming science ofInitiation, 26:find that all these statements are but visionary dreams, and profit not at all, leading us onlyInitiation, 101:than he ever before dreamed possible. His dreams and ideals become, not possibilities, butMagic, 61:by the man concerned as his "high impulses," his dreams and aspirations. Therefore, it will beMagic, 168:new ideals, new isms, new modes of living, new dreams for race betterment. He will take up one cultMagic, 264:visions are seen, only to be replaced by others; dreams are dreamt only to be realized andMagic, 424:experiences. The slowly growing interest in dreams from the standpoint of psychology and theMagic, 468:of the playground of the mind. But in these dreams and fantasies, at times a vision comes - aMagic, 620:questions: Are they wasting time in mystical dreams, or are they occupied in a practicalMeditationdreamers can bring down their inspirations and dreams; and then the synthetic and abstract thinkersMeditation, 97:the world and of little value. A dreamer whose dreams never materialize, a builder who stores upMeditation, 109:he may have spent many lives in dreaming dreams and in seeing visions and in mystic meditation. ToMeditation, 109:what is to him the line of least resistance. He dreams his dreams, and stays aloof from worldMeditation, 109:him the line of least resistance. He dreams his dreams, and stays aloof from world affairs; be doesMeditation, 196:hinted at in Atlantean days, and is one of the dreams of the visionaries of the race. Mantrams orMeditation, 347:seeks perfection in action. No magnificent dreams of martyrdom and the glorious yet ephemeralPatanjalithrough meditation on the knowledge which dreams give. 39. Peace can also be reached throughPatanjali, 68:symbols, fourth dimensional sight, and those dreams and visions which are the result of mentalPatanjali, 82:through meditation on the knowledge which dreams give. Method VII. Sutra 39. Heart center. PeacePatanjali, 85:through meditation on the knowledge which dreams give. The significant words in Sutra 38 are thePatanjali, 85:in Sutra 38 are the phrase "the knowledge which dreams give" and in this connection the commentaryPatanjali, 87:and himself pass into that realm wherein the "dreams of God" Himself are known, and in whichProblems, 32:however, that visionary, mystical hopes and dreams, wishful thinking and the formulation of highlyProblems, 178:Freedoms become factual and not just beautiful dreams? How can true religion be resurrected and thePsychology1, 84:Thus shall the light reveal and nurture all the dreams of men. Then shall the Master in the castPsychology1, 93:in some mysterious way produce thoughts and dreams and imaginings, and which, in their turn, findPsychology1, 211:such a man will take deep interest in omens, in dreams, in all occult practices, and inPsychology1, 294:the decades pass, so that they will embody the dreams and ideals of the most advanced visionariesPsychology2, 168:seeks to weave the carpet of his thoughts and dreams, his desires and his aims. His feet movePsychology2, 170:each vision was to him the symbol of his highest dreams, the height of his desire. He rushed alongPsychology2, 238:at a standstill, lost in the fog of their own dreams of what the vision should be and thus itPsychology2, 238:on ahead; it eludes our grasp; it haunts our dreams and our high moments of aspiration. Only when aPsychology2, 299:all dominantly. This is the chart of the man who dreams. The chart of a man's expression at thatPsychology2, 301:upon the glands and their effects, upon dreams and their occasional effect, upon instinctualPsychology2, 360:circumstance - his carefully laid plans, and the dreams of earlier years. Therefore futility is thePsychology2, 373:with all visions, all forms of truth, all dreams of reality, and find behind them all - God and hisPsychology2, 374:of revelation to other minds; he welcomes all dreams if they can act as incentives to his fellowPsychology2, 477:they "saw things" or heard voices, or dreamed dreams, and because [478] they had unfittedPsychology2, 480:Problems of Psychology Problems of Guidance, Dreams, and Depression I am dealing with thesePsychology2, 493:suffice. We will now touch upon the subject of dreams, which is assuming such importance in thePsychology2, 494:of these derivations. [494] The first is that dreams were originally regarded as undesirable,Psychology2, 494:consciousness was largely controlled by his dreams. In those days, the guidance of the daily life,Psychology2, 494:as it was) was founded on a lost science of dreams, and it is this lost science (little as he mayPsychology2, 494:unconsciously to lay the present emphasis upon dreams and their interpretation. May I point outPsychology2, 494:of the patient. However, as time elapsed, the dreams of the more intelligent minds became of anPsychology2, 494:eventually became descriptive of many so-called dreams. We have then the emergence of the utopias,Psychology2, 495:Occident and Orient together present a theory of dreams - of a lower astral or higher intuitionalPsychology2, 495:aspirants. All, however, come into the realm of Dreams. This is true, whether such dreams are tiedPsychology2, 495:the realm of Dreams. This is true, whether such dreams are tied up with frustrated sex orPsychology2, 495:or group betterment and group welfare. These dreams can embody in themselves ancient astral
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