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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DREW

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Astrologyrelated the constellations and our solar system, drew attention to the nature of the zodiac andAstrology, 625:the self I dimly sense.[625] Unto My heart I drew that other One and drawing thus I gaveBethlehem, 33:safeguard man from forgetfulness of God, as he drew nearer to his own latent and essential divinityBethlehem, 49:of nature. As time elapsed, this distant God drew a little nearer to His people, taking on a moreBethlehem, 65:His Own flesh and blood because the world of men drew Him and the love of the Father impelled Him.Discipleship2, 476:September 1943 MY BROTHER: I wonder if you drew out of the six statements what they were intendedExternalisation, 406:At certain great moments, down the ages, God drew nearer to His people and humanity (blindly andExternalisation, 409:place and the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet drew nearer to humanity; the spiritual Way to GodExternalisation, 410:in the development of the human spirit and God drew nearer to His Own. God Transcendent firstFire, 14:light. Again He gathered in the sound. He drew to higher levels the feeble spark of light. AnotherFire, 29:into hell. Then came the Conqueror of form. He drew on the Sacred Fire, and purified the rupaHercules, 2:within the Council Chamber of the Lord, again drew to the circle of his radiant life the seekingHercules, 40:horse, and with the Sisters singing as he went, drew near unto the land. "He comes with strength",Hercules, 40:is riding through the waves." Hercules nearer drew, urging the sacred bull upon the Way, throwingHercules, 79:the will of which he was possessed, he nearer drew and yet the doe moved not. Thus he drew close,Hercules, 79:nearer drew and yet the doe moved not. Thus he drew close, and clasped the doe within his arms,Hercules, 126:hour went by, and still he waited till the dawn drew near. Out from its lair the boar emerged,Hercules, 180:the radiance of his exalted thought. The Teacher drew nigh. "The single flame must light the otherHercules, 182:you have become," the Teacher said when Hercules drew nigh. "You have gone on by going back; youMagic, 145:Kingdoms arose, holding their many forms which drew together, turned together, and later separated,Meditation, 56:in human evolution. The sixth great Breath drew to itself the Lords of the mysterious Pentacle, theMeditation, 107:When our Logos founded the solar system He drew within the circle of manifestation matterPatanjali, 52:The attractive force of that Oversoul as it drew the separated soul of all things gradually backProblems, 149:At certain great moments down the ages, God drew nearer to His people and humanity at the same timeProblems, 150:stage), it evoked a response from Deity; God drew near to man and man became imbued with that lifePsychology2, 171:or ceremonies. He found himself a leader, and drew others to the light, - the light that shone onPsychology2, 300:The hypothetical chart which he himself drew up earlier in his training as an accepted disciple.Psychology2, 664:fellow men have distinguished them all. Yet all drew their light and inspiration from this centralRays, 81:together, where spirit utters loud the cry which drew the form to meet the highest need; whereReappearance, 73:among men, bringing His disciples with Him, drew forth this permission from the Lord of the World,Soul, 76:minor incident of its long career... Plato thus drew a fundamental distinction between soul andTelepathy, 17:plexus received it (acting like a magnet) and drew the "feeling impression" powerfully there,
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