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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DRIVE

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Astrology, 229:finds within himself impediments and urges which drive him on to something which is higher than theAstrology, 282:simultaneously his "power is lessened," for the drive and urge of devotion and desire give place inAstrology, 445:of a new world order, based on a spiritual drive and on aspiration, mental freedom, lovingAstrology, 515:may tend to vivify the solar plexus or to drive its energies upward into its higher point ofAstrology, 553:of those constantly altering environments which drive the soul within the form from one extreme ofAstrology, 560:The energies make their impact upon him and drive him into material activity. This Cross of theAstrology, 583:and understanding of it would aid humanity to drive evil (individual, group and planetary) back toAstrology, 624:not require the slower methods of the steady drive. It is also the will which conquers deathAutobiography, 144:with the children, in a cottage on Beechwood Drive. Hollywood was relatively unspoiled in thoseAutobiography, 147:and I know I am difficult to live with because I drive myself and I drive everybody associated withAutobiography, 147:to live with because I drive myself and I drive everybody associated with me, but my outstandingAutobiography, 156:Shepherd. I was then living on Beechwood Drive with the three children and Foster Bailey was livingAutobiography, 160:nine years old, as he was walking up Beechwood Drive to visit me. He heard shrieks and screamsAutobiography, 205:the kindness of a friend, we had a car and could drive to New York or anywhere we chose. EveryBethlehem, 74:hearts and minds, and let the reason of the pain drive us to offer it up as our ultimate gift toDiscipleship1, 163:Therefore, hold steady, brood deeply but drive not. Discipleship1, 287:of reality and of beauty should increasingly drive you into organized and planned activity. In thisDiscipleship1, 318:through the eye of Buddhi comes the power to drive away the veiling swirling glamors of thatDiscipleship1, 334:same time, it could also produce a tendency to drive apart when handled personally. Foster the loveDiscipleship1, 344:ray lines of force. These produce that definite drive which tends towards ultimate success, butDiscipleship1, 374:of the soul in such potency that it [374] will drive out the first ray force and leave you, at theDiscipleship1, 417:is not too strong, and if there is any sense of drive or of pressure, your work and service willDiscipleship1, 476:aid in increasing your occult sensitivity and drive out the last few signs of your ancient and deepDiscipleship1, 502:will either evoke that quality in you or drive you back into a focused attention to the little selfDiscipleship2, 185:should. Esoteric knowledge is not intended to drive your spiritual life into greater and increasingDiscipleship2, 479:warm rose and radiating light will esoterically drive them in devotion to their own souls and willDiscipleship2, 487:a habit and need not, therefore, form a drive), and also an intensified effort to work out theDiscipleship2, 627:love and help. Forget yourself in so doing and drive out of your consciousness the realization thatDiscipleship2, 694:is this same law which brings about the upward drive which all units of life express and the searchEducation, vii:planetary way of feeling to supply the powerful drive we shall require for the great tasks that lieExternalisation, 247:physically, ready to take every needed step to drive the enemy back, and ready to sacrifice to theExternalisation, 257:characterized His every act and which would drive them into active, selfless service to the ForcesExternalisation, 282:on the outer and inner planes who are seeking to drive aggression back to the place from whence itExternalisation, 311:end. Every physical plane method must be used to drive the forces of evil and of cruelty back toExternalisation, 454:the needed insight which will enable them to drive out the entrenched materialistic forces and theExternalisation, 478:goodwill and openly sided with those fighting to drive evil back whence it came, and to defeat theFire, 123:with the fire at the base of the spine and to drive that fire slowly upwards, transferring its heatFire, 126:the power to blend these fires of matter and to drive them forward, he stands in danger ofFire, 127:of circulation from center to center, will drive the fire in unlawful progression and thus burn upFire, 172:cross begins to turn upon its axis, and to drive the flaming periphery to all sides so that theFire, 427:[427] To harness the activity of matter, and to drive it towards certain ends; To employ theFire, 449:- [449] uttered by a greater Life - can ever drive the lesser lives to the fulfilment ofFire, 450:with the form side of manifestation, and can drive the life within to definite action. Hence theFire, 451:affect the life side of manifestation and which drive it into, or out of, form. [452] There is aFire, 497:human note dominates too strongly it is apt to drive out the life of the forms of this secondFire, 940:and by the vibration which this sets up they drive into activity the surrounding deva essence inFire, 1015:the centers symbolized to focalize it, and to drive it forth, and the place the various types ofFire, 1024:releases for him that vital energy which will drive this idea into objectivity. As the differentGlamour, 39:the left. May strength then be given to you to drive straight forward between these two opponents,Glamour, 96:over which they have no control and which drive men hither and thither. He becomes aware also ofGlamour, 151:through the eye of Buddhi comes the power to drive away the veiling, swirling glamors of thatGlamour, 211:kind which gradually supersede desire and drive out glamor. That is all preparatory in characterHealing, 102:as dense matter. That substance can be used to drive out diseased tissue and provide a healthyHealing, 580:what is called a "dispelling radiance"; they can drive away the forces which create or [581]Hercules, 28:it 'neath his dignity to hold the mares or drive them on the Way to Diomedes. He called his friend,Hercules, 28:his friend, saying: "Abderis, come hither and drive these horses through the Gate". And then heHercules, 28:He could not hold the mares, or harness them or drive them through the Gate in the footsteps of hisHercules, 63:Prometheus, thus putting him in a position to drive away the vultures. We come now to the crucialHercules, 146:striving. The will to search, the impelling drive to solve the mystery in the acorn of life, isHercules, 195:From Erytheia to our Sacred City must you drive this herd. Beware of Eurytion, the shepherd, andIntellect, 59:subordination of the entire personality to the drive towards spiritual realities. All purely mentalIntellect, 59:inevitably laid upon the will to know, and the drive of the life (no longer satisfied with theIntellect, 74:conscious, within ourselves, of strivings which drive us on towards knowledge, and of interiorMagic, 64:with that One Who, breathing rhythmically, will drive the form into right action and right control.Magic, 115:with the human Hierarchy is the power of love to drive onward, - call it evolution, if you like,Magic, 137:to the truth as sensed, and capacity to drive steadily forward toward the ideal. This entails theMagic, 214:attention, directed by the intelligent will, drive out physical matter. It is the agent of the soulMagic, 315:the victim of the astral potency of those who drive him either for their own ends or for the goodMagic, 546:releases for him that vital energy which will drive this idea into objectivity. As the differentMagic, 552:we call religious, but which is, in fact, the drive towards truth and its mental verification - allMagic, 589:recognized and there is consequently a steady drive towards betterment. All has been brought to theMeditation, 114:needed impetus that may - if rightly grasped - drive to the Feet of the Lord of the World theMeditation, 195:the consciousness steadily there) he will drive forth the sound of the Sacred Word, pitched in thePatanjali, 149:of the ego is to break down that inertia and drive its lowest vehicle into an activity which willPatanjali, 174:more than the average man. This serves to drive him forward with increasing activity in his search.Patanjali, 348:[348] eighth, concerns the power of the Word to drive the building forces of nature into coherentPatanjali, 395:to the realization that those desires which drive and impel him to action, those longings whichProblems, 135:and which are the sum total of the forces which drive humanity on towards spiritual living.Psychology1, 10:but who possess the persistence which will drive them forward to the goal, need to remember thatPsychology1, 178:production of synthesis and a great preparatory drive towards a revelation of such wonder that IPsychology1, 343:which sweep through humanity as a whole, and drive it forward towards its divine destiny. They arePsychology2, 305:time, conditioned by The fact as to whether the drive of the life is above or below the diaphragm.Psychology2, 438:with the best motives in the world, he seeks to drive everyone the way that he has come, failing toPsychology2, 440:and all the unformulated wishes and urges which drive a man into activity, plus the suppressed andPsychology2, 498:with constructive creative occupation and so drive out the undesirable elements in the life throughRays, 10:a disposition to fall under lunar control they drive the tiny lives in their little system deeperRays, 190:you from the Ashram into the veils. Use it and drive the evil back unto the astral plane. Work withRays, 191:the use of that descending current - will drive the forces of evil back on to the astral plane andRays, 195:These, if evoked, can penetrate occultly and drive out or break down and through the separatingRays, 210:wants or desires which should condition him and drive him to what we might call "ashramicRays, 747:(if the Forces of Light do not triumph) they can drive mankind deeper into the pit or prison ofSoul, 70:and having its point of contact in the brain, drive its instrument into fully controlled
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