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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DROP

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Autobiography, 103:you right - you come right back to us. Just drop me a line and I'll meet you at the station." ThenAutobiography, 144:to dribble through more regularly) enabled me to drop my work as a sardine packer and make otherAutobiography, 160:a bough. He looked up at her and just said, "Drop," and she dropped into his arms, and as he hasAutobiography, 198:financially, to the students and I feel free to drop a student any time if he is not profiting byAutobiography, 204:are both married and have their families. They drop in now at intervals and somehow there is alwaysAutobiography, 271:the lesser interpretations and methods break and drop away. He teaches certain unalterable occultAutobiography, 282:are inadequate to the requirements automatically drop out; they find, for themselves, that theyAutobiography, 285:conclude that he is not interested and then we drop his name from our active list. We naturallyAutobiography, 285:We naturally reserve to ourselves the right to drop a student from our list if we feel he is notAutobiography, 288:offered, they either accept the training or drop out of the life of the Arcane School, at leastBethlehem, 181:the four arms of the cross will be seen to drop away, leaving only the picture of the livingDiscipleship1, 73:essential. Certain disciples will then have to drop out and those who have not measured up to theDiscipleship1, 104:will see the reason. They are as follows: First drop all form out of your meditation work and sitDiscipleship1, 104:processes (which for you is not hard) and then drop the use of the seed thought. Listen and aspire.Discipleship1, 147:[147] which ferment so facilely in your mind drop into place and form the pattern of the garmentDiscipleship1, 189:You can at any time cease to work and can drop out at will. There is no compulsion in this work ofDiscipleship1, 289:within some other group for service. You can drop the responsibilities which you shouldered whenDiscipleship1, 342:to the imparted instruction? You can at any time drop out. You are not asked to give to me anyDiscipleship1, 410:fact of the centers or their locality. Simply drop your mental intensity and center yourDiscipleship1, 413:of healing - it will be necessary for you to drop out. Karmatically, you have a relation to me andDiscipleship1, 472:the work that you now should do, I would say: Drop all meditation which you may now be doing andDiscipleship1, 487:your helping? First of all, I would ask you to drop all the esoteric and spiritual work which youDiscipleship1, 515:to what specific factor I refer): Let go. Drop that which you hold. Stand free at any cost,Discipleship2, 16:the brain consciousness and its registration drop below the level of consciousness. Then initiate aDiscipleship2, 107:dropped out, those whom perforce I myself had to drop, and those also [108] who are functioningDiscipleship2, 256:condition and control as never before, but will drop automatically below the threshold ofDiscipleship2, 303:Meditation forms may at some point of unfoldment drop away, but the habit of meditation will becomeDiscipleship2, 470:to drink the cup of sacrifice to its very last drop - not at least until the crucifixion initiationDiscipleship2, 486:I am; in a relatively short time all of you will drop the outer handicap of the physical body andDiscipleship2, 615:Fit yourself, therefore, for a richer giving. Drop self-pity and the sense of magnanimousExternalisation, 205:The challenge of this group to the world is to drop all antagonisms and antipathies, all hatred andExternalisation, 468:needed attitude and orientation: I ask you to drop your antagonisms and your antipathies, yourFire, 97:99, 100, 103. 1. The root of life was in every drop of the ocean of immortality Every atom inFire, 375:go to the composition of this center, and will drop His present form, will turn His attention toFire, 389:to call the chains by their numbers, and to drop the names as at present used: Neptune. Venus.Fire, 415:will apparently vanish from objectivity, and drop out of sight. They will be simply absorbed.Fire, 892:whether of a tree, an animal, a mineral, a drop of water, or a precious stone, are in themselvesFire, 897:far exceeds the dry portion, or land, and every drop of moisture is in itself a tiny life,Fire, 1277:four deep sounds which cause the scale again to drop within His reach. Another door is seen; itGlamour, 184:to be used for the helping of the many, may drop into his mind; some new light upon an old, oldHercules, 69:of the most intense crimson color, almost like a drop of blood. Red is ever the symbol of desireHercules, 225:the Signs Journey through the Signs (As a back-drop to the drama enacted in each Sign this briefHercules, 227:possible even for a high initiate son of God to drop back from the Path of Attainment. His failureInitiation, 145:revelation of the Word and Secret. The Sponsors drop back from either side of the initiate and takeInitiation, 145:at the initiation of a third degree member) drop back to the rear of the Hall of Initiation atIntellect, 173:above. A burning life, which God can take and drop In house, or street, or whereso'er He will, ToIntellect, 220:[220] anywhere in the body, and that we should drop the chin somewhat, so as to release any tensionIntellect, 226:to think of some one we love, and immediately we drop back into the world of the emotions and haveMagic, 223:know what it is to falter on the Path, and to drop under the fatigue of service and of strife; heMagic, 311:functions as a soul. Then the sensory life will drop below the threshold of consciousness. Meditation, 267:outburst of his group color. Then he will relax, drop back and lose the contact. His bodies are notPatanjali, 200:cultivated and present, gradually these chains drop off and no others are forged. As we disentanglePatanjali, 288:sufferer's eye. But let each burning human tear drop on thy heart and there remain; nor ever brushPsychology1, 16:and a right apprehension of truth to drop the emphasis so often laid upon certain aspects andPsychology1, 78:work. Draw man within the furnace and let him drop within the rose-red center the nature thatPsychology1, 187:[187] I challenge the thinkers of the world to drop their sectarianism, their nationalism, andPsychology1, 187:the realization of Brotherhood. I ask you to drop your antagonisms and your antipathies, yourPsychology1, 396:not discipline. "Again the Word went forth: Drop on the ground all that you hold, and enter free.Psychology2, 441:These "knowable things" will eventually [441] drop into the conscious aspect of a man's nature andPsychology2, 441:proceeds and the ages pass away, they will drop into the subconscious aspect of his nature, as hisPsychology2, 441:will be relegated to a similar position and will drop below the threshold of consciousness. ThePsychology2, 469:manifestation, letting all other possibilities drop. In this way, he can begin again to regulatePsychology2, 478:their antiquity they are very powerful, and to drop them is easier said than done. The practicesPsychology2, 500:life when they are naturally sound sleepers, and drop easily into deep and dreamless sleep is notPsychology2, 588:and necessary steps, as follows: Let the man drop all such exercises and postures and avoid allRays, 762:cup must all be drained, down to the nethermost drop, e'er it is possible to fill the cup with aRays, 762:cup is naught. The draught within distils forth drop by drop. It will not all be drained until theRays, 762:naught. The draught within distils forth drop by drop. It will not all be drained until the finalTelepathy, 95:to ascertain, to hold and seize upon. They drop into his field of consciousness because he has
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