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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DUALITY

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Astrology, 34:None 10 4 * Unknown VI Gemini Desire for duality None 9 5 ** Unknown VII Cancer Mass life VeilingAstrology, 45:because: The second is the great expression of duality, of the Son as He vitalizes the Sun. TheAstrology, 54:solar system is spoken of as one of "intrinsic duality" (love-wisdom) and that the major task ofAstrology, 54:of the pairs of opposites." The theme of duality, therefore, runs through the whole story of man'sAstrology, 56:of the zodiac are dual in their nature, and duality can be inferred from them. The two horns of theAstrology, 56:are simple figures and have no significance of duality. They are The symbol for Leo, which isAstrology, 60:again to what an extent the "principle of duality" enters into everything. It is a shiftingAstrology, 83:soul, and thus discovers his essential duality. When he is upon the Path of Discipleship (and hereAstrology, 115:This sign is also dual. In Aries we have the duality which is attached to the bringing together ofAstrology, 115:in the initiate of the third degree. This duality of Pisces must be studied in relation to itsAstrology, 119:be seen as undesirable and untrue. The sense of duality is, at this stage, instinctual but becomingAstrology, 120:within the form and the man is aware of his duality that the energies of the Fixed Cross supersedeAstrology, 121:of the human soul before the consciousness of duality is clear in the mind of the man and beforeAstrology, 125:of these dual potencies which: Produces the duality of this sign. Brings about the major problem ofAstrology, 126:free determination. In connection with a lesser duality found in every human being, that of headAstrology, 130:Twins in Gemini are symbols of the same basic duality, but the experience of the many changingAstrology, 145:consciousness - In Aries The consciousness of duality - In Gemini Mass consciousness - In CancerAstrology, 152:pairs of opposites. Pronounced and separative duality. The interplay between the Twins: Soul andAstrology, 154:of the soul from bondage with the two horns (duality) protecting the "eye of light" in the centerAstrology, 161:and of Gemini (expressive of man's essential duality). You find, therefore, today, the activity ofAstrology, 164:both the Dweller and the Angel are that complex duality which is the human family. Saturn, in aAstrology, 165:Gemini - Guards the mystery or secret of duality and presents the initiate with a word which leadsAstrology, 174:Decentralization Individual unity Sensed duality Universal unity Fire Fire Air Selfishness StruggleAstrology, 177:are five in number. Attached or fused duality - the Centaur. Unattached duality - the Archer.Astrology, 177:or fused duality - the Centaur. Unattached duality - the Archer. Freedom or one-pointedness - theAstrology, 212:and a sense of general opposition. The sense of duality is exceedingly powerful. Hence also theAstrology, 220:of devotion (which is based on the sense of duality and the need to go out towards that which isAstrology, 228:waits. This is the probationary path. Duality known. Scorpio - Illumination - The soul triumphs.Astrology, 230:conscious realization is that of a recognized duality; it is only at what is called the "finalAstrology, 241:Crosses: Gemini, the Twins - Mutable Cross - Duality. Libra, the Balances - Cardinal Cross -Astrology, 241:- Initiation. These three, therefore, stand for duality - sensed, overcome and resolved into theAstrology, 241:you have: Gemini, the Twins - Mind - Cause of duality. Libra, the Balances - Supermind - Cause ofAstrology, 247:Taurus - Desire - Incentive - Progress. Gemini - Duality - Condition - Interplay. Capricorn -Astrology, 247:- God the Father. He who relates. The Source of Duality. He who perceives the end from theAstrology, 254:in Aries and have produced a recognized duality in Gemini. Astrology, 255:faint symptoms (if I may use such a word) of the duality which is a proven fact in this system areAstrology, 257:in manifestation: I. Gemini Essential unrelated duality. The Twins. Sensed and recognized dualityAstrology, 257:duality. The Twins. Sensed and recognized duality through Mass fusion in Cancer. IndividualAstrology, 258:or Awakening. III. Sagittarius Sense of duality ended. Fusion attained. The one-pointed directAstrology, 258:life. The stage of Discipleship. IV. Pisces Duality linked in synthesis. Compare symbols for GeminiAstrology, 258:In Gemini, the relation between the great duality of soul and body emerges in which, at this stage,Astrology, 265:emergence of free choice. It is consciousness of duality and the effort to balance the two.Astrology, 272:can be noted, and that is their essential duality - the effect of which is obvious and soAstrology, 272:and matter. Gemini is definitely a sign of duality and signifies the relation of these two majorAstrology, 276:and the intensification of the life of conscious duality which marks the earlier stages of the PathAstrology, 290:Virgo - The latent Christ life or principle. Duality. Pisces - The group conscious soul. The worldAstrology, 296:of the Sun - the human soul and the divine ego. Duality. The central, spiritual Sun - the divineAstrology, 306:lower self. Man becomes aware of his essential duality. Uranus - Occult consciousness or thatAstrology, 307:interrelation involved in man's [307] essential duality during the process of manifestation, plusAstrology, 314:(Taurus, the next sign to Aries) and manifested duality (Gemini, the sign preceding Cancer) andAstrology, 317:Atlantean times (when the conscious sense of duality was becoming present in the minds of theAstrology, 318:human soul and the divine soul (the essential duality) are there but their presence is not easilyAstrology, 319:its seal on the human being, and his essential duality is put to the test. This is preparatory to aAstrology, 327:incarnation under the influence of "divine duality" to carry forward the development of the livesAstrology, 329:beams, revealing that which opposes or the basic duality of manifestation, the relationship ofAstrology, 330:and of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom (recognized duality and gained experience) are found to beAstrology, 333:of Leo Unity of selfishness Conflict with duality Higher unity The Monster The Fighter The DiscipleAstrology, 346:zodiacal signs in that it is the major symbol of duality in the zodiac. It is the constellationAstrology, 347:called the "constellation of the resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis." Governing as itAstrology, 351:the expression of the activity of this sign of duality, it is subjective energy we must consider asAstrology, 351:in Gemini, you have an emerging recognition of duality, leading to experience and growth in allAstrology, 353:most potent and important planet the idea of duality is again to be found, enhancing and enhancedAstrology, 354:in the Gemini subject the latent sense of duality in its various stages and also the sense ofAstrology, 354:and also of the Plan. Again you find the note of duality in the relationship [355] (established byAstrology, 362:point of our planetary effort) the sense of duality which is the basic factor in the conflictAstrology, 365:spiritual conflict. [365] In connection with the duality of conflict, you should bear in mind thatAstrology, 368:strictly human signs with their recognition of duality, emphasized in the central sign Virgo. [369]Astrology, 370:self, I grow and glow." Fluidity, recognition of duality, soul control! These are the keynotes ofAstrology, 373:between the pairs of opposites and the basic duality of manifestation and is not motivatedAstrology, 381:Man - the disciple - the initiate. Materiality - duality - divinity. Form - Soul - Spirit. HumanityAstrology, 385:be done. Sex is but the symbol of an inner duality which must be itself transcended and wroughtAstrology, 394:He will be almost painfully conscious of duality but, instead of its producing a struggle forAstrology, 468:of the interaction and the effect of the duality of manifestation, of spirit-matter, as theyAstrology, 479:also by the recognition, in consciousness, of duality, the application of directed motion and theAstrology, 562:viewed as follows: Gemini - the presentation of duality. Virgo - the presentation of blending lifeAstrology, 564:life is shown in the perfect fusion of the basic duality found in humanity: the human and theAstrology, 569:occultism (the study of that which is hidden). Duality is now consciously and uncomfortablyBethlehem, 18:a religion of cleavage, demonstrating to man his duality, and thus laying the foundation for hisBethlehem, 18:unity or at-one-ment. The realization of this duality is a most needed stage in man's unfoldment,Bethlehem, 18:forward within himself, bridging that essential duality which is his nature, and bringing aboutBethlehem, 27:Read what he says about this revelation of his duality: "I know that in me [that is, in my flesh]Bethlehem, 69:Mary and Joseph, with the human unity plus the duality which are so essential to existence itself.Bethlehem, 82:make it possible. The halves of our essential duality - soul and body, Christ and Mary,Bethlehem, 129:the vision of a world wherein there could be no duality but only unity, and from His efforts toBethlehem, 130:consisted of a demanded recognition of duality. But to Him, there was only one kingdom and one wayBethlehem, 138:human family today is split on the rock of duality. Either the personality is dual and thereforeBethlehem, 139:are divided into opposing camps, and again duality emerges in intense dynamic difficulty. It isBethlehem, 141:that Christ achieved success, and the second duality, which He so significantly resolved, is thatBethlehem, 155:produced revelation. Thus again the essential duality of humanity is revealed through Christ, andBethlehem, 201:last analysis) the problem of man's essential duality, before he has made the at-one-ment for whichDestiny, 11:outgoing sixth ray. They constitute, in their duality, the reactionary and the progressive forcesDestiny, 68:and integration are simultaneously present. Duality, triplicity (England, Scotland and Wales) andDiscipleship1, 57:and usually very thoroughly in either case. This duality must be brought into a closer relation andDiscipleship1, 267:problem, achievement or, presenting them as a duality, life-consciousness and form-activity. InDiscipleship1, 357:your brother's heart by a study of the duality of ray energies (personality and soul rays) whichDiscipleship1, 389:to due thought) may induce revelation. "Duality is visioned by the seer. He sees the Presence. HeDiscipleship1, 390:that word Presence. The mystic is ever aware of duality; of the lower man and the indwelling soul;Discipleship1, 403:of glamor. The astral plane is the plane of duality, of the pairs of opposites, and it is theDiscipleship1, 403:in fullness on the fourth plane where the major duality of the Spiritual Triad and the threefoldDiscipleship1, 547:of Deity. There is in reality no separation or duality, no I, or thou, but simply a God in
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