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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DUALITY

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Discipleship1, 596:ago - has been an exemplification of excessive duality. In this dual life, your emphasis has beenDiscipleship1, 700:From the Master's angle of the group problem, duality enters into the group expression. He, theDiscipleship2, 163:is matter at its highest, and that the apparent duality is but an essential unity. A concentrationDiscipleship2, 251:of knowledge. But what of the eye of vision when duality is being overcome, and what of theDiscipleship2, 258:triplicity of manifestation into the basic duality of spirit-matter. It is the "dissolution of theDiscipleship2, 258:of the trinity of manifestation into the duality of purpose. I cannot word this in any other wayDiscipleship2, 296:all of you, I am emphasizing man's essential duality and not his temporary triplicity. I would haveDiscipleship2, 467:of its adepts, through initiation, the duality of all creation. The Aryan unfoldment will produceDiscipleship2, 626:die out, we then "see" it and enter the stage of duality. Yes, my brother, we do indeed raise ourDiscipleship2, 686:radiance of the soul, observe then another duality, i.e., the bright and powerful light orEducation, 29:the soul and then passes through the illusion of duality. This is a necessary but not a permanentExternalisation, 118:place is due, first of all, to the essential duality of man; in the second place, it is due toExternalisation, 118:and the form aspect, and thus the great Law of Duality came into action, bringing about the "fallExternalisation, 168:peace" (Ephesians 2:15) so today out of the duality of soul and body, humanity is achieving theExternalisation, 217:bring clearly to the attention of men the basic duality which is found in the world today - theExternalisation, 217:duality which is found in the world today - the duality of selfish, material living and that ofExternalisation, 256:and their interpretations and see the basic duality of this conflict in its true light, they willExternalisation, 268:emotional in origin and based upon the sense of duality, and therefore upon feeling. These LivesExternalisation, 577:which relates and brings into expression the duality of spirit-matter. This Ashram has an importantExternalisation, 661:and blended energy, is today working as a true duality. The energy of wisdom is active within allFire, 41:(Father - Mahadeva - 1st Logos - Will - Spirit). Duality (Son - Vishnu - 2nd Logos - Love-Wisdom).Fire, 44:as yet manifest (as do the other two fires) as a duality, though what lies hidden in a later cycle,Fire, 85:This is a picture in miniature of the essential duality of all things acted upon by Fohat. [86]Fire, 97:of the first Logos. Electric fire. Spirit. Heat: Duality. The essence of the second Logos. SolarFire, 97:will to live or to be. Second Logos Heat - Solar Duality, or love between two. Third Logos Motion -Fire, 161:or manifest latent heat; next they manifest duality or latent and radiatory fire; the expression ofFire, 199:the Law of Synthesis. Hearing - Unity Touch - Duality Sight - Triplicity. In these three senses theFire, 201:and under all forms. Discrimination concerns the duality of nature, the Self and the not-self, andFire, 224:is this solar system evolving along the lines of duality? What is consciousness and what is itsFire, 237:is the Solar System evolving along the lines of Duality? 1. The Problem of Existence The thirdFire, 238:eventually will, be contacted. The problem of duality is the problem of existence itself, andFire, 239:that the rational faculty has erected. The duality of the solar system will eventually beFire, 240:Two - Introductory Questions 2. Its Nature and Duality In terms of quality what have we? ActiveFire, 241:in no way new, but these thoughts on essential duality are gathered together, in order to convey toFire, 242:Whose problem is the same on the higher scale. Duality, and the interplay between the two produces:Fire, 243:involve the acceptance of the idea of duality, of that which is objective and of that which liesFire, 263:to the Absolute as He manifests in duality. This is prior to objectivity, which requires theFire, 288:or Gods. The Vedanta school - Has to do with non-duality. Deal with the relation of Atma in man toFire, 312:is first seen, not only in the recognized duality of all things, but in differentiation in motion;Fire, 411:It presupposes: Capacity beyond that manifested. Duality, or that which is limited and the limitingFire, 419:The real recognition of this essential duality, and the scientific appreciation of it is to be seenFire, 422:peal forth fully consummated in this system of duality, for the third initiation sees the initiateFire, 439:likewise to chains, globes, races, and rounds. Duality always will be seen, - human and devaFire, 484:the atom being resolved into its essential duality. The volatile stage, which concerns primarilyFire, 504:In all manifestation, as we well know, we have duality producing triplicity. Spirit meets andFire, 511:between the Self and the Not-Self, or through duality) is expressing itself. Governed by the cosmicFire, 538:Existence. Unity. The Son - Soul. Love-Wisdom. Duality. Mother - Matter. The Trinity. and theirFire, 540:plane life; by a realization of his essential duality he begins to comprehend causes. The Petal ofFire, 560:that of the Ego, or the realization of essential duality. In our second point the more objectiveFire, 561:performed its mission), separates into its basic duality, and will or energy (which lies, as aFire, 561:will or energy (which lies, as a unity, back of duality), ceases in intent. [562] The objectiveFire, follow:Heart and Throat Heavenly Men Sixth & Fifth Duality 4. Mental Man Solar Plexus Base of Spine ManFire, follow:5. Astral Animal Generative Organs Third Duality 6. Etheric Vegetable Spleen Second Transitional 7.Fire, 650:the negative or the mother aspect, in the divine duality, and with the sum total of all that is. WeFire, 666:other. In the higher four worlds, we have this duality viewed as a unity, and the aspect of theFire, 672:lives. Substance itself represents essential duality; forms repeat the same duality, and when weFire, 672:essential duality; forms repeat the same duality, and when we arrive at man himself again, we haveFire, 672:and when we arrive at man himself again, we have duality plus a third factor. These three orders ofFire, 691:on the plane of spirit - as it is the plane of duality - the deva monads are likewise found there.Fire, 734:between manvantaras. Temporary form ceases but duality remains. Concerns a planetary Logos.Fire, 740:the lesser four Rays merge and blend, seeking duality, and their polar opposites. Eventually theFire, 798:remembered ever that cause involves the idea of duality, i.e., that which initiates, and that whichFire, 803:Both these ideas, therefore, convey the idea of duality. An emanation must have its originatingFire, 810:and darkness, male and female, etc. He is a duality. He represents also God in that He is aFire, 848:Persons may be seen associated; above another duality functions, but only on this plane do theFire, 859:in the figure eight lies hidden the idea of duality: [860] The four of the quaternary, The four ofFire, 882:or Gods. The Vedanta school - Has to do with non-duality. Deals with the relation of Atman in manFire, 887:the "Son of God." Herein lies the essential duality of all manifestation; this duality is laterFire, 887:the essential duality of all manifestation; this duality is later supplemented by the life of theFire, 988:Hence it will be apparent that one works with duality and the other with unity. On the planes ofFire, 988:and the other with unity. On the planes of duality, therefore, it is apparent why the blackFire, 1032:which in itself involves the concept of duality. This activity is the cause of all cyclicFire, 1123:into two groups, each of them emphasizing the duality of the microcosmic manifestation: Group I.Fire, 1168:It is only powerful during the period of the duality of the sexes and their separation and, in theFire, 1203:because: The second is the great expression of duality, of the Son as He vitalizes the Sun. TheFire, 1244:dissociated during manifestation; they are the duality lying back of all that is objective. YetFire, 1246:with consciousness and therefore with duality and are utilizing a word which connotes synthesis,Fire, 1251:which is visualized which negates the idea of duality, - that which visualizes and that which isFire, 1256:cosmic planes are concerned. With the nature of duality, that which is basically the science of theFire, 1260:study but which may, however, be described, is a duality of interlocked wheels revolving at a greatGlamour, 39:door, can he come to grips with the principle of duality, which is embodied for him in the DwellerGlamour, 42:Integrated personality At-one-ment End of duality. Note: A dawning sense of maya arose in LemurianGlamour, 94:of glamor is primarily based upon the sense of duality. If such a duality did not exist, thereGlamour, 94:based upon the sense of duality. If such a duality did not exist, there would be no glamor, andGlamour, 95:be. From that moment on he comes to the sense of duality, to the recognition of "otherness" and toGlamour, 96:the man first of all becomes aware of the duality which can be expressed by the words "the man andGlamour, 96:at first and later consciously), the initial duality - the physical body and the vital or ethericGlamour, 96:an almost automatic activity. I referred to this duality in an earlier instruction. This stage isGlamour, 97:resolution (note this word and its usage) of the duality into a unity. This resolution works out inGlamour, 101:man has, therefore, proceeded from a crisis of duality to one of a relative unity, only to haveGlamour, 101:by a renewed recognition of a higher and deeper duality. This duality temporarily produces anotherGlamour, 101:recognition of a higher and deeper duality. This duality temporarily produces another cleavage in aGlamour, 102:Behind the Angel he dimly senses, not another duality, but a great Identity, a living Unity, whichGlamour, 108:admission to the Path was aware of: The physical duality wherein his consciousness was accustomedGlamour, 109:glamor. In the Atlantean race, the physical duality was then solved, and the physical body and theGlamour, 109:in the healthy person still do so. The sense of duality shifted then into a growing recognition ofGlamour, 110:cleavage had been healed and the initial duality had been resolved into a unity. Then there comes aGlamour, 110:as the attempt is made to resolve this higher duality with which the man or the race is confronted.Glamour, 114:today or in its Nordic implications. Race Duality Problem Method Goal Lemurian Physical ForceGlamour, 117:before the Gate, he recognizes the final duality which awaits resolution. The Dweller on the
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