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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DUALITY

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Glamour, 120:become at this time conscious of an emphasized duality. The subject, as you will therefore see, isGlamour, 126:arrives later at a recognition of an essential duality. This is, for the time being, in no case anGlamour, 127:Once he grasps the relation of the lower major duality (that of the personality and the soul) he isGlamour, 138:heard. These people are resolving the sense of duality into a known unity, and their preoccupationGlamour, 203:laid for the unfoldment of the sense of mystical duality through the various stages of anGlamour, 250:the true eye of vision and involves the idea of duality (of the see-er and that which is seen). ItHealing, 116:fact: The mystic is ever conscious of duality. He is the seeker in search of light, of the soul, ofHealing, 117:and identification with that one reality enables duality to be transmuted into unity and the senseHealing, 117:expresses itself through a basic condition of duality and two persons express themselves,Healing, 143:Each of these is essentially dual, and each duality corresponds to the ray of the soul or of theHealing, 153:the monad and the personality, and a great duality comes into being. Life, consciousness and formHealing, 178:analysis; the two together create a functioning duality which is productive of that subtle qualityHealing, 203:center and the basic center) represent the great duality of spirit and matter, and they thenHealing, 269:the appearance within their borders of the old duality - Jew and Gentile. There is neither Jew norHealing, 369:In this truth is embodied the whole story of duality - which is the story of the relation of theHealing, 588:the monad manifests essentially as a duality; it expresses itself as will and love, as atma-buddhiHercules, 17:They typify in their persons the essential duality of God in manifestation, of life in form, ofHercules, 17:of soul in body, and of spirit and matter. This duality is the glory of humanity and alsoHercules, 18:respond to the love of the Father. [18] This duality is also brought out in the fact that he wasHercules, 18:inner warfare which grows out of this realized duality. Hercules was the disciple, living in aHercules, 18:He was no longer a divided entity, no longer a duality, but soul and body formed one unity. ThisHercules, 18:infant killed two serpents, again emphasizing duality. In this act he forecast the future in whichHercules, 19:other two have been slain. [19] This sense of duality is the first stage of the spiritualHercules, 32:from experience something of his own essential duality and yearns to cease from satisfying theHercules, 32:cease from satisfying the lower aspect of that duality and to meet the need of the higher, and heHercules, 60:or at-one-ing, soul and body, so that duality gives place to unity and the pairs of opposites areHercules, 61:the coming of mind came also the knowledge of duality, of the pull of the pairs of opposites, ofHercules, 65:the illusion and glamor of the lower self. The duality which is emphasized in Gemini rims through aHercules, 65:where the mind aspect began to emerge, and the duality of mankind became a fact in nature. TheHercules, 66:Boaz and Jachin, stand as the emblems of that duality. In China, Castor and Pollux are spoken of asHercules, 67:and thus we again have emphasized both the duality of Gemini and its mental quality. When this signHercules, 81:arrived at the realization of his essential duality, in Gemini, the incarnating human being enters,Hercules, 85:physical incarnation, and the sign wherein the duality of form and of soul is unified in theHercules, 116:is of ancient origin; indeed is inherent in the duality of humanity and the solar system. To thisHercules, 123:its opposite sign Pisces. Always there is the duality, inherent in us and in the solar system; theHercules, 123:system; the second ray of the sun itself being a duality, Love-Wisdom. The lesson for the VirgoHercules, 153:the opposites (meaning desire). Always there is duality, that which is desired and the one whoHercules, 159:Gemini is the opposite of Sagittarius; Gemini duality; Sagittarius unity, the one-pointed goingHercules, 183:into the consciousness of man his essential duality and the link between the two parts of himself,Hercules, 211:Polar Opposite: Scorpio, water sign (conflict of duality; desire overcome; triumphantHercules, 211:sign (as are also Libra and Aquarius). Quality: Duality. Love-Wisdom. Fluidity. Control of everyHercules, 213:Quality: Equilibrium. An interlude where duality is known and the life of soul and form is balancedHercules, 214:sign (as are also Cancer and Scorpio). Quality: Duality. Fluidity endowed with instinctualInitiation, 34:matter and spirit clearly defined; the inherent duality of all manifestation was emphasized, withInitiation, 35:through experience and pain the fact of the duality of all existence. Having thus learnt, heInitiation, 115:initiation this great Presence is seen as a duality, and another aspect shines forth before him. HeInitiation, 116:linking thus heart and brain, - that great duality manifesting in this solar system, love andInitiation, 123:Just as all manifestation proceeds through duality and triplicity back to eventual synthesis so,Initiation, 162:at is, [162] that at the eighth initiation the duality of the triple AUM is brought out, and at theInitiation, 173:The clue as to which Scheme forms with ours a duality. The true name of our Planetary Logos and hisIntellect, 73:self [73] and the higher or divine self. This duality has to be first realized and then transcendedIntellect, 92:of truth. We are conscious within ourselves of duality, and of a state of warfare between the twoIntellect, 119:Primal Cause (he) had eliminated the Illusion of Duality. - Rechung (from the Tibetan) We haveIntellect, 167:One is great, but always there is the sense of duality, of something other or beyond that which hasIntellect, 168:noted how the idea of desire, of feeling and of duality characterizes the ecstatic condition.Intellect, 189:incessantly filled with Beatitude, without duality, (unconditioned) Principle of all existence,Intellect, 189:and object, which would be contrary to 'non-duality'), and without end' ". "He is Brahma, by whichIntellect, 191:and symbolism and have a stronger sense of duality than perhaps any other religious esotericIntellect, 230:But - this seems to involve the idea of duality. But I and God are one. I am God, and have been allMagic, 8:and being. It is the root cause, therefore, of duality. This duality which is seen when objectivityMagic, 8:is the root cause, therefore, of duality. This duality which is seen when objectivity is presentMagic, 8:(as they needs must) in finite terms of that duality which is everywhere, cyclically, apparent. Magic, 20:and the apparatus of that response, the divine duality of the soul; it is finally the sum total ofMagic, 28:expresses some type or other of energy. Thus the duality is the thing noted, and that which employsMagic, 35:them. The soul is the mediator between this duality; it is the middle principle, the link betweenMagic, 146:the aspect of vibration is to be noted as a duality. The form, through the medium of the fiveMagic, 228:The first thing the aspirant becomes aware of is duality. The little evolved man is aware ofMagic, 228:between is the wretched aspirant, conscious of duality above all else and pulled hither and thitherMagic, 375:He passes from one sense of unity to a sense of duality, and from thence again into a higher unity.Magic, 375:with the form aspect to such an extent that all duality disappears in the illusion that the Self isMagic, 375:to shift into the higher of the two aspects. Duality however, still persists, for the man isMagic, 376:emphasize the life aspect and appear to negate duality. Other schools (such as the Theosophical, inMagic, 376:and hence can be interpreted in terms of duality. Both are right and both need each other. ItMagic, 376:we work from a relative unity, through duality, to another unity, in the following way: The unityMagic, 376:with the form, and is absorbed in form life. Duality, with a fluctuating shift backward and forwardMagic, 385:the second aspect (the aspect of love) implies duality, for it is inherent in love itself. EverMagic, 385:Work on the mental plane produces realization of duality. The disciple seeks to blend and merge theMagic, 385:(during this transitional period) that he is a duality. The mind, rightly used, becomes therefore aMagic, 385:its instrument become so unified and at-one that duality disappears, and the soul knows [386]Magic, 392:and the consciousness aspect present the eternal duality of nature. In our evolutionary developmentMagic, 449:nature as it expresses some type of energy. Thus duality is the thing noted and that which employsMagic, 544:bring about a climaxing moment for the planetary duality. Beyond that we need not go, for theMagic, 612:body) are for him, in the realm of temporary duality, his two basic realities. The watery nature ofMagic, 613:of the soul. May I pause here to remind you that duality is only a stage on the evolutionary arc,Magic, 614:developing process. It is the consciousness of duality, and the subjectively realized andMagic, 629:is but an illusion and an inherent part of duality, giving place in [630] time and out of time to aMeditation, 55:the synthetic ray into manifestation. It marked duality or reflex love. Subtone three of thePatanjali, 14:and like all else in nature, manifests as a duality. This duality is: Lower concrete mind,Patanjali, 14:all else in nature, manifests as a duality. This duality is: Lower concrete mind, demonstrating asPatanjali, 14:aspect of the ego. In the microcosm, man, this duality becomes a triple modification upon thePatanjali, 56:was the Word, and the Word was with God (thus duality) and the Word was God." Through its use manPatanjali, 151:sutra brings us right back to the great basic duality of manifestation, the union of spirit andPatanjali, 171:Based as it is on a realization of the essential duality of nature, and regarding nature as aPatanjali, 171:be sedulously cultivated. The premise of the duality is admitted as a logical basis for furtherPatanjali, 248:of, but still the sense of separateness or of duality persists. He is still aware of himself and ofPatanjali, 252:behind. He has achieved a working knowledge of duality. There is yet a higher consciousness thanPatanjali, 257:yoga practices, where unity is known and even duality is seen to be a limitation. Naught remainsPatanjali, 316:is that the pairs of opposites become apparent, duality is known, and the question of choice comesPsychology1, 13:of the consciousness into a realized duality. In this condition, the man is distinctly aware ofPsychology1, 13:distinctly aware of what is termed his essential duality; he knows he is spirit-matter, is
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