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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DUALITY

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Psychology1, 14:embraces, and at the same time extinguishes, duality. Remember that the entire story of evolutionPsychology1, 14:realization of unity follows upon this sense of duality, and in this final stage the sense of beingPsychology1, 15:Whenever this reality is put into words duality is emphasized and the spiritual controversy (usingPsychology1, 15:they are in their phraseology an expression of duality. Life cannot be expressed in words nor canPsychology1, 16:the realm of thought which involves awareness of duality. I shall employ the language of duality,Psychology1, 16:of duality. I shall employ the language of duality, and this I shall do, not because I seek toPsychology1, 16:of the true pairs of opposites, but of the basic duality of manifestation. I seek to deal with thatPsychology1, 23:to express love (which involves the concept of duality, for the loving and the loved, the desiringPsychology1, 29:a religion of cleavage, demonstrating to man his duality and so laying the foundation for futurePsychology1, 38:kingdom of the soul. He is torn by a sense of duality. Later, he becomes identified with stillPsychology1, 43:energies of that central Life and involve duality - will or the life urge plus attractive [44]Psychology1, 47:Mother contributes much also, and the initial duality is increased and the qualities are enhancedPsychology1, 48:of the final abstraction. In their temporary duality can be seen, for each of them, the interplayPsychology1, 71:of his search. [71] He has mastered the uses of duality and has learnt to at-one soul and body intoPsychology1, 119:consciousness of every human being is a sense of duality, that man is in some mysterious sense twoPsychology1, 120:in their thousands recognize [120] this duality and seek to unify the dissociated aspects. When thePsychology1, 120:we shall then approach the subject of man's duality with greater intelligence. We shall comprehendPsychology1, 277:regulation. Sex is essentially an expression of duality, and of the separation of a unity into twoPsychology1, 343:of attainment, but also of turmoil and temporary duality. Harmony, expressing itself in beauty andPsychology1, 360:each other. The sixth ray brought the sense of duality to a humanity which regarded itself as aPsychology1, 402:becomes clearly marked, and the sense of duality becomes more definitely established. ThePsychology2, 9:of triplicity and differentiation) through duality to unity. These truths are practical and hencePsychology2, 9:Disciples have the problem of expressing the duality of love and will through the personality. ThisPsychology2, 18:expression. In time, however, this realized duality gives place to the mysterious, indescribablePsychology2, 162:and extraversion. We do well to ponder on this duality. Truth and falsehood, Mystical and occultPsychology2, 172:arrangement, which may throw some light upon the duality of personality and the work to be done byPsychology2, 206:Path. They are the mystics, conscious of duality, torn between the pairs of opposites, but who arePsychology2, 255:to understand the paradox of soul unity through duality is that in speaking of the pairs ofPsychology2, 276:the pairs of opposites, learning the secret of duality, and like Arjuna (fixed at the midway point)Psychology2, 276:and is the cause of that unhappy sense of duality which produces distress and sorrow in the life ofPsychology2, 289:of the ray of the personality. The technique of duality, divinely understood, or the relation ofPsychology2, 312:to right activities. [312] There is a higher duality to which it is necessary that we refer. TherePsychology2, 312:that we refer. There is, for the disciples, the duality which becomes obvious when the Dweller onPsychology2, 318:forms and sometimes produces more than simply a duality. The great expression of the continuity ofPsychology2, 320:connotation. Each idea, however, involves a duality, and the concept that there is "that which isPsychology2, 321:physical body then becomes complete. This basic duality then becomes responsive to The lowerPsychology2, 332:and from thence into the astral body. There duality is sensed and the battle of the pairs ofPsychology2, 335:aware, based as it will be on a growing sense of duality. It will also be capable of expertPsychology2, 337:Mystic, with his aspiration, his sense of [337] duality, and his reaching out after God, plus anPsychology2, 341:(at the third and fifth initiations) and thus duality is finally and definitely overcome and "onlyPsychology2, 341:the techniques of fusion and the techniques of duality. We will then pass on to a consideration ofPsychology2, 343:stage falls into five parts: A period wherein duality and lack of control are realized. A periodPsychology2, 344:and divine unity is achieved, thus ending the duality hitherto sensed, which up till this time hasPsychology2, 344:brought the aspirant to the point of a sensed duality, of consequent struggle, and of a hardlyPsychology2, 344:the kingdom of God. On this path he senses his duality in an almost distressing manner, and beginsPsychology2, 345:of intelligent humanity, leading inevitably to duality and conflict. The fusion of the personalityPsychology2, 364:with divinity. The mystic still has a sense of duality. Nor is it the sense of identification whichPsychology2, 378:the Personality b. The Techniques of Fusion and Duality We come now to the consideration of a veryPsychology2, 378:this we will refer briefly to the Technique of Duality. The brevity is necessary because onlyPsychology2, 378:whereof I speak. A study of the Technique of Duality would serve to elucidate the relationshipPsychology2, 378:that the three words: Integration, Fusion and Duality when dealt [379] with, as they are, inPsychology2, 379:upon the Path of Discipleship. The Technique of Duality is applied upon the Path of Initiation. IPsychology2, 381:forward satisfactorily, then the Technique of Duality comes into play - duality differing greatlyPsychology2, 381:then the Technique of Duality comes into play - duality differing greatly from that to which wePsychology2, 381:we speak of the higher and lower selves. It is a duality which is utilized upon the Path ofPsychology2, 381:Initiates, who will work with the Technique of Duality It should be remembered also that we arePsychology2, 381:that we are here dealing with the primordial duality of spirit and matter and not with thePsychology2, 381:of spirit and matter and not with the secondary duality of soul and body. This point is of deepPsychology2, 385:is the result of the use of the Technique of Duality by the initiate. One head center, thePsychology2, 385:when the two later techniques of fusion and of duality are carried successfully forward. CertainPsychology2, 388:From that center to the heart center. The needed duality connected with the astral body thusPsychology2, 391:can be brought into play and the Technique of Duality can be considered, mastered and used. It willPsychology2, 391:part of the veiled secrets of initiation. Though duality is emphasized, it is a duality whichPsychology2, 391:Though duality is emphasized, it is a duality which produces simplification, merging and synthesis.Psychology2, 391:merging and synthesis. Man is then viewed as a duality of spirit and matter and not as the wellPsychology2, 401:the triple techniques of Integration, Fusion and Duality, and have shown you how, by means of them,Psychology2, 406:beginning to control) a sense of cleavage and of duality. These integrations, as far as humanity isPsychology2, 409:of integration. Those arising out of a sense of duality. This sense of duality, as the result ofPsychology2, 409:arising out of a sense of duality. This sense of duality, as the result of realized cleavage,Psychology2, 414:to a relatively high point and the awareness of duality is beginning to emerge, that the realPsychology2, 422:and eventually between the higher and the lower duality. He must learn to grasp the distinctionPsychology2, 428:needed integration and to end a cycle of sensed duality lies within the man himself because: HisPsychology2, 430:inevitably the same: Cleavage. A recognition of duality, either subjectively or in the wakingPsychology2, 435:impulses, aspirations and those conflicts of duality which so oft afflict and hinder the disciple.Psychology2, 482:what it means and steadily change the sense of duality into the sense of identification. The willPsychology2, 508:problem of the polar opposites and the essential duality of manifestation) political activity,Psychology2, 531:activity. He becomes painfully conscious of duality, of the pull of the world and of the mysticalPsychology2, 531:whole subject is still interpreted in terms of duality. Sex is still imaginatively in hisPsychology2, 534:simultaneously. The existence, therefore, of duality, which when realized and when the greatPsychology2, 543:This attitude is colored always by a sense of duality; it leads to the attainment of union - aPsychology2, 543:He is so are we." There is, however, no sense of duality. The goal is the achievement of such anPsychology2, 594:heart. Simultaneously with this appearance of duality in the "nadis", the disciple finds himselfPsychology2, 601:aspiration clothes itself and their sense of duality finds satisfaction. These ideas exist asPsychology2, 602:expression but the vagueness and the sense of duality must eventually be transformed into aPsychology2, 614:and the physician. Psychic sensitivity, mystical duality, and dominating power - these are thePsychology2, 614:sensitivity is related to the heart, mystical duality to the ajna center and the problem of powerPsychology2, 614:processes of reorientation, of recognizing duality and of fusion of the personality. As we havePsychology2, 622:the human triplicity of spirit-soul-body, the duality of soul and personality and [623] the majorRays, 4:these three are nevertheless a manifestation of duality - spirit and matter - and that this is theRays, 40:the initiate-disciple has been functioning as a duality and as a fusion of soul-energy andRays, 62:his evolution in which triplicity gives place to duality, prior to the attainment of completeRays, 71:another. It fosters in the aspirant a sense of duality. It is a word descriptive of the mysticRays, 141:it the door of the monadic sense of essential duality. Body and life, soul and personality, theRays, 141:to another. Now he comes to the final duality of spirit and matter, prior to their resolution intoRays, 144:are concerned only with the great and simple duality of spirit and matter, and not with the manyRays, 168:with it; yet in so doing the constant concept of duality is ever present - himself and all otherRays, 172:all-inclusive Self. It involves the mystery of duality with which they are occupied, and the veryRays, 181:somewhat different form, the ancient problem of duality, involving as it does the immense potencyRays, 216:- Monad, soul and personality - is resolved into duality, and the Monad (reflected in the Triad)Rays, 223:relationship; triplicity has given place to duality, and the Way of the Higher Evolution stands
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