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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DUALITY

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Rays, 226:negating both the life of form and the soul. Duality is no longer recognized. The stage ofRays, 264:- that of soul and spirit; this fundamental duality must also be resolved, leaving the essential,Rays, 264:leaving the essential, universal planetary duality, spirit-matter, present in time and space. TheRays, 288:registering triplicity and is occupied with the duality of manifestation, with life-energy as itRays, 433:when we use the erroneous phrase "the soul." Duality then takes the place of the originalRays, 441:It is proper, consequently, to see a duality existing in the consciousness of the disciple, andRays, 470:by or triplicity; the disciple by or recognized duality and the initiate by or unity. Note that theRays, 470:initiate by or unity. Note that the symbol of duality for undeveloped humanity is in which theRays, 471:of the mental consciousness, the realization of duality is only to be found in the three worlds andRays, 471:of alignment, involving as it does the sense of duality but indicating at the same time the wayRays, 472:of the divine nature apparent and the illusory duality disappears. Then you have Spirit-matter,Rays, 475:of the means whereby man, the trinity, becomes a duality. When the task is completed and theRays, 483:manifestation must also express itself as a duality. This can be understood in a faint way when theRays, 483:initiation) he too must learn to function as a duality - Monad (spirit) and form (matter) - inRays, 483:which leads to the One; this is the Way whereon duality is resolved into unity, the Way thatRays, 486:are distinguished by the knowledge of the higher duality and are increasingly soul-conscious andRays, 492:and personality a definite and existent fact. Duality then supervenes upon [493] triplicity, andRays, 509:are no longer active, but only the basic duality of soul and personality remains, and there is noRays, 515:is also a fact. The dual expression of the basic duality of manifestation - personality or form andRays, 539:forms and formless lives become his own." Again duality enters into his mental perception, for heRays, 541:you will constantly bear in mind the essential duality of manifestation itself; the negative andRays, 571:him to take advantage of this "approaching duality" and - by the perfecting of the contact - toRays, 606:reaction, which is present in the essential duality of manifestation, and thus inaugurated the AgeRays, 606:over to the side of the spirit aspect of the duality; it has not yet swung, even in intention,Rays, 710:become now only the symbols of a non-existent duality. The soul is no longer the repository of theRays, 727:eighth initiation the nature and the purpose of duality is revealed to the initiate, it is againSoul, 57:substance; - but at the same time a coexistent duality, - life and substance, and at the same time,Soul, 65:space and in which everything material occurs. A duality runs through the scheme of physics -Soul, 101:of the life soul, that sentient vivifying duality which we call prana. This dual energy has twoTelepathy, 101:of the word "observer" involves the concept of duality and, therefore, of separation. In this case,
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