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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DUKE

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Autobiography, 13:all classes to include such people as the Grand Duke Alexander, the brother-in-law of the late CzarAutobiography, 209:the club asked me to go down and hear the Grand Duke Alexander speak. He was a son of one of theAutobiography, 209:Presently we all got to our feet when the Grand Duke came in and sat down in an armchair on theAutobiography, 209:one minute you would forget that I am a Grand Duke, because I want to talk to you about yourAutobiography, 209:and said, "How I would like to put the Grand Duke in touch with people in this country who won'tAutobiography, 209:country who won't care whether he is a Grand Duke or not but will love him for himself and hisAutobiography, 209:Ritz at 11. I was met in the foyer by the Grand Duke's secretary. He sat me down and lookedAutobiography, 209:at me and said, "What do you want with the Grand Duke, Mrs. Bailey?" Amazed, I looked at him andAutobiography, 209:am here." "But," said Mr. Roumanoff, "the Grand Duke said you wanted to see him." I then told him IAutobiography, 209:told him I had taken no steps to see the Grand Duke and that I could not imagine what he wanted meAutobiography, 209:me for. I told him I had been to the Grand Duke's talk the afternoon before and had expressed to aAutobiography, 209:Mr. Roumanoff then took me upstairs to the Grand Duke's suite and after I had made my curtsey andAutobiography, 210:to New York and put on a luncheon for the Grand Duke at the Hotel Ambassador. She promptly refused.Autobiography, 210:quite bewildered, telling me that the Grand Duke had said that he would like to do what I wantedAutobiography, 210:real friendship which lasted until the Grand Duke died and after. He constantly went down withAutobiography, 210:same urge to go forward spiritually. The Grand Duke was a convinced spiritualist and we used toAutobiography, 211:so would we be responsible for taking the Grand Duke to the two places where he had to speak. WeAutobiography, 211:hunters. On the way back to the hotel the Grand Duke suddenly turned to me and said, "Mrs. Bailey,Autobiography, 211:a great deal." "Well, now," replied the Grand Duke, "you understand the triangle, you, Foster andAutobiography, 211:reading about 6.30, when in walked the Grand Duke, to my amazement, in the dark blue loungingAutobiography, 211:I went to Foster and told him that the Grand Duke was dead. And so it was. I saw the obituaryAutobiography, 211:43rd St., New York, I suddenly saw the Grand Duke coming towards me. He smiled and passed on andAutobiography, 211:link upon the spiritual level between the Grand Duke, Foster Bailey and myself. In a later life weAutobiography, 225:to Ascona was one of very real interest. Grand Duke Alexander joined us there and gave some veryBethlehem, 105:the body." (The Religion of Love, by the Grand Duke Alexander of Russia.) The first step into this
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