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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DULL

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Astrology, 250:- Balance. Bias. Prejudice - Justice. Judgment. Dull stupidity - Enthusiastic wisdom. Untrue, showyAutobiography, 16:interesting. They were worthy but apparently dull. As my sister once put it, "they sat among theirAutobiography, 28:and footman in livery on the box seat. So dull and so monotonous it was. Then other arrangementsAutobiography, 53:clergyman by the name of Roberts. He was deadly dull and frightfully shy and years older than I andAutobiography, 100:to cover this cycle without being either deadly dull, or presenting a woeful picture of a miserableAutobiography, 134:meet these two women. I found the lecture very dull and the lecturer very poor. I can imagine noAutobiography, 176:section of my life, 1921-1931, makes relatively dull reading. I find it difficult to bring into itBethlehem, 200:they may appear to be in their objectives, can dull or obliterate the Presence of God in us. We areDiscipleship1, 324:keying-up to high contacts would eventually dull the instrument so that true recognitions wouldDiscipleship1, 483:in the life of others? Seek for drama under the dull exterior of a person, in the world of dailyExternalisation, 615:which control so many national units, plus the dull apathy of the masses, and in particular, theFire, 762:The light within these permanent atoms has a dull red glow and we have, therefore, all the threeFire, 838:Purificatory Fire "The fire burned low. A dull red glow slumbered within the Heart of Mother. ItsFire, 839:awakens and becomes a glowing point, and then a dull red line, measuring the distance 'twixt theHerculesbetween the pillars of the Gates time and again. Dull is the understanding but in the Halls ofHercules, 128:bias and prejudice to justice or judgment; from dull stupidity to enthusiastic wisdom. How unusualMagic, 63:the joy of full communion and again all seems dull and sterile; his service is on occasion aPsychology1, 208:secondary ray; even then his coloring will be dull, his sculptures lifeless, and his music (if hePsychology2, 524:The centers above the diaphragm are dim and dull and relatively inactive; the point at the centerRays, 767:rises like a flower of color dark or somber. Dull it appears to the outer vision, but within aTelepathy, 175:loving activity. These virtues may seem to you dull and uninteresting, but they are most potent and
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