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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DUTY

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Astrology, 389:technically subjective at all. The high call of duty, the sense of responsibility are trulyAtom, 27:to our own lives, and ascertain our immediate duty so that we may participate in, and consciouslyAutobiography, 25:wall of [25] our schoolroom, indicating the next duty. How well I remember going over to it andAutobiography, 27:with that trained sense of responsibility and of duty to others among the wealthy in this land. WeAutobiography, 74:one morning to ask those of them who were not on duty to come down to the Soldiers Home at aAutobiography, 74:hour. For some reason, none of them was on duty and sheer curiosity brought them all out. When theyAutobiography, 102:that they are your people and it will be your duty to make them feel that you believe they are. ForAutobiography, 111:for me to associate with. Of course, I did my duty as the rector's wife and I am sure I was veryAutobiography, 136:arrangement with my own conscience regarding my duty as a mother and as a housekeeper. I hadAutobiography, 255:A.A.B. (as did her own Master) that her major duty as a disciple was to familiarize the public withAutobiography, 270:therefore, a conscious worker, well aware of his duty as a disciple, in touch with his soul andBethlehem, 13:it will indicate to us our immediate goal and duty, which when understood will enable us to liveBethlehem, 76:He started to do the work that was the nearest duty, and to teach those whom He found in theBethlehem, 77:or from the place of solitude to do His duty among men. After the hidden experience in Egypt (forBethlehem, 77:be accomplished, Christ returns to the place of duty. In this case, and after the Birth initiation,Bethlehem, 77:to say that had He failed in this immediate duty, the rest of His work would have been abortive? IfBethlehem, 81:is voiced. What is the next step, the immediate duty of the man who knows that, in himself, the newBethlehem, 153:of the light; in that significance the whole duty and purpose of the physical outer man is summedBethlehem, 170:Mount of Transfiguration down into the valley of duty and of service, and which enabled Him to goBethlehem, 173:And others call it God. A picket frozen on duty, A mother starved for her brood, Socrates drinkingBethlehem, 226:was a reality. The service of the kingdom is our duty and also our method of release from theBethlehem, 240:person rightly guided on the path of everyday duty. These are mainly four: (1) 'I would fain be toBethlehem, 268:attention to the inner voice of conscience and duty (two of the lowest forms of inspiration) toBethlehem, 270:demanding the least deviation from the place of duty and responsibility. Such is the goal for theBethlehem, 272:that kingdom, become the only dear and immediate duty. The soul who has made contact with the lowerBethlehem, 274:himself, but in God and his fellow men, and his duty to God is worked out through the love he feelsBethlehem, 277:life within the racial form. It is our immediate duty therefore, in the interests of the kingdomDestiny, 108:soul and at the same time wondering where his duty lies. His point in evolution determines hisDiscipleship1, 17:to truth, through their attempt to do their duty, and their mutual karmic relation both to eachDiscipleship1, 27:the background of the theologian. The glamor of duty. This leads to an over-emphasis of the senseDiscipleship1, 113:You have served from a rigid sense of duty but you must now learn to serve with the lovingDiscipleship1, 115:group of your co-disciples but from a sense of duty and of rightness of activity. Nevertheless, IDiscipleship1, 124:of future glory and reward for the immediate duty and goal and to learn the spiritual values of theDiscipleship1, 139:be a handicap. The perfect fulfilment of your duty and your freedom inwardly from ties will spellDiscipleship1, 159:"under impression," as it is called. Their main duty, and the duty to which their souls call them,Discipleship1, 159:as it is called. Their main duty, and the duty to which their souls call them, is to preserve anDiscipleship1, 179:energy shows itself predominantly as devotion to duty as realized, and to responsibility asDiscipleship1, 183:task; in the performance and the perfection of duty is to be found a sense of contributing to theDiscipleship1, 186:and in realized loneliness to the call of duty and service. Now, however, the time has come whenDiscipleship1, 189:flame by your faithful adherence to the ordained duty. This warrants a further fanning of thatDiscipleship1, 261:registered and recognized by you as the next duty. Let not the glamor of attainment of your serviceDiscipleship1, 314:with the outer and physical fulfilment of duty, but within a great change and a definiteDiscipleship1, 324:brother, and be grateful for the days of coming duty, of quiet living, of steadfast orientationDiscipleship1, 325:into a deeper spiritual tide. Others have the duty of finding the advanced men and women of theDiscipleship1, 384:causes. Your life is so full of detail and of duty that the soul is oft irked thereby. Give it timeDiscipleship1, 392:I cry aloud: 'Lord of my life, how can I do the duty of this day yet seek detachment? Meet everyDiscipleship1, 393:them that which you possess. This is for you a duty in the coming months. This will not be easy forDiscipleship1, 394:obstructs that Way? 3rd month - How can I do the duty of this day, yet demonstrate detachment? 4thDiscipleship1, 394:this in full consciousness and not as a required duty. Stand with your group brothers in the lightDiscipleship1, 429:fulfilment of obligation and the performance of duty, but no identification with people orDiscipleship1, 494:others the processes of living, loving, occult duty. Ponder much upon this last phrase. It is aDiscipleship1, 535:In putting the situation thus before you, my duty ends. The way, the means and the methods areDiscipleship1, 541:no faltering in your relations and your duty to those you love and with whom your destiny is castDiscipleship1, 551:of dominant interest: the Master was served and duty to him emphasized because thereby theDiscipleship1, 577:MY BROTHER: Focus the will upon the immediate duty and be not lost in the mazes of possibility. OfDiscipleship1, 582:Your mind is ever a questioning mind. It is my duty always to throw you back upon your ownDiscipleship1, 592:beginning along this somewhat peculiar line. The duty of a hierarchical Observer (such as myself)Discipleship1, 606:means for you the treading of the rocky way of duty, of dharma and of clear decision. Therefore,Discipleship1, 606:words into your meditation? 1st month - Duty. 2nd month - Dharma, or responsible obligation. 3rdDiscipleship1, 607:Have you done this? To follow the rocky way of duty, of dharma, and clear decision. Have you doneDiscipleship1, 613:great or little task, only obedience to the next duty whatever that may be. The glamor of spiritualDiscipleship1, 617:must be given to the steady adherence to the duty of the day and to an intense inner life ofDiscipleship1, 617:influence of myself, the Master... your major duty is to train yourself in the needed sensitivityDiscipleship1, 618:you, to adhere to and carry forward the next duty and to concentrate upon that which has beenDiscipleship1, 625:the love and cooperation at those points where duty and obligation bring contact. Ponder on this...Discipleship1, 725:they put many things and people before their duty and spiritual responsibilities; this necessarilyDiscipleship1, 781:a decade, which was their correct and obvious duty. The books, therefore, have been going outDiscipleship1, 787:A. A. B. (as did her own Master) that her major duty as a disciple was to familiarize the publicDiscipleship2, 85:and these you will be prompt to note; your sole duty is to stand by. Mistakes do not matter ifDiscipleship2, 125:with the Gayatri, with its emphasis upon one's duty. OM OM OM This meditation process is relativelyDiscipleship2, 131:therefore, off your brother's instructions. Your duty lies in the daily releasing of steadyDiscipleship2, 131:love, free from all criticism. It is not your duty to aid your brother to become a better occultistDiscipleship2, 131:and are applicable to your problems or your duty. Discipleship2, 133:however, a point - a point which it is now your duty and privilege to grasp - wherein anotherDiscipleship2, 137:and consequently of the Hierarchy. Such is the duty of all disciples. You have had much instructionDiscipleship2, 172:ideal; it was won by the simple performance of duty, and the desire to safeguard human rights. FewDiscipleship2, 172:and had to fight. It was a group recognition of duty. When Christ again seeks to over-shadow hisDiscipleship2, 179:distribution as well as its daily use a major duty and obligation. This I have earlier impressedDiscipleship2, 205:be put into operation; this is the apportioned duty of the Ashram or the Ashrams in question. ThisDiscipleship2, 278:gave you was intended to suggest that it was the duty and the responsibility of the disciple,Discipleship2, 362:how hints are largely concerned with ashramic duty. [363] Discipleship2, 394:By that hard and persistent performance of duty, under the pressure of conscience at first, underDiscipleship2, 446:one of the first lessons which it is my duty (as it is the duty of every Master) to teach all thoseDiscipleship2, 446:first lessons which it is my duty (as it is the duty of every Master) to teach all those who haveDiscipleship2, 453:into the world of men that which it is your duty to contribute. Then let there be the finalDiscipleship2, 455:objective life of service, of obligation and of duty. I commend these three words to you also asDiscipleship2, 455:I give you another three: Obligation, Service, Duty. For the year beginning September, I give you:Discipleship2, 474:those whom he meets in his daily round of duty, that tells a different tale. No one is thenDiscipleship2, 481:particular manner. He knows also that it is his duty to bring the disciple to the point ofDiscipleship2, 481:to aid him in the accurate performance of this duty. But as he considers the disciple's karma, heDiscipleship2, 572:a practical life of service. Such is not the duty or dharma of average man. It is sufficient forDiscipleship2, 577:life of the disciple is your next goal. Your duty and your goal go hand in hand. You must walk withDiscipleship2, 578:is summed up in the words there found: "Your duty and your goal go hand in hand." This condition isDiscipleship2, 590:yourself in definitely formulated thought, the duty of the day in the light of this tripleDiscipleship2, 632:Ashram, and this from the angle of his ashramic duty and service. This is a different matter, andDiscipleship2, 632:These stages in service and in recognition of duty and obligation are related to status more thanDiscipleship2, 633:to need and not as a fulfilment of an enjoined duty. He sees in neither direction with clarity.Discipleship2, 639:and with emphasis - "May I do my whole duty as I journey towards Thy sacred feet." [640] You haveDiscipleship2, 659:others when, my brother, it may be neither your duty nor your right so to do. This quality (oftDiscipleship2, 708:of purpose and an unswerving adherence to duty and dharma and a capacity to shoulder responsibility
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