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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DYING

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Astrology, 98:of three kinds. This Science of Divine Dying underlies the well-known phrase. "the Lamb slain fromAstrology, 523:idealists, the fearful and the separative are dying out. All this is happening under theAstrology, 585:prayers and platitudes whilst humanity is dying. You can easily appreciate the fact that theAutobiography, 8:living and I am not going to have a bad time dying! [9] Autobiography, 78:constantly to sit with the boys when they were dying and, if I could do nothing to help, at leastAutobiography, 78:and, if I could do nothing to help, at least the dying man could hold my hand. I learnt oneAutobiography, 78:Only two of the men I was with when they were dying acted differently. One, in Lucknow, diedAutobiography, 207:that it would go no further. Even when she was dying she had me on her mind and only a few daysAutobiography, 274:to their note. The old schools are, however, dying out; those in the second group will be activeBethlehem, 188:Let a living Christ be its theme, and not a dying Savior. Christ has died. About that let there beBethlehem, 189:death for us. The cosmic [189] Christ its still dying upon the Cross of Matter. There He hangsBethlehem, 211:to offset it by making the recognition of the dying thief one of the outstanding events at HisBethlehem, 221:had spoken the Word which brought peace to the dying thief, and had told him that he was assured,Bethlehem, 224:came forth from the darkness which shrouded the dying Christ. The moment of His death was prefacedBethlehem, 238:other. The world has passed through a process of dying, and at the present time the mystery of theBethlehem, 242:but the prelude for the stupendous episode of dying. Death brings us release - temporary perhaps,Bethlehem, 262:of death, with the surmounting of the process of dying, and the achieving of resurrection? ChristBethlehem, 282:are rare. Most of us are learning, in the daily dying to self, to fit ourselves for the finalDestiny, 98:idealists, the fearful and the separative are dying out. All this is happening under theDiscipleship2, 713:is harder still. The fourth flower dies and, dying, gives forth light and in that light the fifthEducation, 127:with the evolution of the tribes which are fast dying out in the modern world, but even here it isExternalisation, 31:to the concept of these groups. The novelty is dying out and you are apt to ask yourselves whetherExternalisation, 116:the form aspect, the Mother or matter aspect, is dying consciously, and just as consciously theExternalisation, 116:humanity and the coming in of the soul. Such a dying is ever a painful process. Pain has alwaysExternalisation, 167:plane and not (as is so often thought) the dying of the physical body then we shall see aExternalisation, 218:and principles which are worth fighting for and dying for, if need be? Do you stand with the ForcesExternalisation, 346:murmur prayers and platitudes whilst humanity is dying. You can easily appreciate the fact that theExternalisation, 367:pacifism and uncertainty are as steadily dying out. The plight of humanity everywhere, as theExternalisation, 399:are spiritual realities for which it is worth dying if need be, and that war on evil can be wagedExternalisation, 458:Humanity has been responding to the processes of dying during the last 150 years; psychologically,Fire, 434:influence has waxed and waned since that time, dying down during the fourth root-race, and waxingFire, 439:manifestation of this can be seen in the dying down of what is called Christian enthusiasm. ThisFire, 617:with only one of the Heavenly Men) the moon is a dying and decadent world, so on a systemic scaleFire, 795:will be another result above all else, and the dying out of that which is noxious in the animalFire, 835:unit. This produces again in every case the dying out of the "solar radiance," or of the lightFire, 850:field of knowledge, hearing a cry beat on his dying ears: "Know that the knower greater is thanFire, 879:(who are esoterically spoken of as "dead or dying on the field of battle") the great sacrifice isFire, 1112:with what is called "the cosmic moon" or to that dying solar system which has the same relation toFire, 1113:"These Sons of mind clung to the old and dying form, and refused to leave their Mother. They choseFire, 1249:to the final abstraction and the subsequent dying out or obscuration of the solar system. The willGlamour, 66:sense of loss and of negation, forcing from His dying Personality that tremendous utterance whichHealing, 36:forth with brilliance; or again they can be seen dying out and the phenomenon in certain areas willHealing, 41:gradual emergence from the body, with the body dying by inches all the time. Healing, 42:Disease can be a gradual and slow process of dying and of thus releasing the soul. A cure then willHealing, 211:of Christ." It is not by the blood of a Christ dying two thousand years ago upon the cross inHealing, 221:on our planet, and which are related to the fast dying out Lemurian types; Negroes are speciallyHealing, 232:by desire and plagued by the dream of never dying but of living on and on, acquiring more and moreHealing, 244:increasingly conscious on the part of the dying person), are taken over by this death-bestowingHealing, 245:beauty, unspoiled even by man. The processes of dying and of dissolution and the dissipation ofHealing, 252:in their effects; certain diseases are gradually dying out, and new diseases are appearing; certainHealing, 299:"the suffocation of the life" - another form of dying, but dying this time as a result of excessiveHealing, 299:of the life" - another form of dying, but dying this time as a result of excessive vitality,Healing, 342:lose their baleful effect and there will be a dying out of the various neurotic complaints andHealing, 351:entire technique of living, and incidentally of dying, is utterly altered. In conclusion, however,Healing, 364:First, the amount of close contact between the dying person and the one who watches, and the levelHealing, 364:through an act of pure unselfish will, with the dying person. None of this is really possible whenHealing, 364:and possible at present is simply to carry the dying person forward on an ever-deepening stream ofHealing, 364:concepts (no matter how high), must the dying man be aided to discard the outer garment in which heHealing, 365:is as we know no sure touch in this process of dying. All is uncertainty and bewilderment. But thisHealing, 374:- seek to cure and aid. The study of the art of dying is also to attract your attention and laterHealing, 389:that the result of this will be new attitudes to dying and the inculcation of a happy expectancyHealing, 391:has reference in reality to the processes of dying, to the conditions of the material world or theHealing, 391:section, the problem of death or the art of dying. This is something which all seriously ill peopleHealing, 395:outlook upon the fact of death or the art of dying, the entire attitude of the race of men willHealing, 396:some teaching on what might be called the art of dying and so expand what I said in A Treatise onHealing, 397:I undertook to take up with you the processes of dying and to consider a little more fully theHealing, 407:and the etheric body. This concerns the Art of Dying. The Process of Elimination. This governs thatHealing, 409:Elimination. When these two phases of the Art of Dying are over, the discarnate soul stands freeHealing, 410:- consciously and with intention - the phases of dying. In the earlier stages, this release will beHealing, 424:into man's consciousness through the act of dying; failure to survive is the basic fear; and yet itHealing, 424:upon the planet. Bear that in mind. The act of dying is the great universal ritual which governsHealing, 428:therein primarily upon the physical processes of dying and doing so from the point of view of theHealing, 431:little attention in connection with the Art of Dying. Nevertheless it warrants careful thought. Healing, 433:The Law of Attraction governs the process of dying, as it governs all else in manifestation. It isHealing, 440:worn itself out and weakness has supervened, the dying person be permitted to prepare himself, evenHealing, 440:impossible to conceive of a time when the act of dying will be a triumphant finale to life? Is itHealing, 441:and the refusal to recognize the inevitable, the dying person and his friends would mutually agreeHealing, 443:- teach people to die. There is a technique of dying just as there is of living, but this techniqueHealing, 444:of daily sleep and the process of occasional dying are identical, with the one difference that inHealing, 446:process of at-one-ing, through becoming and dying as a result of becoming. - Vol. II, page 173. AHealing, 453:V - The Process of Restitution The Art of Dying A Treatise on White Magic: The soul, seated in theHealing, 457:on White Magic: In relation to the technique of dying, it is only possible for me at this time toHealing, 457:the case. It must be remembered that the dying person may usually be unconscious. ThisHealing, 457:lights will be permitted in the sick room of a dying person, and these will only be installed withHealing, 458:will facilitate the work, and this science of dying is held in custody, as many students know, inHealing, 458:definitely built into the consciousness of the dying person by those around him, or employedHealing, 458:undertone or on a particular key (to which the dying man will be found to respond), may laterHealing, 458:scientific basis. The top of the head of the dying [459] man should also symbolically point towardsHealing, 463:you some idea of the many points connected with dying that still remain to be discovered byHealing, 466:easily and successfully during the process of dying than at any other time, owing to theHealing, 467:centers. All this time the consciousness of the dying man is focused in either the emotional (orHealing, 471:fundamental Law of Attraction that the Art of Dying is carried forward, and that it is the loveHealing, 475:in the relaxation and lack of fear which [475] dying persons so often show; they evidence aHealing, 475:to make a mental effort. It is as if the dying person, still preserving his consciousness, gathersHealing, 476:so powerful that it can prolong the process of dying. This elemental life will sometimes fight aHealing, 486:Lodge), the astral plane will slowly become a dying creation, [487] and in the final period ofHealing, 596:to do so. These two phases of the process of dying are indicative of the destiny of the patient,Healing, 652:the patient by hastening normally the act of dying. The old proverb is basically not true in allHealing, 657:release," as the Old Commentary calls the act of dying. When it becomes evident that it is theHealing, 680:and a new approach to the entire problem of dying are inaugurated.
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