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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DYNAMIC

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Externalisation, 334:difficulties inevitably appear. It is the dynamic quality of the power aspect which must be guardedExternalisation, 395:Himself the powerful downpouring of energy - the dynamic energy of the divine will. The Christ, atExternalisation, 496:of tension. This point of tension involves the dynamic focusing of all mental, emotional andExternalisation, 536:hitherto. When this direct line of spiritual, dynamic, electrical energy made its first impact onExternalisation, 538:of pouring out the Love principle in a new and dynamic manner is being carried out by all theExternalisation, 584:the life theme and purpose which are his service dynamic. One major characteristic is, however,Externalisation, 600:a recognition of potency in leadership, through dynamic but logical changes in world affairs, andExternalisation, 644:Shamballa, and He is in close touch with that dynamic center. The Master R., as the Lord ofExternalisation, 663:streams of spiritual force, and undergoing a dynamic stimulation which is entirely new to Him; thisExternalisation, 667:the divine will can and will galvanize with its dynamic potency the entire human family to theExternalisation, 669:also into violent activity through the dynamic energy of the first ray, expressing theExternalisation, 669:the will-to-good. You have, therefore, this dynamic type of energy [670] channeled through theExternalisation, 686:the Externalization In this way the potent and dynamic influence of Shamballa will be strengthenedExternalisation, 687:and easily with Shamballa; They can thus form a dynamic and galvanic storehouse of energy (theFire, 311:result of the desire for existence, hence the dynamic fire of Will is transmuted into the burningFire, 311:which might also be expressed under the terms: Dynamic electrical manifestation. Burning electricalFire, 319:all manifestation; all four have an electrical dynamic origin; all are basically a differentiationFire, 350:whilst the third method lies hidden in dynamic will and is as yet to us impossible andFire, 397:I, 312. They are types of energy. They are the dynamic quality or characteristic of a planetaryFire, 401:The fire of matter earlier dealt with is the dynamic fire of motion, which keeps in activity eachFire, 433:of the second Logos, while at the seventh the dynamic fire of the first Logos circulates throughFire, 433:Logos is felt at the sixth Initiation. The dynamic electricity of the first Logos is felt at theFire, 529:of equilibrium. Unity or harmony. Pure Spirit. Dynamic Will. Existence. It is a Force, workingFire, 556:- for just as long as the factor of Will, or dynamic vitality, continues to hold it together. ThisFire, 607:of Spirit. The One Life. Unity. Spiritual. Dynamic. Coherence. Synthesis. Central Spiritual Sun.Fire, 628:the Throne in Their essential essence; the dynamic force or will lying back of all manifestation.Fire, 671:[671] Consciousness. Fohatic, magnetic and dynamic force. It should be remembered also that eachFire, 720:or spark of mind; this will be effected by a dynamic action of the will. This seems impossible, andFire, 728:are (speaking from the present standpoint) the dynamic energy which holds together the three lowerFire, 744:which is ever the preliminary to construction. Dynamic force, or the positive energy which seizesFire, 830:whilst the perfected force of the lotus, and the dynamic will of the central spark are brought intoFire, 839:the fourth responds. The sixty seconds passed in dynamic concentration produce forms of tripleFire, 839:altar and the One Who watches. The fivefold fire dynamic begins to flicker and to burn. It lightsFire, 845:it was only possible to control them through the dynamic will of the Logos, consciously applied.Fire, 872:of the first great aspect of energy, the dynamic use of will in sacrifice, and to him is thenFire, 872:Sun. The mystery of Fire itself, or the dynamic central systemic force. The secret of the firstFire, 882:- the five, and the seven; it deals with the dynamic force of the great Destroying Angels on allFire, 907:bodies. This will be accomplished through the dynamic will of the transmitting devas as theyFire, 946:from the phrases: Groups of lives animated by dynamic energy. Groups of lives animated by radiantFire, 947:plane can be seen in the following tabulation: Dynamic energy - electric fire - atomic subplane.Fire, 957:man to be subordinated to the Ego, so that the dynamic will of the Ego may be imposed upon theFire, 959:ever increasing powers, tapping the resources of dynamic energy in the three worlds. Lower types ofFire, 969:only through the medium of many agents, and the dynamic impulses of many minds. A few workFire, 1002:the man to carry out His purpose has been dynamic will, and the petal, or energy center, employedFire, 1008:Heaven, The directing purpose, Conscious energy, Dynamic intent, [1009] and in the consideration ofFire, 1026:will aspect in the three worlds, the impulsive, dynamic thinker or solar Angel. He accomplishesFire, 1047:by different types of energy: Monadic - dynamic energy - electric impulse - pure fire. Egoic -Fire, 1055:around the central energetic positive unit. This dynamic force center must be considered asFire, 1058:a different activity to the drift or progressive dynamic motion through the Heavens. It deals withFire, 1060:points of flame from which radiate streams of dynamic energy. Darkness is light to the illuminedFire, 1060:in terms of force currents, energy centers, and dynamic fiery systemic peripheries. Fire, 1094:the activities resulting from this stream of dynamic electrical energy, emanating from some center,Fire, 1115:of force which form the "petals of will" have a dynamic activity and (when in action) produce veryFire, 1116:(because cosmic) energies. Finally, we have the dynamic force of the "Jewel" at the Heart, which isFire, 1128:a triple form of energy, with a fourth and more dynamic type of force latent at the heart, ready toFire, 1165:periphery or the bound of the influence of the dynamic will and the center. Within each planetaryFire, 1235:into the world of forms. It is the central dynamic energy which is responsible for the subjectiveFire, 1241:attributes and qualities. But the pulsating dynamic vibration which is the producing cause of bothFire, 1247:Son (Sun). Magnetism - physical, attractive and dynamic - is the expression of the law in the threeGlamour, 43:plane through the conscious effort and the dynamic intelligent will of the serving disciple. PonderGlamour, 71:which - fluidic, enveloping and pulsating with dynamic life - seek to [72] hold the consciousnessGlamour, 72:but are less clearly defined. Thought-forms are dynamic, penetrating, clear cut and outlined.Glamour, 78:the dense glamor of devotion, vibrating with dynamic ecstatic life, which emanates from theGlamour, 185:of this wishful thinking enough of the essential dynamic livingness which will carry it down intoGlamour, 208:are not created as a form of expression for some dynamic life by the planetary Logos, and this isGlamour, 217:use of the will - soul-personality will - is dynamic but at this stage quiescent and not magneticGlamour, 226:The work that is [226] now planned is dynamic and clear cut, consciously carried forward andGlamour, 233:behind the searchlight their united directed and dynamic will or intent; this carries along theGlamour, 255:the inhabitant of India, lacks will, dynamic incentive and the ability to exert that inner pressureGlamour, 255:it. In this statement, you have the clue to dynamic useful breathing exercises. Unless there is aGlamour, 270:The perception of the Angel, waiting and dynamic. The invocative appeal of the Dweller on theHealing, 45:Upper brain Right eye Spiritual will Synthetic Dynamic Dominant Atma Monad via soul Will CausalHealing, 47:them as power stations through which energy - dynamic and illuminating - can pour through from theHealing, 53:unavoidable. The astral plane is a center of dynamic emanating force, which is fundamentallyHealing, 119:process of scientific substitution of a fresh dynamic interest for that which has hitherto held theHealing, 119:the illumination of the soul. This produces the "dynamic expulsive power of a new affection"; theHealing, 141:are the outer expression of the inner, vital, dynamic network of the etheric body and the millionsHealing, 142:forces which are essentially vital, galvanic, dynamic and creative. They are basicallyHealing, 143:be described as a unit of resistant force and of dynamic energy; each is a combination of certainHealing, 145:the "electric fire" of the solar system, and is dynamic in quality. Its dense physicalHealing, 146:of great beauty and extensive radiation, plus dynamic effectiveness. They serve to relate theHealing, 149:in their two highest forms, and these are the dynamic factors lying behind all creation. It is theHealing, 187:expression. To the head center, providing the dynamic impulse of the will to live. I do notHealing, 189:its turn is responsive in time and space to the dynamic world of purpose and of Being. The key toHealing, 189:forces which are essentially vital, galvanic, dynamic and creative...Upon them, the entire interiorHealing, 194:present all the time in latency, but it is not a dynamic factor producing monadic stimulation untilHealing, 215:in the later stages, and becomes increasingly dynamic and effective as the various stages upon theHealing, 318:and his thought life directed, and the [318] dynamic effectiveness of new interests is employed. AHealing, 336:at the base of the spine are in magnetic and dynamic rapport, producing a radiatory effect, thenHealing, 428:it makes upon its environment. The stream of dynamic life. This is anchored in the heart. ThisHealing, 428:This is anchored in the heart. This stream of dynamic energy enters the body, via the head, andHealing, 497:taking rebirth, this principle is utilized with dynamic intent by the soul in the mental vehicle toHealing, 497:This withdrawal becomes increasingly rapid and dynamic until it reaches the state where theHealing, 498:of the astral body through attrition and by "dynamic negation" are carried on whilst in physicalHealing, 523:laws of group integrity. The Laws of Life - the dynamic laws of Being itself. It is with certainHealing, 640:experience the monadic will comes in with such dynamic potency that the will of the elemental livesHealing, 670:to the will-to-good and involves the use of dynamic, electric energy under intuitive direction;Healing, 671:[671] Spiritual Triad) are all fused into one dynamic energy of a deeply spiritual nature. ThisHealing, 671:concerned, but it is expulsive in its effect and dynamic in its annihilating impact, where theHealing, 671:altered, and in a dire and awful manner. But the dynamic harmlessness, the expression of the
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